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New Political Party Unveiled

New Political Party Unveiled

A new opposition party, the National People’s Congress (NPC) was launched in Harare on Saturday.

The party is led by renowned banker and engineer Wilbert Mubaiwa, who considers his party centralist in nature, and different from other political parties in terms of ideology.

Speaking at the launch of the party, Mubaiwa, a Guruve South losing independent candidate in the 2018 elections, said:

We don’t believe in pointing fingers and fighting other parties; we believe in proffering solutions.

We considered a lot of things before coming up with this new party.

We know that there are more than 100 political parties registered with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) and we are offering an alternative different from all those political parties.

Mubaiwa, a former MD of Sunway City, said his party values Ubuntu (a quality that includes the essential human virtues; compassion and humanity). He said:

If you see me talking to a ZANU PF leader, it doesn’t mean I am a sell-out.

When you see me dining with Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC) officials, it means there is an osmosis of ideas.

Being in different political parties does not make us enemies.

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Aavoo 3 weeks ago

only 2 parties ..not those distractors

Chiurai 3 weeks ago

These people vakubika tuma pirate drinks tumbwa utwu. Musombodhiya. Kachasu ne Guka vakasungwa tinorarama zvakanaka.

Mapirisa batai munhu uyo. Bvunzai chaanwa chaaputa kana chaadya.

2023 Toda 2 mapato chete

THE HAGUE 3 weeks ago


Dr Hercules 3 weeks ago

One more loser ,maybe he should just join POLAD

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Ehe ari kudawo Isuzu D-Max ne 400 litres diesel

voter 3 weeks ago

Bata hana yako uti moyo wangu dzikama handina zera nekutonga nyika!


. 3 weeks ago

Kutsvaga mari uko,,, kutotsvaga nzira dzekuchengeta mhuri dzavo

𝔼𝕣𝕚𝕔 3 weeks ago

Ingutsheni ilama patient abalekayo?
With these guys I dnt feel safe at all ! 1 dose missed n pple want to be presidents

milez 3 weeks ago

people should stop that attitude of day dreaming....who will vote for you iwe NPC...which people?... people are tired of this hocus poucs thing, they are tired of the disnyongoroz and pipe dreams from such nauseating lunatics

povoo 3 weeks ago

watii such nauseating lunatics kkkkkk kuna Bantintambo ndipresident avo kkkkk hanzi handina wandinovenga hauna kuvanzwa vachitaura

haya 3 weeks ago

zimbabwe is open for business

Mafirakureva 3 weeks ago

More appropriately Zimbabwe has closed business

Mambo 3 weeks ago

Ndaini angada kuvhotera munhu ane makuhwa 😂

Bolo 3 weeks ago


Worzell Gummidge 3 weeks ago

Personally, I have great respect for people who have the courage to venture into unchartered territory. People who have the guts & courage to to test their ideas despite criticism from naysayers, unbelievers & underachievers. All ideas must have their their chance in the public marketplace. That way people will be spoilt for choice & variety. Through natural selection, the weak political parties will not survive. The strongest will survive.

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Uyu anenge akadhakwa nekachasu kakabikwa bemaswu kuMukumbura kwake uko paEaster apa.

My advice to women and wives out there, please allow your men/husbands to sleep at night so that they don't dream during daytime like this one. Mukavaona vaakurasika njere, kune varume vemajasi machena vekuPU (Psychiatric Unit). Vadaidzei nekukasika varume venyu vasati vatanga kunyenga sadza mumabhini.


3 weeks ago

madzibaba taguta 3 weeks ago

kune vanhu vane moyo waSatan anoda kutonga mwari varipoo. this ççc thing netumapato Pato utwaa vakatoraa moyo wemunyangadzi chokwadii

》》》 3 weeks ago

zec does not register any political parties Mr president

Miss A 3 weeks ago

Having 100 political parties to fight one common enemy is a bit absurd.

sugar boy 3 weeks ago

iwe wakatombodyiwa uri independent after that unofunga kuti unowhina ipapa.these are zanu-pf wings hapana zvinozikanwa.

Patriotic One 3 weeks ago

Better call your party "Osmosis Party"

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