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New Parly Building: We Feel Proud As Zimbabweans - ED

New Parly Building: We Feel Proud As Zimbabweans - ED

President Emmerson Mnangagwa said that he asked Chinese leader, President Xi Jinping to fund the construction of the Parliament building during a visit to China in April 2018.

Briefing journalists on Wednesday, Mnangagwa said the six-storey circular Parliament building located in Mt Hampden just outside Harare was built free of charge by China. He said:

When the Second Republic came in November 2017, I was then invited by His Excellency Xi Jinping, to visit the People’s Republic of China in April 2018, so when I met him, after the formal discussions we had a private discussion with His Excellency and he asked what I would want China to do for the Second Republic. I requested for this Parliament and he agreed and gave (it to us) as a grant.

This is the most magnificent Parliament I know personally that I have visited, it’s a heritage for our country and the design shows the history of our country, you will realise there is the Zimbabwe bird, conical tower replicated here. We feel very proud as Zimbabweans.

Mnangagwa and Xi also discussed two other projects during their private meeting, that is, the Hwange Unit 7 and 8 and Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport which were both granted on a concessionary loan.

Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo said his ministry has started the process of requesting China through the Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ministry and the Chinese Embassy to agree on a date for the official opening of the new Parliament.

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Mukadota 3 weeks ago

How much have we given away in order to get that donation. The Chinese are greedy. They wouldn't offer anything for free. Very exploitative and ruthless people 🇨🇳. That's why they're law unto themselves. You're victimising ma NGOs muchiti they fund politics yet the Chinese are doing the same. They even breach bilateral diplomacy by threatening citizens in the host country. Nonsense

Greyhora 3 weeks ago

is this the same Mukadota wekuZimeye about 10 years ago?

Jongwe 3 weeks ago

We are chasing away NGOs cause they fund opposition parties. If they want to remain they should fund us. The other thing we hate is tht they dnt allow us to help distribute the food parcels they give

Ginious 3 weeks ago

mmmm ,very true.mahara ,with no strings attached.NHC

c 3 weeks ago

CCC real change

Reality 3 weeks ago

pane pavakambonzwa kuti aba hre unohwara wangu

Mr 3 weeks ago

mind you Chamisa is a lawyer by profession. haana chaaba coz haana maResources aari in charge of.....

Mr Politician 3 weeks ago

l heard you CCC members saying heee ZANU PF ine mbavha what about CCC Chalton Hwende akazoudzwa muParliarment naTemba Mliswa wani kuti wakadzingwa kutransport waba mari iwewe akada kuita hasha dzenhema ,did you know kuti Chamisa anemba iri kusouth Africa iri worth more than 2 million akaiwana kupi mari iyoyo akamboinda kubasa kupi kwakamupa that money n we never heard about donation of that house but by the end of the day anayo

Mukadota 3 weeks ago

So you want us to praise the Chinese??? Besides parliament iyoyo chii chimwe chavasiya.

Cart 3 weeks ago

@ mukadota Pindula nhasi ndeyako tell them

Farean 3 weeks ago

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MuPfungwe Chaiye 3 weeks ago

Iwe enda unoitira zvemacompressors ako kumarketing uko here we are discussing nyaya dzembavha idzi nxaaa ukuti confuser

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Ibva ngavarege kutobora ma minerals tizive kuti ndezvema hara .Hatipengi we are sober minded .U sold our minerals in exchange for Chinese dolls and fake radios flooded in the market.2023🤣🤣🤣🤣 with or without elections we rule 🆘🇿🇼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

Dai makakumbira power station

😎 3 weeks ago

wataura semurume apa

??? 3 weeks ago


??? 3 weeks ago


Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 3 weeks ago

Zimbabwe has its own resources that if channel property can build its infrastructure...

dark continent 3 weeks ago

first sensible comment since u joined pindula.keep it up.

Mmmm 3 weeks ago

Now that we have a new parliament building we need a new government to use it.

Vote for change, Vote for CCC.

Puppetmaster 3 weeks ago

A gift with lots of strings attached

@Puppetmaster 3 weeks ago

😂 Lots of puppets 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Chemahara chinoshambadzwa here???We don't need zhong help takamira Kare kusina ma madyambwa Aya these dog eating all weather sychopath cadres .We benefited a lot of things from West zvinoto nyadzisa kutaura bcz takaba zvimwe inzwaaa Harare was built by west ,Kariba magetsi west, Chiredzi sugar west, ma dam makuru west kkkkkk,wozondiudza zvekudyiwa kwembwa

Greyhora 3 weeks ago

ko umwe munhu mutema ari kuitirei vekwake. We were not under colonial rule the whites were native to this land thats y we had a bitter struggle. The British actually supported the freedom fighters. Know your history baba

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Baba vangu vaiva musoja nguva ya Smith truely taikuvara nema beef ne polony Aroma bread wangu tichigara muma flats 6 roomed house electrified dziine hot water .Piped kwete borehole water youchirirwa mazuva ano .So hameno ikoko I enjoyed the best from Ian Smith .I can't compare dogs and cats . Sorry ini ndiri wechokwadi handitauri nekuti vazhinji vari green iyo iri red sorry hako green it was red it is now .

Chimboti Pizza 3 weeks ago

@Da Truth kana wakutodaro wakutokanganisa coz zvese zvawataura izvi zvakaitwa nguva yecolonisation. Vaisaitira isusu izvi, vaiitira the white minority. Hapana zvizhinji zvatakambopihwa neWest except pain, torture, racism and sanctions

Sabhuku 3 weeks ago

"We" nani, ita I'm happy

dispenser 3 weeks ago

new Parliament building inokonzera here kuti mari ye Zimbabwe ive stable.Uye vanhu varikuti streets nohuwandu whavo vanoshanda ikoko ,inorder to combat poverty

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

The Powers-that-be have a way of supporting local talent. We have very capable architects, construction companies, interior designers in Zimbabwe, and yet we get the Vietnamese design and build Heroes Acre, Yogoslavs to build Sheraton Towers, Chinese for our National Sports Stadium and Parliament. Whenwillwe be proudtobe Zimbabweans?

Chadzunda 3 weeks ago

Hakuna a local contractor aikwanisa this huge project waitonzwa onzi has subcontracted another contractor oba mari sezvakaita Chivayo. In the construction business there is no one better than the Chinese. Local contractors mbavha dzegadzega. Thank you China. 2023 vote CCC

Zolasko 3 weeks ago

Zimbos can not be trusted with such huge funds. You are well know for inflating the price quotes. It's good the funds owners do it as experts while you are employed as general hands, runners. How can you master massive project when you when you have failed to do your local roads? Your local companies got contracts to do urban and rural main roads but look how they performed?

Zuze 3 weeks ago

Taura hako, we even pay the Dutch to collect matuzvī edu.

Gafa 3 weeks ago

Ko pomunowukura kuti nyika inovakwa nevene vayo saka maChina maZimba.kurasika njere uku.

kick back 3 weeks ago

nothing whatsoever is free in this mother earth .the Chinese really know how to exploite our greedy , selfish leadership of Africa and Zimbabwe in this case.hapana chemahara murikunyebera vanhu please .

Drake 3 weeks ago

Then you hear someone saying CCC is a puppet of the West. Clearly the puppet is one who allows another country to fund such an important building. Each time there is a crunch decision to be made the Chinese will remind you of wht they dd for you. A parliament building should be funded by our own resources. Its either you are a puppet of the East or the West

Handizi John Chibadura 3 weeks ago


Vhurai meso

Greyhora 3 weeks ago

We are a satrapy of the Chinese period! Zviri nani kuva nevasina mabvi of Rhodesian or Zimbabwean origin than maslant eyes ekuChina God forbid I would rather die vanhu ava vaneutsinye ndachema hangu. I urge CCC members not to enter that building it has been sprayed with Novichok & Covid 19 let them die alone

cde naked 3 weeks ago

that building has been sprayed with Novichok,monkeypox & covid.CCC legislators please dont enter.

Yellow 3 weeks ago

Ko zvamunomboti nyika inovakwa nevene vayo kasi machinise ava mazimba kanhi kk

Yellow 3 weeks ago

Ko zvamunomboti wani nyika inovakwa nevene vayo kasi machinise ava mazimba kanhi kk

Dzakatamba nePwere. 3 weeks ago

Iwe politician wakarasika njere..Ko wadii kungonyarara than kubvotomoka uchiti Chamisa anemba ku RSA tioneka Deed of Title racho and prove kuti hausi kurotomoka..I have been following most of your comments and realised that I should not despise the advice of a fool you are an authority on what not to listen to, read or do

🎱⚪ 3 weeks ago

....we had a private discussion with His Excellency and he asked what I would want China to do for the Second Republic....

@chimboti pizza 3 weeks ago

please revisit the psychiatric center fo review, its getting worse whilst ure not noticing.

Zimbo 3 weeks ago

Where is our sovereignity if we need a foreigner to build our parliament. Pedzezvo toshambadza. Tirichiiko pasirino

jojo 3 weeks ago

At least kana yakavakwa zvakasimba becoz vanhu ivava vanogona kutiitira zvimwe

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