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New Electricity Law Will Deter Would-be Offenders - Soda

New Electricity Law Will Deter Would-be Offenders - Soda

Energy and Power Development Minister Zhemu Soda said the ongoing amendment of the Electricity Act will come up with stiffer penalties that will deter perpetrators of power supply equipment vandalism.

Speaking in an interview with The Manica Post on the sidelines of the Ministry of Energy and Power Development third quarter strategic planning and performance review workshop in Nyanga recently, Soda said:

The amendments to the Electricity Act will result in stiffer penalties being meted out to vandals.

We are referring to those destroying equipment that is supposed to be used in the transmission and distribution of electricity.

Everyone is noticing what is happening. We have people tampering with the equipment, so we are proposing stiffer penalties through the amendments.

This will act as a deterrent to would-be offenders. People must not tamper with electricity transmission equipment for whatever reason.

According to the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), 535 cases of power supply infrastructure vandalism or theft, with a total cost of US$1.5 million, were recorded during the first quarter of this year nationwide.

Only US$113 063 was recovered, constituting 14 percent recovery.

A total of 89 arrests were made and of those, only 19 were convicted.

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Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Deal with cable theft which involves your employees kwete kuda kutivhara muchiziva the cause...

mukmeric 2 months ago

yah shuwa zvirinani ashaikwe magetsi acho asi tambo nema transformer zviripo tts a nice move

jah rule 2 months ago

zesa employees are the criminals...hamuchavapi ma overtime so vakuba ma zesa equipments for them to maintain their flash life during mugabe era

Vesto 2 months ago

You cannot legislate for virtue. For as long as people are poor and have nothing to eat, they will steal.
Even if you were to impose death penalty for stealing cables and transformers, as long as you don't eradicate poverty, you will not win the battle.

Sort out the big mess first - get the economy running, and give people jobs. Theft will automatically decline.

truth 2 months ago

they is never a good reason to commit crime

jah rule 2 months ago you expect gvt to bring you food on the table..enda kumunda unochera makomba pfubvudza thing..

mafirakureva 2 months ago

va jah zivai zvefodya chete zve economy zvirikutaurwa apa munenge murikure nazvo muchiri pa stone age chaipo

mukmeric 2 months ago

speaker of the truth 😂😂😂😂

Jonathan Moyo 2 months ago

Minister Svoda tipeiwo magetsi


EF 2 months ago

kuno kwagutu kwamupandawana tinoita bypass toshandisa magetsi mahara, ma cable nema transformer we do not vandalize

mukmeric 2 months ago


Asalif 2 months ago

More load shedding more vandalism of power infrastructure

Smith 2 months ago

akasiya .aroads magetsi aripo Mugabe akasya Madison road

2 months ago

Uyu achasiya pasina kana robot neWater pipe.

vandal 2 months ago

Bring back Chasi, he can fix this zesa problem

juru 2 months ago

im sorry olive my wife

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