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New COVID-19 Variant Detected In Botswana

New COVID-19 Variant Detected In Botswana

The Botswana Ministry of Health and Wellness on Monday announced the discovery of a new coronavirus variant in fully vaccinated people.

The Permanent Secretary in the Botswana Ministry of Health and Wellness, Christopher Nyanga, said the mutations have been noted as a new sub-lineage of the Omicron variant.

Nyanga also said the mutations were detected in four people, two residents aged between 30 and 50 years, and the other being non-residents who had a recent travel history. Said Nyanga:

The preliminary finding of this new sublineage in Botswana has been designated as Omicron BA.4 and BA.5.

The four cases are currently being monitored to gather more information about the potential impact on disease spread and severity.

The quartet is fully vaccinated and has been experiencing only mild symptoms.

The same new sublineage has also been reported in three other countries.

The Ministry said it was studying the characteristics of the sub-variant in order to gain more data and knowledge about its behaviour.

It is not yet known whether the sublineage was deadlier and more transmissible than the known Omicron variant or not.

Similarly, the Ministry is carrying out investigations to establish whether COVID-19 vaccines were effective against the new sublineage.

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biology boy 1 month ago

yes they is flue its known world wide

why you scientist keep reseaching an already searched project

as u know its the same influencer which is all over
please dnt name them its one thing

dont blow

Sinovac 1 month ago

Haaa yangova flue iyi haaa ngavasiyane nekuita ma research nezvisina basa muno MuZimbabwe we are experiencing strong flue asi atisikuti tane new variant kana haaaaa dai kuno MuZimbabwe taita zvema variant haaaaa inga dai tane hobhoo nkt pple are suffered from flue thiese days .....

Takuda kumbofarawo ngavatisiye zvavo

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Dr Solwayo and the whole ministry of Health, I believe your Covid figures the past 2-3 months were totally wrong and manipulated. I think you wanted elections to take place. Bulawayo was hit by some very mild flue and I think that was Covid.I'm fully vaccinated but the way I suffered a flue ummm it was crazy ,14days nonstop pain. To make matters worse several people were complaining about this Covid like symptoms, the whole neighborhood and some are still suffering from that mild flue, from infants to adults. We have never seen the Covid testing task force teams anyway around our neighborhood ever since the the inception of the pandemic. Zimbabwe has been cooking figures ever since and I believe many are dying due to Covid related illness, especially in Rural areas where they bury corpses as soon as possible without postmortem results.

Zimbabwe is still backward in Everything.

chiwez 1 month ago

everyone is a carrier of the virus in question

cute 1 month ago


cute lite 1 month ago

who told you that a fully vaccinated member wont get affected
ppl must use the basic from Human Biology
they is no cure fir virus but all remedies aid in suppressing the virus

aids,influenca,newcastle covid are all virus related diseases

🤨🤨 1 month ago

Wakabatwa huro hre iwwe kti ubaiwe

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