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New COVID-19 Cases Recorded At 3 Boarding Schools

New COVID-19 Cases Recorded At 3 Boarding Schools

The novel coronavirus has hit three boarding schools in Mashonaland East province, with 80 learners and teachers testing positive last week.

According to a Health ministry situational report (sitrep) dated 20 January 2023, the schools, which are all in Murehwa District, are Murehwa High, Nhowe Mission and Hurungwe Primary.

Health officials say the confirmed cases have been isolated while surveillance tests have been intensified.

The report also reveals that efforts to reach out to other parts of the district were being hampered by transport challenges.

According to the report, as of Saturday, at least 40 learners at Murehwa High School were in isolation while 32 cases were recorded at Nhowe Mission with three cases being reported at Hurungwe Primary School.

At Hurungwe Primary School, two female teachers tested positive for the virus. Part of the report says:

No admission of cases in isolation and no death has been reported.

Mashonaland East provincial medical director (PMD) Paul Matsvimbo on Sunday confirmed the cases to NewsDay, saying the situation was under control. He said:

I confirm that there are COVID-19 cases and Nhowe Mission and Murewa High School. As for Hurungwe, I will check on the latest developments.

The boarding schools have already implemented public health safety measures, that is isolating those who tested positive among other measures.

The situation is under control and all those who tested positive are stable and doing well. Our health officers are on the ground monitoring the situation.

Schools opened on 9 January for the first term and the new COVID-19 cases raise fears that boarding schools could become super-spreaders of the disease. | NewsDay

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Chinese zodiac 5 days ago

Yaaa pakaipa after maelections lockdown

Chixpro 5 days ago

Haaa maelection anogona kuvhariswa kkkkkk

Plumtree 5 days ago

Why zvichetsa ku announcer date rema elections?

assistant commissioner 5 days ago

guys ndo muskilan webasa zimbambwe will lock down meaning no gatherings ndoska tichrakasha vnhu vanongoungana ungana zvatakaita.pamurehwa apo so dzkmai zvenyu kkkk

gumlaz 5 days ago

chero kubhora zviriko wani ndopaunganotamba iweuchiziva kt makadyiwa kare unototsvaga zvikonzero zvnoita kt musagare matombosvka muground macho kkk

5 days ago

Yatotanga nyaya iya

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