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NetOne Offers University Students A Cheaper Data Bundle

NetOne Offers University Students A Cheaper Data Bundle

State-owned mobile network operator, NetOne, has launched “Dzidzo”, a data bundle for University students accessible at a discounted cost.

The 5GB bundle costs only ZWL$1 000 and will be valid for a week. The bundle is cheaper than the 5GB monthly bundle which goes for ZWL$4 400. 

In a statement on Thursday, NetOne head of marketing and public relations, Roselyn Chisveto, said:

The Dzidzo bundle will only be valid for a week. It will be accessed via the *171# platform by numbers in the student class of service.

A separate Class of Service was created and Universities will be assisting in providing links to their Registry Database, where registered students with NetOne numbers will be able to access the bundle.

More: The Sunday Mail

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🦗 7 months ago

Zvakangofanana ne $4400 re monthly

MaFyt 7 months ago


muri dofo baba hapana kufanana apo, 4000 will buy you 25GB whereas 4400 gets you 5GB so where is the similarity

Two Boy 7 months ago

Lost in translation. Something is not adding up. 20G for ZWL4k.

Samaz 7 months ago

The fact that it expires after a means zvakafanana

MaFyt 7 months ago

@TwoBoy, ayaaaa dzandi jamba zviri nani hangu pane uyo, kkkk thanx

@Samaz makafa njere bambo hatina aka wanda nemi

BABA VEVANA 7 months ago

Thank you NetOne for bringing affordable data for our children. I challenge all our children at universities across the country to take advantage of this incredible offer - indeed a game changer !! I implore beneficiaries to always endeavor to use the browsing data obtained through the NetOne facility exclusively for academic work - researching, on-line classes, online study group discussions, etc. Unfortunately, excessive access to the internet creates conducive conditions for plagiarism for many students, as people become lazy and less creative naturally - due to the over-reliance on internet for information gathering. A big NO to PLAGIARISM !! Lastly, please children, never use your surplus data to access porno material - we all know that 5GB data per week is more than enough for academic work alone, rather use your excess data to download motivation articles closely aligned to your field of study, or motivation songs such as "I have a mountain to climb", etc. Thank you once again NetOne for providing our children at tertiary institutions with affordable data, I really appreciate it.

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