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NetOne Loses $16 Million To ZINARA Cashier

NetOne Loses $16 Million To ZINARA Cashier

A Zimbabwe National Road Administration (ZINARA) tollgate cashier was arrested on allegations of defrauding NetOne of ZWL$16 million.

Tongai Clive Shonhiwa (34) recently appeared before Harare magistrate Dennis Mangosi, who granted him $50 000 bail and remanded the matter to 12 December.

The complainant in the case is NetOne Cellular (Pvt) Ltd, represented by its fraud manager Munyaradzi Hove.

Allegations are that from July 2022 to date, ZINARA received point-of-sale machines from various banks with NetOne post-paid data lines for use at tollgates across the country.

On dates unknown to the prosecution, but during the same period, Shonhiwa allegedly removed several post-paid NetOne data sim cards from point-of-sale machines under his charge and gained access to NetOne data recharge platforms.

The accused would then sell the post-paid data lines to unsuspecting clients claiming that the lines had several benefits and packages including unlimited data recharge and talk time.

It is alleged that during the same period, the accused sold two data lines to Courage Nemaisa for US$500.

Nemaisa allegedly then gave one of the paid lines to Talent Taunezvi and the two used these lines to transfer data bundles to several clients at a fee.

NetOne detected the fraud and reported the matter to the police, leading to the arrest of Nemaisa and Taunezvi who then implicated Shonhiwa. | NewsDay

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Johanna Chibadura wekwamarange 2 months ago

My friend why you do this to me and other. I know you are very important haha you dig grave you fall in and dead there

😂😂😂 2 months ago


CIO 2 months ago

English is very good language but on this occasion u better use your mother language
Some of us we can understand all languagies in Zimbabwe

2 months ago

@chibadura unonbvepi nhai iwe unotaura chirungu kunge usina kuona musuwo weprimary

boss veda 2 months ago


2 months ago

chero manzwa zvaari kutaura iye anenge atopedza so 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

popi 2 months ago

@Chibadura ukuita kubadura chirungu kkkkk

Zoe 2 months ago



Tirikukumbirawo hurumende iudze Government kuti todawo maline ekuyanika hembe
Ndini wenyu
William Sonboy Chinembiri

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

Tongai don't make decisions only when you are hungry 😂 usafunga nehura Shaa, 16 million in total apa wayiwana masororo uchidya kana kutomwa doro hako with nothing to show 🤔

anonymous 2 months ago

@ tsvarie the guy sold them for 500 dollars that's how much he got ,not 16 million.the millions were were lost due to the business conducted by the buyers of the prepaid lines,but it is charged to him since he stole the 2 lines.rasta dzorai speed.


Daddy Kae 2 months ago

kkkkkkk pamberi nachibadura

TTT 2 months ago

Asi Chibadura anzwa wani zviri kutaurwa nePi, dula

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 2 months ago

@Anonymous 😂 it's all the same coz am talking about what he is said to be owing, i don't blame you mie brul it's London haisi kuverengwa uchifunga nerurimi rwako...

haidi* 2 months ago


seme order 2 months ago

**** rako chibadura totauya hurimi rwaamai

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