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Nestle SA Recalls Chocolate Products That May Contain Glass

Nestle SA Recalls Chocolate Products That May Contain Glass

Authorities in Mozambique are collecting Kit Kat chocolate products in that country following reports that they could be laced with pieces of glass.

Mozambique’s National Inspection of Economic Activities (INAE) launched the campaign to collect the products after the food and beverage company Nestle South Africa announced the voluntary withdrawal of some of its products from the market.

The products that are being withdrawn in connection with the potential presence of pieces of glass are Kit Kat Mini Bag Milk 32 per 200 grams and Kit Kat Two Finger Milk 36 per 20 grams, with expiry dates of 30 September and October 31, 2022, respectively.

On a positive note, as of Friday last week, Mozambican inspection teams had not found any of the products suspected of containing pieces of glass in official markets. INAE inspector general Rita Freitas said:

According to Nestlé, the product was not exported to Mozambique, but our fear is that the chocolates have entered illegally and are already on the market, so we urge people to report them if they find them for sale.

In a press release, Nestle said that to date, no complaints or injuries have been reported. It said:

We are taking this action out of an abundance of caution having discovered the presence of small pieces of glass during our quality and safety checks.

Nestle said the voluntary recall is limited to products with the production codes listed below only. No other sizes and variants of KitKat products (dark chocolate and white chocolate) are affected by the recall. Nestle has recalled the products listed below:

Nestlé KitKat 2 Finger Milk 36x20g UTZ MB with production codes “13590177″‚ “13600177″‚ “13620177″‚ “13630177″‚ “13640177″‚ “13650177″‚ “20010177″‚ “20100177″‚ “20110177″‚ “20100177″‚ and “20110177″ visible on the back of the packaging; and Mini Bag Milk 32x200g UTZ with production codes “20120177″‚ “20010177″‚ “20020177″‚ “20030177″‚ “20080177″‚ “13620177″‚ “13600177″‚ and “13610177″ visible on the back of the packaging.

On 2 February, Nestle SA announced the voluntary recall of the chocolate bars listed above due to the possibility that they may contain pieces of glass.

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