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Nelson Chamisa "Salutes" Zimbabwe Defence Forces

Nelson Chamisa

Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa said that the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) should be honoured by all Zimbabweans for liberating the country from colonial bondage and defending its sovereignty and territorial integrity since independence in 1980.

In his 2022 Defence Forces’ Day message posted on his Twitter page, the former ICT Minister said ZDF has continued to serve the country selflessly even under extremely difficult circumstances and challenges. Pindula News is publishing Chamisa’s message in full.

1/22THE DEFENCE FORCES – A CITIZENS’ FORCE! Today is an important day, a historic day, one penned in the history of the birth of our nation Zimbabwe by the sacrifices and toil of many men, women and children who paid the ultimate price to liberate this nation.

2/22To our revered uniformed forces, to all our men and women in uniform of all ranks – top to bottom, we love and honour you all. I salute you, our dedicated men and women in uniform on the occasion of this special day, a day to celebrate our Defence Forces.

3/22 Indeed, I salute and duly acknowledge the unstinting and committed service that you, our patriotic security services, continue to render to our beloved beautiful country-Zimbabwe, even under extremely difficult circumstances and challenges.

4/22 Soldiers, like the Police Service, Prison Service and Intelligence Service are badges of patriotism, symbols of the State and embodiment of the collective will of a people. The security forces are above party politics. You stand for country not party.

5/22 Except in rare moments when partisan politics toxifies the esteemed Defence Forces establishment, I, with pride and honour, salute our men and women in uniform for their versatility and adeptness in defending national and regional security.

6/22 I like it when our forced sing, ‘We love Zimbabwe and all its wealth…Stand up ! ‘Tinoda Zimbabwe neupfumi hwayo hwose..Vana Mai nanaBaba ndimo mavari..Simuka Zimbabwe! ‘Sifuna iZimbabwe lenotho yayo yonke. Bobaba labomama yini abanikazi bomnotho weLizwe. Phakama Zimbabwe’

7/22 As a nation, we fought a just war of liberation and the dedication, sacrifice and patriotism of the sons and daughters of this land deserve our veneration and utmost respect. We are a liberation nation, a freedom nation and warrior nation and a God-fearing nation.

8/22 No country in the world has prospered & will ever prosper without a strong disciplined, progressive, well resourced, well paid, well fed and patriotic uniformed force behind it. Even the success of pre-colonial African states depended upon strong military support.

9/22 There are many examples in Africa and even in ZIMBABWE , the Mutapa State, the Rozvi Dynasty, the Zulu State, the Ndebele State and the Mandinka empire in WestAfrica (under Mansa Sundiata Keita, who founded the empire), to mention a few.

10/22 Whereas the courts are the guardians & guarantors of justice and rule of law, our security forces are the guarantors of our sovereignty, territorial integrity, citizens dignity and liberty. As our security forces you’re the protectors & defenders of our safety and security.

11/22 As the uniformed force you are the protector of our resources, protector of our heritage, protector of independence, protector of the citizens, protector of our people and indeed protectors of our sovereignty and dignity as a people. We recognize and cherish this vital role.

12/22 You do this for the benefit of your beloved country and not for the benefit of a political leader or individual politicians. Politicians come and go, serve and leave – but you are a permanent citizens’ institution. You are patriots. Patriotism is non-partisan.

13/22As citizens, we affirm our respect and honour to you our national pride. We salute you as one of our national institutions,a Citizens’ institution.And as patriotic men and women,you have volunteered to play a patriotic role in national identity,growth and self determination.

14/22 We are aware of your challenges, circumstances and predicament in resources, livelihoods and welfare. Nonetheless, as the citizens coalesce for change throughout the country, we commit to you that we will respect you and honour you for volunteering to serve us.

15/22 We honour and respect you by shaming and condemning those who seek to undermine the great you have been for our great country. We will honour and respect you by advocating and providing decent wages and living conditions commensurate with the pivotal and vital role you play

16/22 Above all, we advocate that you have a fair share of our resources, decent housing and title deeds. We’ll honour &respect you by condemning the unnecessary, unwarranted and unmerited purging or discrimination on tribal & patronage basis at the expense of merit and service.

17/22Most importantly,at an individual level you are part & parcel of the citizens. You are eminent citizens. As we coalesce for this historic change, we do so with you as citizens and together with your grandparents, parents children & all relatives scattered around the country.

18/22 We do so above all with you as the protectors & guarantors of citizens Freedoms.Right to free speech &association. No one should ever be imprisoned or persecuted for politics.I call for the cessation of hostilities & immediate release of all victims of political persecution.

19/22 We promise and commit that we will work well with you for the transformation, betterment and development of our great country as we build our great nation. The CITIZENS’ GOVERNMENT will be a patriotic government.

20/22 The Citizens Gvt will not go back on the values for which our veterans sacrificed.Values of Right to Self Deternination, Right to Vote, Rights to our mineral wealth, rights to land – With Title Deeds.We stand shoulder to shoulder with in serving of this great nation,

21/22 And rest assured, there is no reversal of the land acquisition, Our Citizens’ army must and shall be the strongest and well resourced army in the region. Every Zimbabwean must feel protected. We will put money and invest in our security -citizens’ security.

22/22 I salute you and the people of Zimbabwe who gave their children,their brothers and sisters,mothers and fathers, uncles and aunts to liberate and protect this great nation.Let’s build and work together for a better and prosperous Zimbabwe.God bless our Security Forces!

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mupfumi esawo 1 month ago

Ngapinde hake mukomana

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Which independence was he he talking about in a country where people are dying for expressing a different political opinion from the politial elite, where people are dying for voting for voting for the opposition to zanupf? Zimbabweans are not independent, the systems practise by Smith is still in existence in Zimbabwe. There is no freedom of expression. Where is Itai Dzamara today and many others like the Chaona eleven??

Svinurai bambo

Worzell Gummidge 1 month ago

@Maparamuromo. My dear brother. President Chamisa spoke like a true Statesman. He gave assurence to our Defence Forces that he will not victimise them or abuse them. Yes, we have challenges with some state security personnell being used for political reasons. But its not their fault, they are just following orders. Its the crooks who abuse our defence forces who should be dealt with. A true leader looks beyond the now & focusses on shaping a better future. A good leader is not vindictive, he forgives past wrongs in order to set a good example & foster peace. Imagine what would have happened had Nelson Mandela unleashed vengeance on the people who imprisoned him for 27 years? On my part, I want NELSON Chamisa to be like NELSON Mandela and I think Murumbwana Chamisa is maturing into a practical & mature politician.

thrasher 1 month ago

independence is being liberated from colonial rule what Zimbabwe lacks is human rights the right to freedom of speech among others I rather not talk about because pindala has my phone number and econet Has my address. maybe a zanupf youth member created pindula. am still just a boy with a life to leave

thrasher 1 month ago

you can send your child to any school you want find a job where ever you want built a house in the leafyest surburbs heck you can even marry a white lady if you want some of the treats of independence are missing but it's better yet not good enough

New kingz 1 month ago

maparamuro **** unoti angataure zve independence muna August hre

New kingz 1 month ago

maparamuro **** unoti angataure zve independence muna August hre

Cde Cimba 1 month ago

Haha azopererwa mukomana kkkkkk. Haa avakuzama zvese wena kuti apinde but hapapindiki zvekumhanya coz soja rakagara pa State house
I sensed desperation in this long speech from mukomana. Haa zvaendwa izvo mukomana at last has come back to reality kuti hakuna kwaunoenda usina support yemauto but it's unfortunate kuti army yedu haina kudzungaira.


Yours Cde Cimba vekuMhangura

Alexis 1 month ago

munoshamisa mukuru. akasaisa comment on such days konzi haasi patriotic haade nyika yake he doesn't respect the army n stuff

say good abt the army hanzi he is now looking for favours from the army. he attends national holiday hanzi he is now desperate
kkkkkk ndapererwa after reading thia long nonsense if yours

dispenser 1 month ago

Hazvina kunzi Chamisa akaita president Masoja , mapurisa anobva arega basa ravo. wakeup little brains ,In Zambia did ey fire e uniformed forces . in fact every where . Even here in Zimbabwe don't yu know police wc were of Rhodesian gvt proceeded with Mugabe. even e so called army general s Today they were saving Smith gvt.


thrasher 1 month ago

yeah I think they probably weren't close friends with Smith but rather wolves in sheep clothing probably keep Mugabe updated on every aspect

majoni wepabindura 1 month ago

uyo anonzi cimba varibhoo here uyo dzinenge dzisimo

Commandant 1 month ago

Members of the security forces are behind Nelson Chamisa. Remember they unanimously voted for CCC in the last by elections. Makanganwa zvakaitika ku Chikurubi.

Anonymous 1 month ago

To those who fear victimisation, you can change your phone number and put a fake one,or just put dzenhema

i t 1 month ago


Chimbido 1 month ago

Don't salute them Chamisa imhondi idzi. They are shooting and beating us to protect the interest of their masters who have everything and they have nothing except zvimaUniform nezvipfuti zvakasvuuka svuuka izvozvo nxaaa

NC 1 month ago

ndadaro because ndirikutsvaga ma votes zve.ndoda kuti mauto azondivhotere so ndirikufadza mutengi

Ntuli 1 month ago

Chamisa is shy to mention ED and Chiwenga.Chamisa knows that the Zimbabwe Defense Forces are the Electoral College of Zimbabwe.Even if he wins he knows that they will not allow him.Thats why he is being friendly with them.Kutyaa uku 🤣😂

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