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Nelson Chamisa Lists 22 Ugly Scenes Of 2022

Nelson Chamisa Lists 22 Ugly Scenes Of 2022

Nelson Chamisa who leads the opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) has listed “22 Ugly Scenes of 2022” recorded in Zimbabwe.

In a Twitter thread seen by Pindula News, Chamisa, a former Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, said the “ugly scenes” brought shame on Zimbabweans hence the need to “stop the shame, and turn things around..” and build a great and new Zimbabwe. We present the thread below:


1- Arresting & denial of bail ..Hon Job Sikhala & Nyatsime 16, other political prisoners.

2- Banning of Gukurahundi commemoration, arrest of citizens, democracy activists inc Banning of CCC rallies & activities.

3- Political violence, political murders of opposition activists & attacks at CCC rallies.

4- Death threats on opposition leaders & democracy activists

5-Draconian & bad laws eg The PVO law, The Marriages act.

6- Attacks on journalists and civil society.

7-Forced, command & victimized voting in rural areas.

8-Abuse of the church.Abuse of traditional leaders.

9- The general mass exodus of experts, best brains&citizens into the diaspora.The loss of dignity, humiliation, abuse of Zimbabweans in the diaspora.

10- No credible voter’s roll & contested electoral issues.

11-Weaponization of the law, persecution by prosecution.

12-Partisan food distribution upon political victimization.

13-Partisan abuse of state organs and institutions. Partisan abuse of the public broadcaster – ZBC.

14-Forcing of patriotic & state officers to be partisan. Reducing key national institutions into party activists.

15-Grand-scale corruption. Looting of national resources including mineral wealth, huge perks by elites & chefs.

16-Youth unemployment and youth drug abuse.

17-Impunity & Immunity..Crimes committed in the name of the governing party are defended.

18-Lack of support to agriculture. Uneconomic producer prices for our farmers.

19. The collapse of social services especially our hospitals, erosion of pensions inc the war veterans support.

20. Erosion of disposable income for workers. Worsening poverty. Increasing inequality, galloping inflation and skyrocketing prices.Bad economics e.g suspension of lending high export retention, high tax regime and excessive printing of money.

21. Unaffordable school fees. High university and college fees beyond.

22. The general decay and decomposition of the political and General leadership failure including the renewal of sanctions.

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mbuya bhemba 4 weeks ago

ugly scene no1- formation of CCC

4 weeks ago

Ugly for ZANU for sure

Gred 4 weeks ago

Correct Bhemba CCC is a nightmare for your ZANU PF indeed

AdRyan 4 weeks ago


K.h.u.l.e.k.h.u.l.e 4 weeks ago

When u mention ugly scenes and then you put that heading photo it sounds really funny

4 weeks ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣yah sure

nostro vostro 4 weeks ago

ndiregererewo ndingoriwo rombe risina charinoziva

chihera 4 weeks ago

takunzwa kare

SeeSee 4 weeks ago

The most persecuted political party in Zimbabwe?

putin 4 weeks ago

jonso zvine ma sanctions here izvo
zvikurambidza vanhu freedom


More Jokes 😆 4 weeks ago

The Teacher asked Little Johnny, How can you prevent diseases caused by biting insects? Little Johnny replied, Just Don't bite any.

😂😂😂😂 4 weeks ago


More Jokes 😆 4 weeks ago

One day the teacher told her class to think of something exiting that happened recently. Little Suzie told about her trip to Florida. Clyde said his dad got drunk all the time. Little Johnny put a dot on the board and the teacher asked him to explain what was exciting about a period. He said: "Hell if I know but my sister said she missed hers and my mom screamed, my dad had a heart attack, and the boy nextdoor killed himself."

pliz grow 4 weeks ago

up.we once told ya

Ndini 4 weeks ago

Uyu chamisa wenyu kana achida kuita president ngaiite zvemunyati yake ega kwete kuda kuitisa vanhu kana vachida kuratidzira ngaaende iye nemhuri yake

Chiwenga 4 weeks ago

muri ya chamisa are those who demonstrate and being prosecuted by the one whom you call ED

zanupf 4 weeks ago

jonso repent vaED vanoda g40-4ED
to assist him in campaign for 2023 tinokuregerera asi no position wodya Mari yawakaba wakati ziii

jonso 4 weeks ago

I want more of it and even if I were to come back it would be under one condition, ie that mouse in an elephant's body administrator must be long gone b4 my readmission

wolves 2- United 1 4 weeks ago


Soccer 4 weeks ago

Full time
Man U 1-0 Wolves

Dan Fulan 4 weeks ago

OK Mr chamisa you wrote about 22 bad things happened 2022. Here is your home work just list 5 good things happened in 2022(30 marks).

citizens 4 Nero 4 weeks ago

there is nothing tangiable which was done by Zanu party of failures kkkk ko Hwange 7&8 yamunkngozwero wawata iripi nhas gore zvaratopera nhai ma**** imi?

4 weeks ago

How many marks will he get for saying nothing good happened in 2022?... and I think that's the correct answer

Good Tidings 4 weeks ago

Good things that happened in 2022:-
1. Formation of CCC
2. Winning of by elections by CCC by an average of 67% (⅔)
3. The loss by MDC-T of all constituencies where Nzvonyora recalled sitting MPs and Councillors
4. The winning by previously opposition in DRC, Zambia, Malawi and Lesotho.

o'brien 4 weeks ago

don't 4get that chamisa is not yet the president. So that question shld be for ED. Chamisa cited the 2022 ZANU weaknesses to be addressed if he get into office. So ED must put a list of 22 successes in 2022.

The year of Job Sikhala 4 weeks ago

2022 shall be remembered as The year of Job Sikhala.

need for leadership renewal 4 weeks ago

this current regime has proved beyond reasonable doubt that they have failed us as a nation hence need for leadership renewal

Nkulurenko 4 weeks ago

Only mthwakanzi kazulu can save us but that's for 2023, today we party .

. 4 weeks ago

@need for leader ship renewal
GO and register to vote
Don't just shout and tell your neighbour to register to vote
mune zvitupa here vafana imi

Man u for Ed 4 weeks ago

Man u bhora

civil servant 4 weeks ago

ko isu watisiirei pa list iyoyo

4 weeks ago

Asi uri civil servant isina kuenda kuchikoro. check point number 20.

Dred 4 weeks ago

General hand civil servant

Arab mongoli 4 weeks ago

Job sikhala six months asingaite lula zwakaoma

4 weeks ago

@Arab mongoli.... thoughts and sentiments of an idle and shallow mind

SeeSee 4 weeks ago

I believe words or even statements like "pasi na....." , "mhandu", "muvenge", "mutengesi",etc should be vabolished from Zim politics as they incite violence.ln politics we are not suppose to be enemies but opponents...we need too tone down on the usage of any words or statements that promote political violence.There are some people who are still in the "war mode" Hondo yakapera kudhara ,why always creating enemies always .WE ARE NOT ENEMIES BY WE JUST HAVE DIFFERENT VIEWS!NOT AN OPPOSITION BUT AN ALTERNATIVE!!!!

😊 4 weeks ago

@cc pasi newe, hautiudze zvokuita uri mhandu pasi nemhandu,

gg 4 weeks ago

uyu anongotaurawo zvisina basa. we need a serious politician

gg 4 weeks ago

Nyika haitongwi ne social media

Maparamuro 4 weeks ago

So what's the plan?
Hope it's not a secret

civil servants 4 weeks ago

how about our salaries?

Dwayne 4 weeks ago

We will remove
the USD component give you more rtgs after elections

iwe 4 weeks ago

warovachipikiri pamusoro.uchaita president wangu nemhuri yangu kana vamwe vakaramba kukuvhotera

Mjolo 4 weeks ago

Much aziva henyu kuti chibaba izanu pf
Vafana hamuna swagger

Ashley Scott 4 weeks ago

chisingapere chinoshura zanu ichida isingade pachigaro inezuva raichabva chete mjolo urimbwa

Ali Tinasheba albamohamed 4 weeks ago

Hey someone is using this name to comment haibo hatizvidi tokuisa pama sanction list
Siyana nazvo

4 weeks ago

Can someone tell Mugwadi that we don't need anything from CCC but a better govt that allows us to prosper in our own by being corrupt free, accountable for state funds, use our taxes for the betterment of our great country

4 weeks ago

Epl results pliz

mancity1 - 1Everton 90+11" 4 weeks ago

city yaveShiri

Mufaro 4 weeks ago

City they cost me £25 yeku casha mahur*,ka shiri kwe team

👥 4 weeks ago

2023 a new year we all are waiting for counting hours for the change we all are anticipating.

i_am_shumba 4 weeks ago

Guys i am looking for information. The guy wekunzi apedza Phd ne6 months ndiani

mlambo 4 weeks ago

takamirira gore dzva

nx 4 weeks ago


Toy Toy 4 weeks ago

Nyika inovharwa nevene vayo
Bleak by bleak!

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