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Ndiweni Insists He's Still Ntabazinduna Chief, Warns Of "Deep Tragedy" To Those Intervening

Ndiweni Insists He's Still Ntabazinduna Chief, Warns Of

Ousted Ntabazinduna chief, Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni, says he is still the traditional leader of his area despite moves by the government to strip him of his powers.

Ndiweni, who is in exile, was dethroned in 2019 by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government after his brother Douglas declared himself the heir to the throne and launched several court challenges.

A defiant Ndiweni told Sunday Southern Eye that he continued to “virtually” govern the area with assistance from local kraal heads, village heads and headmen.

The government critic said he was chosen by the Ndiweni family as the heir after his father Chief Khayisa Felix Ndiweni passed away on August 10, 2010.

 He said the late former president Robert Mugabe confirmed him as the chief in 2014. Ndiweni added:

However, there was an objection by Douglas, one of the sons of the late chief who was saying he was speaking for Jorum Ndiweni who had been in the UK for about 47 years.

Douglas was overruled by his mother, Agnes Masuku who is now late. He was also overruled by the greater Ndiweni clan led by the elderly Chief Wasi Ndiweni from Plumtree.

Ndiweni said other traditional leaders such as Chief Wasi, Chief Beti Ndiweni and Chief Nyangazonke fought on his corner before writing another letter to Mugabe confirming him as their leader.

Mugabe never objected, Ndiweni said.

However, in 2019 Douglas launched another challenge producing another letter supposedly from Jorum claiming that he opposed what had happened in Ntabazinduna in 2014.

Despite the court challenge, Ndiweni insists he remains the Ntabazinduna chief, saying he frequently holds virtual meetings with his village heads and subjects.

He warned those continuing to interfere in this matter “will experience deep tragedy in their lives.”

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Mangethe 9 months ago

Ngonyama,Ndunenkulu kwelikaMzilikazi,Bayede.Those continuing to interfere will ....... Bazodabula amafu

Chapwititi Kestombela 9 months ago

The first chief who called out for order to the right tree. Secondly there is chief Murinye. Thank you our genuine chiefs. We will win the country back and it will be YELLOW FOREVER

gamba 9 months ago

so who's the rightful heir,the elder son or the younger son,mombozvifambisa seyi koMandebele

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