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Ndebele "King" Plans March On State House


Self-styled Ndebele King, Mzilikazi II, real name Stanley Raphael Khumalo, has notified President Emmerson Mnangagwa of his intentions to take over State House in Bulawayo.

In a letter dated 12 May directed to Mnangagwa, which he said he submitted through the Zimbabwean embassy in South Africa, Khumalo said he will lead “his” people who are based in South Africa back home.

Khumalo said the Bulawayo State House does not belong to Mashonaland (Zimbabwe) but to his country which he calls Mthwakazi. The letter read:

It is, therefore, announced that his Royal Mzilikazi II shall be leading a peaceful, but massive crusade of his people suffering in South Africa back to their home country, Mthwakazi.

The crusade shall start from Johannesburg on May 28 and arrive in Bulawayo the following day.

His majesty shall address the nation in the newly-revived, free and independent State of Mthwakazi on May 29.

His Royal Majesty shall thereafter move into the State House in Bulawayo on the same day as his official residence and begin to rule over his kingdom.

Khumalo has previously tried to take over State House but was blocked by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). The letter said:

The territory, 10km east of the Jameson line as described, which territory is legally a part of the Royal Kingdom of Mthwakazi, shall become the boundary of the independent state of Mashonaland, alias Zimbabwe.

Please note Mr President, the Ndebele people are not unaware of your brutality and your lack of respect for Ndebele life with your government, your security personnel and with the help of the quiet diplomacy of the British government.

Contacted for comment on Wednesday by NewsDay, Zimbabwe’s ambassador to South Africa, David Hamadziripi said he had not yet received the letter.

Meanwhile, Khumalo is not the only claimant to the Ndebele Kingdom. There are other claimants too, Messrs Bulelani Collins Khumalo and Peter Zwide Khumalo who are both based in South Africa.

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Salmeat 1 month ago

Ayo ndoanonzi manyautsamukanwa chembere kurota ichiyamwa manje anosvasvangwa neNgwena, pane shamhu dzine munyu dzatakakugadzirirai

Roosy 1 month ago

Come29 let's c u in bhulawayo state

Soothsayer 1 month ago

we are one people .history tells us that many shonazzz were killed, abused ,& king mzilikaz established his kingdom @ the expense of such brutality. how come our fellow comrades claim to be the owners of matebele... u can go back to zululand & form Ur own kingdom not in a foreign land....
let's not live in the past...& focus on building a better Zimbho for us all.


moismuc 1 month ago

Hlekani 1 month ago

Yes let's concentrate on removing our perennial enemy of Zimbabwe, which is zanupf and leave this tribal division. its not the shona people alone who can rule this country. Any other tribe can rule Zimbabwe, even much better than the shonas, so don't speak nonsense.

Hlekani 1 month ago

we don't want to hear this nonsense, that only the Shona people should rule this country. we are also capable of ruling this country, even better.

Asalif 1 month ago

I think this whole issue needs him Mzilikazi 2 to clarify about his roots but what I know 80% of Zimbabweans are not from this land , if you find yourself speaking ask your about your great Grandfather's roots you will find out he was from a Namibian father and Swazi mother so brush off the owners of this land passed on long back , those who are living right now don't know nothing , we are all Zimbabweans period period

Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa 1 month ago

Wakuda kusaiza nasimba aDaddy manje iwee.

Ndomashoko angu ekupedzisira

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

Although you delete our comments, you heard our Bulawayo opinion Pindula!
You keep comments that denounce or insult the President of Zimbabwe and delete our free speech

Ndebele adv 1 month ago

Let's just focus on removing Zanu pf..
Then we can deal with issues that divides us as a nation later.
Vote CCC for a better Bulawayo.. vote CCC for a better Zimbabwe

Jeffers 1 month ago

What nonsense are they planning.we one people,but they are causing confusion by demonstrating.vakuita zvama group manje vakaramba vachiita zvavari kuita izvi vano blushiwa zvavasingakanganwe.Vane dzungu vakuona kunge Bulawayo yaimwe nyika,saka ndavaende ikoko vanogara ikoko.Hatitongwe navo isu people let's unite and builder our nation rather than creating tunyaya tusina basa .

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

Jeffers aaaaah you know where Ndebele people come from, tell me where exactly do Shona people originate from?

Tanganyika, Kenya, Mocambique etc...

Mujibha 1 month ago

@Mangethe you are right my brother. Lets admit facts. In Bulawayo i used to stay there. There is clean water from the tap. It is a smart city. This just shows opposition counselors are abusing funds in Harare and other cities. Sabotaging your own people.

Mangethe 1 month ago

Bulawayo is a Country wena **** ....,, Even if u ask people from Bulawayo about their originality whether they are in UK ,South Africa, America or Asia they don't answer mentioning Zimbabwe but they say they are from Bulawayo

Name the cleanest Countries in Southern Africa? Botswana ,Bulawayo ,South Africa

Mujibha 1 month ago

@Asalif come out from the cave you are hiding. I told you that Chamisa or Biti will never control this country. See now your people.

Asalif 1 month ago

I can't comment on tribal wars it's good as commenting on Zanu pf factionalism for that one it's your day with the ****

DZ 1 month ago

Abatshwe ngdlangamandla lelilizwe lakhiwa ngobuqili vele ngoba abelungu bahlanganisa amanzi leoil yikho sisemangxuweni

nhaimi 1 month ago

zvemaKing zvakaexpire mazuvano kunovhoterwa leader. ngaaforme party kana achida kutonga

THE KING FIEND 1 month ago

From now on I'm now called HIS MAJESTY THE KING FIEND....


THE FIEND 1 month ago

Leave the Ndebele people alone, just because you Shona people don't have Royalty in you that's why you are Jealous.

We are the City of King and Queens, the land of honey and Gold.We are smart and clean because we bath running water and we drink water from our taps, we don't have zvibhorani at our houses. We are the Capital City, the cleanest in Zimbabwe and we are not interested in witchcraft.

God bless Mthwakazi and King Khumalo, we will join the march.

Iziqolo zamampela👑👑👑😈😈😈

Mangethe 1 month ago

Thank The Fiend

DZ 1 month ago

thank you

Patriot 1 month ago

vote zanu pf

Patriot 1 month ago


Dr K.Mohadi 1 month ago

Vote CCC for change 🇿🇼

Mujibha 1 month ago

Will Chamisa be able to control such divisive strategies. Zvinhu zvakaoma but nyika inoda kutochengetedzwa Cde Mohadi. We don't want another war like Ukraine. Innocent people will die.

WaveOfChange 1 month ago

Am a Ndebele but I don't support this nonsense.This country need one leader from any tribe.So far Chamisa is our best candidate I see leadership qualities on him.Lets give him a chance because Mnangagwa and crew has failed.

Mujibha 1 month ago

You are not a Ndebele you are a Zimbabwean who speak Ndebele. This is where tribalism start when you restrict yourself to Matebeleland.

Mujibha 1 month ago

I talked about DIVIDE AND RULE STRATEGY. This is just one of the many examples. Who is inciting public violence and despondency behind the scenes? Western supremacy and neo colonialism. Dancing to the tune of the puppet master. Unless we unite we shall remain divided slaves.

Jinn 1 month ago

Guys let's focus on removing Zanu Pf.Lokhu okwenduna angiboni kuphumelela.Sifuna ubaba uChamisa eState house next year.We have been through a lot in this country then dukuduku sokuthutsha Induna from SA.Asiyali kayibuye Induna labantu bayo bezobhalisa ukuvota sikhiphe iZanu Of first.You are welcome Mthwakazi.
Vote CCC for change

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Dai wambomira izvozvo Khumalo, wamboti vote CCC for change gore rinouya

R'G 1 month ago

I personally think thats **** bt we can never rule out the fact that it can happen , war is unpredictable the weeker part will always gain support not the.stronger part

Bakhithi Nxumalo 1 month ago

this here calls for wisdom,not emotion or haste.
mark my words.

Gugu 1 month ago

Sudan separated, Korea separated, USSR . The **** are marginalized. who gives the shona rights over Ndebele. Khumalos push for a free Matabele

Poiuyt 1 month ago

Mandex aakuda kudzokera kuSA netsoka chete

Dube 1 month ago

Hey racist there is no longer such thing as pure Ndebele or pure Shona. Most of the single mothers in Byo have shona babies who are you to seperate them from their fathers. Why not form Mthwakazi in South Africa after all Ndebele belong from Zululand.

Malcolm X 1 month ago

Hope dze zhara

The Zebra 1 month ago

Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.

Isizukulwane sikaMzilikazi 1 month ago

These guys are totally mad to the fullest.Hanty uLobengula wabaleka wasitshiya ezandleni zama Shona.Abasitshiye sinjalo.Mr President pliz deal with this nonsense before it's too late

Leee 1 month ago

Kkkk zvakaoma shuwa zvimwe ngazvingoperera kuzviroto guys

mafirakureva 1 month ago

we will not allow that

Chamisa junior 1 month ago

Revenge iyo , pakaipa

VaGwede 1 month ago

Tommorow is another day day full of surprise and new things where are you prophets why you didn't prophesy about this. Zimbabwe belongs to us all but some have put it into their pockets .God Creator of Heaven and Earth if you does exist help us why became see
1: many have become thieves and prostitutes because of this called politics
2: some of Zimbabweas have become slaves in foreign lands because heartless culprits in the name of politics
3: some have suffered undescribable death namely xenophobia , operation dudula and under guma guma sleepless nights under bridges eating donated peas beans umm yeah for real Zimbabweans has become poor Olive Twist they do ask for more porridge.
Lord Jesus Christ help this country cause very soon we are becoming wild to survive our leaders they have taken all to themselves the prophets are saying it is not government 's responsibility to create employment so what shall we do . Only you the Lord you are our last hope cause we voted for Tsvangirai thinking that things we will be fined but they killed him now Chinotimba is doing good for the people they want him dead too so all good people they end up dead because of this Zimbabwe.
Father who is in heaven help Zimbabwe so that they may not sin because of porverty and hunger

Tateguru 1 month ago

Good drama

Kevin 1 month ago

lowu ngukhumalo wesishoneni

major 1 month ago

baba munoroveka🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Asalif 1 month ago

did he even mentioned of Adv Nelson Chamisa or CCC

THE FIEND 1 month ago

Vybz Kartel aka Mlambo 7 I the Fiend totally destroyed you. You are now worthless, soundless and senseless! The fiend is still intact and is always ready for war, I won't change names like you Vybz Kartel.
😈😈😈 evil.

Mlambo 7 1 month ago

@Asalif, judging from the regular and voluminous comments you're writing on this platform, one can easily conclude that your daily schedule is only about Pindula comments, Pindula comments alone and nothing else. It looks like you're a full-time comment writer on Pindula ! You may be interested to know that some "writers" like the self-proclaimed crowd favourite - WILLIAM SONBOY CHINEMBIRI aka BUSH LAWYER or CDE KUFA KWANGU ZVAROVA, HULK HOGAN, THE INCREDIBLE YELLOW HAWK /(RELOADED), SPONONO, VYBZ KARTEL, MBOKO, Tkt, Tsitsipasi and many others had their respective characters torn apart and crushed like lice by one @INDEPENDENT POLITICAL SUPREMO, a character assassin par excellence. It's a matter of time before this assassin pounce on you....I tell he/she is as ruthless as an elephant ! Ita toti toti chamhamha, otherwise your "Asalif" character is seeing its last days. Watch this space !!!

Blue🔵 1 month ago

The self styled King us a puppet of the West supported by Chamisa and CCC. Perennial losers and violent people

kalangah 1 month ago

we are tired of you enemies Fack friends **** and Shona's ,, you just enjoy the suffering o either,, the tea you share it's just a tea with salt, it's just like dynamo's vs Highlanders fans,,,
you are the Major uplift to the decline and confusion in this country , otherwise you are all useless, scams.

this country has had enough land, minerals fr everyone to sustain not as millionaires or billionaire but normally ,, yet these few good thiefs who call themselves millionaire billionaires what for thief's, why can't you share with the rest our population band our land bholato

facksmiles Btwn Ndebele &****

Sage 1 month ago

Man.... don't cross the limpopo... you will get taken by the crocodile... he is man eater.

x 1 month ago

huyai tikusvasvangei

jz 1 month ago

Nyaya yamatanga iyi the Royal Majesty munoikurira here,,,uuummm chimboitai but victory yenyu handina kuiona,,,,moda kuzoti **** akashata,,,siyanai nazvo munozosara nevanhu vashoma munzvimbo menyu vanhu vafa kudarika vepagukurahundi yamurikudai kuchema nayo,,,,nemiwo **** musabvumira izvo zvaakuda ktangwa naking wenyu munotevera hama neshamwari dzakatungamira pagukurahundi

😃 1 month ago

Gegegede let me put a reminder on my fon. I cant wait...

Phidza 1 month ago

Ndarota hangu gukurahundi 2 ichitanga pachapter 1 kkk, lithini **** ngalokhu, isimo sinzima aibili kumele izinto zilungiswe hatshi nga le ndlela, just remember in the bible Pharaoh wabona ama Israelites sebesuba banengi njalo sebesiba lamandla, uPharaoh wathi kungcono ngibabulale bonge ngoba bengadlula lapha ukuba banengi bazanginqoba so becareful bobabazala bami booo lami ngithethe eNkayi ngisarithanda hey kkkk

Mangethe 1 month ago

KHULEKANI KHUMALO is the only Ndebele King not all these claimants

Mangethe 1 month ago

K****kani Khumalo is the only King not all these claimants
Viva Sizwe SamaKhumalo

Mdluli 1 month ago

Kkkk am 100% Ndebele but ay this is nonsense.... Kant baba Khumalo vele lyakwazi lokhu okuthiwa ngo robayi kahle kahle?

DZ 1 month ago

ungabiligwala wathu vele ukuthula lenkululeko kutholakala nzima njalo labantu bayafa during the process so ungesabi makuyisikhathi sekuyiso mfowethu

Nyandanu 1 month ago

Gore rino hakuna covid kune hurwere hwakadai, shame

King Khumalo II 1 month ago

We do need the king to uphold our tradition...This nation has a lot of tribes..Karanga,Nambia,Ndebele,Xhosa,Venga,Tonga ..and Byo is Thwakazi state .If only the president can allow them to take over the state house, things wl be okay for Ndebele people...

Jj 1 month ago

Siyai akadaro 29 anosvika tione kt achaita sei

Chamhamha 1 month ago

Dzimwe nyambo taurirai vazukuru muchitandara asi tanga maisa ka paivapo kureva kuti ingano

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Am eagerly waiting for the D day 29 May 😂😂😂😝zvimwe Zviroto so wedzerai magumbeze ichando chinopa kuti munhu afunge zvakadai

Poiuyt 1 month ago

Haa kwatonhora sure

Nyandanu 1 month ago

Blaz adziirwa manje nenhembe idzo,,vari kucrosser futi Limpopo vakananga kwavakabva

1 month ago

Bounty hunter 1 month ago

Baba Mnangagwa may yu please use your presidential powers to stop this guy. Yu will hv my vote if yu stop this type of behaviour

baba 1 month ago

okay means wangu

Bounty hunter 1 month ago

Ma rasta munhu ari kufarisa uyu kkkkkk handisati ndamboona movie iyi lets all wait and see maybe ari kutumwa na mzilikazi hameno

STALIN 1 month ago

Ini zvangu I do not have guanxi with mnangagwa I am a CCC guy but I suggest that he should deal with this mwakazizi hameno ikoko king once and for all cause afarisa zvekunongedzera Amai ne mbo,ro ngaakwane

Mimie 1 month ago

we are not tribalists and this country ayisiyo yamaShona kuphela

**** u 1 month ago

u day dreaming my friend stop smoking paracetamol.....

Anstley 1 month ago

Ahhhh nce atidi nyika iyi itongwe nema Ndebele bcoz panozo guma pava hondo ma ndebele full of tribalism, shona president advoc Chamisa, pinda hako mukomana next year

Repairer of Breach to Maitiff 1 month ago

I concur.This country could be miles ahead.What God allowed is for a purpose anyway.

maitiff 1 month ago

Anstley, **** are Zimbabweans chiiko nemi nhai kuva tribalistic. Ini ndiri muZezuru but I'm of the notion that Zimbabwe dai iri better dai Nkomo asina kutsotswa nemadzvinyangwe eZanu Pf. He was a benevolent, gentle at heart and people centric.

factos 1 month ago

@Anstley no wonder lidubeka

Anstley 1 month ago

uyu vese ana Sibangilizwe nkomo No to them that's **** mani

ccc 1 month ago

anorwara uyo this is republic of Zimbabwe
not to divide our beautiful land
chamisa muhofisi

The head 1 month ago

zimbabwe shall remain a single country mupei mapills

kz 1 month ago

maguta nyemba manje bamnn

GVT 1 month ago

If he is in South Africa, good, that's where the Khumalos came from, let him get a piece of land for his kingdom there without crossing the Limpopo.

GVT 1 month ago

I have never heard of such a poor king who wants to violently grab government property. His kingdom should build houses, and his palace as well; with specificities that suit a king. A king should not be like a president. Presidents get the top job through the art of politics (they don't apply for the job like plumbers and accounts clerks do). A king is a king by deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), in a Kingdom that has always been there. I'm sorry I doubt this one as a self-styled king who wants to do a totally new thing altogether

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