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National Foods Invests US$12 million To Contract Farming For The 2022–2023 Season

National Foods Invests US$12 million To Contract Farming For The 2022–2023 Season

National Foods (Natfoods), an agro-industrial company, claims to have committed US$12 million to contract farming for the growing season of 2022–2023.

The group’s arm Paperhole Investments (PHI) Commodities, which is in charge of growing crops like sorghum, soybeans, and maize, manages the contract system.

To make up for shortages at home, the firm also buys grain from nearby farmers and imports, The Herald reported.

Michael Lashbrook, the chief executive of Natfoods, said the company was making a variety of other investments to increase the capacity and availability of raw materials. He said:

 The total hectarage for the current summer season under the A Growth/PHI scheme for which National Foods provides an off-take is 4 250 hectares (of) maize, 7 500 hectares (of) soya, and 760 hectares (of) sorghum.

The total investment made by A Growth/PHI under the scheme is around US$12 million.

The operations of NatFoods include pre-packaging, the sale of dry goods, and the milling of corn and wheat. Additionally, the organisation produces stock feeds.

The firm planted about 12,000 hectares of wheat during the winter of 2022.

In addition, delivery of 40 000 tonnes of soybeans and maize from the previous agricultural season was made.

The company is currently engaged in a phased three-year upgrade of the Aspindale stockfeed plant, which commenced in 2022.

Lashbrok pointed out that the construction of Bulawayo’s new flour mill, which will be put into operation early next year, had also advanced.

He said the installation of the new flour mill is proceeding nicely, and it is still anticipated that it will be put into operation in March 2023.

In a recent update, National Foods said it will spend $30 million on new initiatives that would result in fewer imports of particular goods.

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Führer 2 weeks ago

Nyika inovakwa ne vene vayo!!!!!

2 weeks ago

Oscar Pambuka update Mr Pindula

cid matepatepa 2 weeks ago

Former Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) television presenter Oscar Pambuka and his two colleagues were on Wednesday convicted on charges of attempting to defraud a Harare-based transporter of R36 000.
Pambuka, Elmore Mwenye, and Ngonidzashe Mbauya, who is in the transport business, were convicted when they appeared at the Mbare Magistrates Court on Wednesday, 18 January.
Pambuka, working in cahoots with his colleagues, misrepresented to Gibson Mazhangara, who runs Gimatar Logistics, that he was Mr. Chingwena, Croco Motors director, and wanted advance money to pay for shipment of his motor spare parts in South Africa.
The trio was convicted on fraud charges.
Prosecutor Vimbai Makamure told the court that on 15 November 2022, Pambuka, who was masquerading as Croco Motors’ marketing manager and representing Mr Chingwena, called Mr Mazhangara using a South African number.
He claimed that Chingwena was engaged in a meeting and they wanted R36 000 as an advance payment for shipping spare parts from South Africa.
The court heard that Pambuka then asked Mazhangara to deposit the money into J Velem Enterprises trading as Ulphostery Trading’s FNB Bank account in South Africa.
He also told Mazhangira that he would receive the equivalent of R36 000 in United States dollars in the country.
Mazhangira became suspicious and went to confirm with Croco Motors who indicated that they had no containers of spare parts in South Africa waiting for shipment.
He then reported the matter to the police leading to the arrest of Pambuka, Mbauya and Mwenye.
Mbare magistrate Nyasha Vitorini remanded them in custody to tomorrow for sentencing. | The Herald

g 2 weeks ago

hmmm wangotora yanezuro yepindula. tikuda yanhasi sentence

g 2 weeks ago

sentence ya oscar yazonziiko

life in 2 weeks ago

prison 😭😭😭

Mr nice 2 weeks ago

it improves standard living


Sabhuku 2 weeks ago

hu**** too much paNational Foods. kunhuwa kunge pane matanga enguruve

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

Haa taura hako, too much guzuzu. Unotoshaya kuti anhu amwepo ari kufema sei

Mlindo 2 weeks ago

Ko sentence ya gunman yakazonzi kudii.

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