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National Assembly Deputy Speaker Chides MPs For "Behaving Like Drunkards"

National Assembly Deputy Speaker Chides MPs For

The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly Tsitsi Gezi on Tuesday castigated Members of Parliament across the political divide for “behaving like drunkards”.

This was after she struggled to bring the House to order for about 15 minutes during a heated argument between ZANU PF and MDC MPs on one side and CCC MPs on the other side.

The chaos was triggered by Norton MP Temba Mliswa (Independent), who had accused CCC leader Nelson Chamisa of “hypocrisy” over the US$40 000 loans given to MPs and this angered CCC MPs.

Cabinet ministers were each offered US$500 000, deputy ministers US$350 000 and MPs US$40 000 as loans by the government.

Chamisa then criticised his own MPs for accepting the US$40 000 loans and also condemned the government for its seeming misplaced priorities.

Mliswa raised a matter of national interest on the welfare of legislators, saying MPs in Zimbabwe were the least paid in the region, and then went on to attack Chamisa. He said:

I would also want leaders of other political parties, especially Advocate Chamisa, to really understand — him being a lawyer — that MPs have a contract with Parliament; not with the party when they are here. I don’t know why he gets involved.

He must not whip them (MPs) on contractual issues. He was once an MP. I expected him to stand for other MPs because he knows how we have suffered.

We don’t want such hypocrisy from any leader. Let him deal with putting out his structures at CCC while here in Parliament, we get our money.

ZANU PF and MDC Alliance legislators cheered Mliswa, but CCC MPs were displeased.

Mbizo MP Settlement Chikwinya then raised a point of order and accused Mliswa of denigrating Chamisa. Said Chikwinya:

He cannot respond for himself as he (Chamisa) does not sit in this Parliament.

Some MPs jumped over seats to get to Chikwinya and threaten him, and the commotion lasted for about 15 minutes. | NewsDay

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Ed 1 month ago

Urayanai makapusa murimastupet

Bright 1 month ago

Muliswa pane basa asi izvezvi anotowirirana na chamisa so

1 month ago

Temba is only on a fundraising mission to raise enough money to care for his harem of 34 women and 25 children

Ghetto Gladiator 1 month ago

money hungry selfish buggers

Chimhino 1 month ago

This is undevelopmental. Kugeza kupfeka masuit kunotaura nyaya ya Nero asimo mu pariament

1 month ago

Nero avaonesa moto.
His name comes up for discussion more times than ED. Guvheya, ZANU combined.

Hokoyo neYero

Tee1 1 month ago

Instead of discussing major issues that we as voters struggling busy kuita sevakarohwa nemutoriro muparliament

1 month ago

In this country noone and nothing is more important than Nelson Chamisa.

Famba Nero, Famba


Mhondoro 1 month ago

Taurai yemagetsi VaMliswa. Let ama40 000, 350 000 and 500 000 help in improving energy sector, health and education. What you are doing really shows that you are not very patriotic as you preach. Patriotic citizens are suffering, for every drug that you need at a hospital you are referred to a pharmacy, education we are paying teachers, transport we are relying on mushikashika. I think it's best if that money is used to benefit majority Zimbabweans than few mps and ministers. With fatty oozing all over their bodies,soon they will be down to us again seeking our votes, so that they eat more. GOD HELP US NOW. OUR NATIONAL CAKE IS BEING SHARED UNFAIRLY. WITH OUR IGNORANCE WE KEEP CLAPPING HANDS FOR THEM. 😭😭😭😭

Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

Musafananidze ma drunkards nezvinhu zvisina basa🤣

1 month ago


Tateguru 1 month ago

I salute Chikwinya. Why in parliament speak against someone whom you know cannot use the same platform to answer back. Also hats off to Tsitsi Gezi.

pk 1 month ago

iyewo Chamisa ngaasiyane nezvinoitika kuparliament.

MP 1 month ago

So what do you expect us to do with our US$40000. We are drinking beer like nobody's business.

I remember 1 month ago

one Edson Zvobgo saying.."half of this house members are **** ...and was asked by the house head to retract his opinion..rephrased ..Edson said...half of this house members are not fools....zvinotoda aripo achizvionera

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