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Namibian Information Minister Graduates With His 12th Degree

Namibian Information Minister Graduates With His 12th Degree

Namibian Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Peya Mushelenga, obtained his 12th academic degree on Wednesday when he graduated with a PhD in law from the University of the Western Cape, South Africa.

According to a statement issued by the South African university on Thursday, Mushelenga’s thesis, “Investigator-prosecutor collaboration: A framework for improving Namibia’s criminal justice process”, is the first of its kind in Namibia.

The thesis discusses the significance of inter-agency cooperation to determine a suitable model for that country. Said Mushelenga:

I grew up in a rural village called Oshigambo in northern Namibia, where I attended primary school, studying under trees during the day and by candlelight at night. Electricity came to my village only after independence.

The Namibian minister now has 12 university degrees under his belt including two PhDs.

The statement further said that during his recent doctoral studies, Mushelenga had to switch supervisors, but he overcame the challenge. He said:

I proceeded with a new supervisor. I further had other demanding responsibilities as a family man, pro-bono lecturer at the University of Namibia, Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister.

Against all odds, I remained determined to complete my studies. With God being gracious to me, I sailed through and completed my second PhD.

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mzukuru 2 months ago

at Maravaza yes its true ppl are diversify in carreers ie from law to politics

f u see politics in africa it is one of the best avenue one may persue to safeguard their business

as a politician they are numerous gvnmnt benefits and free services to you

they import cars free duty ,f they have free duty automatically all their imports for business ,farms,industrial raw materisls u are bound to b duty free

lets say u are an enginner who is in engineering business you have raw materials in China which will drain you on duty what hinders u from chiping in on the free duty priviledge

u want land for commercial business u think t will take you a month to secure one ?

Maravaza 2 months ago

Most people abuse their education by pursuing an irrelevant career like politics. I have seen engineers, lawyers and other fundis like doctors becoming politicians. Like this minister, he can make big if he leaves politics.

I was in pumura 2 months ago

Ecclesiastes 12:12 CSB
But beyond these, my son, be warned: there is no end to the making of many books, and much study wearies the body.

Sean 2 months ago

Asi zvava zveshungu kahi minister

muntu lite 2 months ago

@muntu high profile in goZ mostly study with ZOU coz its a state institute which is the cheapest among other varsities

secondly ZOU as a gvnmnt varsity will be fighting for a name tag like we are a good tertiary board we enrolled the prominent figures like Dr etc who are serving in th government

3rd they is an arrangement for free educational benefits to high profiles in th gvnment while the deal which ZOU was assighned to do the educational contract
4th ZOU had no learning class for one on one its a distance learning board u get tutorials online and submit online
5rd reason is ZOU had lectures/markers from gvnmnt ie in Nursing science the tutors who are there are government medical doctors who serve on public hospitals

muntu 2 months ago

here in zim gvt officials study with zou. why zou????


Teacher 2 months ago

Kkkkkk 12 degrees my Jesus

inini 2 months ago

musarwadziwe naminister pliz.venyu variko wani ana chinoz

zim lite 2 months ago

congratulation minister my question is why Pindula not give th real title like DRremember he had 2 PHDs under his name

secondky why th minister is having 2 Phd and 12 degrees why cant he jus reseach further to be a SIR

whats hinders him to go for further thesis

i now doubt his intelligence haasi madegree aana Mugabe here ayo ekungopihwa

Zim 3 months ago

Here in Zimba you need to be a comrade and you qualify to be a minister

MuPfungwe Chaiye 2 months ago


Jah prazah 2 months ago


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