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Mzembi: We're Back To 2009 GNU When Biti Paid Us All $100

Mzembi: We're Back To 2009 GNU When Biti Paid Us All $100

Exiled former Tourism and Hospitality Minister, Dr Walter Mzembi, has said Zimbabwe is back to the 2009 Government of National Unity (GNU) era when then Finance and Economic Development Minister, Tendai Biti, paid all civil servants US$100 as hyperinflation wreaked havoc.

He speaks as described as the incumbent Finance Minister, Professor Mthuli Ncube, recently announced monetary benefits for government workers.

Ncube announced a 20 per cent increase in the Zimbabwe Dollar salary component backdated to 1 January 2022 and a USD100, per month in the hard currency for every civil servant with effect from the 1st of March 2022.

He also said this will be done through the conversion of a corresponding Zimbabwe dollar salary amount into hard currency, bringing the foreign currency amount to USD175. 

Ncube made the announcement amid protests by civil servants who are demanding that the government restore their 2018 salaries when they earned about US$540.

In response to the announcement, Mzembi said the development was unacceptable. Pindula News presents Mzembi’s response:

Back to January 2009 GNU when we were all paid $100 by @BitiTendai , at least it worked. The cost of learning Government by @MthuliNcube has disrupted lives for four years, this is unacceptable. Learning expensively on the job to the detriment of lives!

The industrial actions that have been recurrent in the past two years come when the government claims that it has been making surpasses which it says was channelled towards social amenities and infrastructure development.

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Jinn 3 months ago

Anorwara uyo,he's suffering from a disease called Post-power syndrome a condition that afflicts individuals who believe they have power or status in society long after they have left their positions of power.

Bounty Hunter 3 months ago

The problem is all ma ex minister or ex president munozoziva zvekuita kana masiya basa saka hapana kwatiri kuenda eg Mugabe did the same

Vybz Kartel 3 months ago

Mzembi iwewe wakaba ma tv e 2010 world cup ukaisa Kuma lodge ako

Gono chirandu 3 months ago


Executioner 3 months ago

Welcome back 2009 we greet you

bounty hunter 3 months ago

I welcome yu all sponono ( fake) & sponono ( original)

Bright 3 months ago

Yaa mataura chokwadi henyu vamuzembi bt imi pamaiva pabasa ndozvazviri zvingori Saka haaa musanyanye kudzikisa gejo henyu bcz makabva nako uku


Vladimir 3 months ago

problem we have also is these ex ministers who only see how rotten the government is once their own system has spit them out

Survival 3 months ago

You dnt experiment wth pple's livehoods families are suffering and kids' futures are being roasted by this Mthuli guy...

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