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Mzembi Urges Government To Bring Back Executive Mayors

Mzembi Urges Government To Bring Back Executive Mayors

Exiled former Foreign Affairs minister Walter Mzembi has urged the Government to bring back executive mayors to address service delivery failures across the country.

Mzembi was responding to a video of uncollected rubbish in Mbare shared on Twitter by former Minister of Energy and Power Development, Fortune Chasi.

Chasi had blamed the Harare City Council for the uncollected garbage at Mbare’s produce market.

But Mzembi argued that interference in the affairs of local authorities by the Minister of Local Government and Public Works has negatively affected service delivery. He said:

(The) Harare mayor, after republic President Emmerson Mnangagwa, is the second most powerful measurable public service deployment.

Its budget is equivalent to 50% of all ministries combined. It has suffered from interference and lack of vision, Chasi.

Bring back an executive mayor, who is protected from the ministry of local government politics and interference, for functionality and supervision of Town House bureaucracy.

His authority should be checkmated by elected councillors only, not politicians!

Executive mayors must be a direct appointment or elected into office by bona fide ratepayers after satisfying them with their vision and suitability for office through an evaluated Statement of Policy Intent & Management of the City.

If we do not reassert the role and power of ratepayers, cities will continue to be blackmailed by our toxic politics, where the central government under ZANU PF and local authorities under opposition turn them into turf and political battlegrounds!

The Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo has been accused of meddling with the running of affairs at Harare Town House.

Moyo has suspended two mayors in succession (Herbert Gomba and Jacob Mafume) and imposed one Steward Mutizwa.

Last week, Moyo also nullified the election of CCC councillor Enock Mupamawonde as Harare mayor and reimposed Mutizwa.

In recent years, the central Government has interfered with several local authorities among them Harare, Chitungwiza, Bulawayo, Victoria Falls, Gweru, Kariba and Kwekwe.


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Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

A video circulated of a female councillor bemoaning the lack of prioritization by Harare city fathers and mothers. 60 people form the city were supposed to go to the Trade fair when the city can hardly supply clean water and collect refuse. She acknowledged that the city fathers were to blame for that mess.
Zanupf has its own faults but that cannot exonerate the extravagant spending by city fathers on issues that do not improve service delivery.
Executive mayor in this economy is total madness. If council cannot provide services due to lack of financial resources how will it pay an executive mayor??

Zim 1 3 weeks ago

Zim was romunhu Mzemni

THE FIEND 3 weeks ago

He @Mzembi has spoken a very valuable point. Why do rate payers suffer because of greedy politicians?Not all of us are politicians,therefore we must not be affected! Also note that we have visitors coming in from different parts of the world. ZANU pf and CCC we are tired of your silly politics

🤔🤔 3 weeks ago

☝️ ok komuredhi Noted but why can't you just come home and show us since you are part of the problem thanks ☝️

MUST-READ 3 weeks ago


Voterai Chamisa, voterai CCC

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