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Mysterious Nyanga Fires Becoming More Vicious

Mysterious Nyanga Fires Becoming More Vicious

The bizarre occurrences at the home of a Nyanga family continue unabated with the latest incident happening last week on Sunday.

It’s no longer a novel phenomenon for Gogo Nyikayaramba and her grandchildren to find their food eaten by unseen beings and the plates or pots filled with soil.

On more than three occasions, they have also woken up to find their property up in flames.

Last month a mysterious fire destroyed two huts at the homestead and destroyed property and foodstuffs.

Three juveniles who are in Grades Six, One and Early Child Education (ECD) have had to drop out of school after losing their clothes in the fires.

Meanwhile, a Nyanga exorcist, Sekuru Shingirai Mukotsanjera, is trying to put to an end the mysterious happenings at Gogo Nyikayaramba’s home.

Acting Chief Saunyama on Tuesday confirmed the latest incident to The Manica Post that happened at the Nyikayaramba homestead in Ward 14 of Kute Village. He said:

The fires are more vicious than ever. Another hut was razed down last Sunday. Gogo Nyikayaramba’s property was destroyed in that fire.

The Nyikayaramba family is going through trying times. They don’t know what to do.

We advised them to meet Sekuru Mukotsanjera for the best way forward.

This is severely traumatising the kids and their health is failing.

Villagers are also perplexed. We hope to find a lasting solution soon.

Speaking in an interview with the publication, Sekuru Mukotsanjera said the family is being terrorised by goblins or avenging spirits and if nothing is done soon, there will be death in the family. He said:

On December 17 when the case is heard at the chief’s court, I will try to ensure that one of the children manifests before everyone so that everything comes out clear.

These are goblins or avenging spirits at play. They are so vicious and if nothing is done in the immediate future, deaths will be recorded in the family.

It is sad that within a month, more than three huts have been razed down by fire.

I will also make sure that whatever it is will not torment the kids again. This is affecting their lives and education.

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### 5 months ago

Ummmm zvinorwadza asi mwari pindirai

### 5 months ago

Ummmm may be vakabata bcz zera revana vavari kugara navo vacho ko vabereki vavo varipi

Gogodera 5 months ago

Gogo ngavataure zvavakabata

# Dambanjera on call 5 months ago

We don't deny that this may be some spiritual forces (goblins or avenging powers) in operation but the with this generation is not the situation but the solution we chose , this mukotsanjera guy won't solve anything but just worsen things for the next generation of that family ,it's like adding petrol on fire ,ladies n gentleman its time to turn to He who had a name above all those principalities ,JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH. Prophet on call signing out Shalom.

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