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'Mwonzora Should Join ZANU PF To Save His Political Career'

'Mwonzora Should Join ZANU PF To Save His Political Career'

Political analysts say MDC Alliance leader Douglas Mwonzora should consider joining ZANU PF if he is to save his political career.

This comes after MDC Alliance lost all the vacant seats it had won in 2018 to the newly formed Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) and ZANU PF in Saturday’s by-elections.

There were 28 parliamentary and over 100 local authority vacant seats that were contested in the 26 March by-elections, with the majority won by CCC.

Political analyst Mkhululi Tshuma told CITE that the MDC built by Morgan Tsvangirai is no more and its current leader, Mwonzora, should join ZANU PF to prolong his political career. Said Tshuma:

There is no hope at all for Mwonzora and his MDC as far as politics is concerned. The man is done.

It’s unfortunate that the iconic MDC with all its derivatives, the party which Morgan Tsvangirai laboured so hard to build, is finished.

The guy played with the hearts and minds of the people hiding behind a dubious Supreme Court ruling.

However, the Supreme Court of public opinion has issued its verdict and it’s not good for Mwonzora.

He is finished and along with him will die the political lives of those who followed him to the grave.

Mwonzora has one choice, to join ZANU PF and be part of the gravy train. From what I have seen with the Khupe U-turn, people are not going to easily forgive him.

He is totally done for now. He just has a small chance in ZANU PF. Let him grab it.

Another political analyst, Vusumuzi Chirwa, also told CITE that the MDC and all its derivatives are now history.

He advised Mwonzora to join ZANU PF and beg to be appointed as Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Afghanistan. Said Chirwa:

Douglas Mwonzora’s political career was intertwined with that of MDC-T when he pressed the MDC-T cum MDC Alliance auto-destruction button, sadly he wasn’t aware of that.

It’s being naive to talk about his political career, instead, we should be reading his political epitaph.

March 26 was the burial day of the politically decomposed stinking bodies of both Mwonzora and his MDC party’s acronyms.

On March 26 the electorate became Douglas Mwonzora’s political undertakers lowering his coffin 600 feet. May his political soul rest in peace.

Now the best option available for the politically dead Douglas Mwonzora is to become a political ghost so he can be appointed a commissioner like Obert Gutu or plead to be appointed an ambassador in Afghanistan.

Speaking during a press conference in Harare on Monday, Mwonzora said he will make a comeback from the electoral loss, saying they got their strategy wrong in the by-elections.

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