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Mwonzora Reverses Recall Of Two Manyame RDC Councillors

Mwonzora Reverses Recall Of Two Manyame RDC Councillors

The Douglas Mwonzora-led MDC-T has reversed the recall of its two councillors in the Manyame Rural District Council (RDC).

MDC-T has since requested the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to call off by-elections in the two wards that had been set for September.

The two councillors are Blessing Tangwara-Werd and Cly Tichana Munhunepi.

In a letter to Manyame RDC, Local Government Minister July Moyo said there were no longer any vacancies in wards 1 and 8. The letter read in part:

Following my communication to your office notifying you of the suspension of the below-listed councillors, kindly be advised that I have further received communication from the party rescinding the suspensions.

Be hereby advised that the positions of these councillors remain unchanged as instructed by the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) party. Your co-operation is appreciated.

ZEC confirmed on Wednesday that it had cancelled by-elections for the two wards after the rescission of the recall of the incumbents by their sponsoring party. ZEC said in a statement:

It is further notified that the advertised vacancies for Manyame Rural District Council Wards 1 and 8 are no longer in existence following the rescission of the recall of the incumbents by their sponsoring party.

Accordingly, the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission advises that all electoral processes in relation to the advertised by-elections have been cancelled with immediate effect.

Mwonzora has recalled scores of councillors since 2020 but failed to regain a single ward in the 26 March by-elections and subsequent by-elections.

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dispenser 1 month ago

yu realized yu don't win anything .get away bharanzi

Tozivepiko 1 month ago

Mwonzora's party is able to recall councillors and members of Parliament but fortunately unable to win seats in both the local govt areas and the national assembly. Go on Mzonzora the Zanu-Pf puppets.

xxx 1 month ago

Mwonzora has nothing btwn his ears. I wonder how he thought things wil play out paakatanga musindo.

Mwana waMambo 1 month ago

Mwonzora, tsaga, kuwetera mundiro yaunodyira. Zvino wava kutitaridza chiso chakasuwa woda kuti tidii? Gara kuzanu vanyatso kushandisa vokusiya wava dzoto

ma1 1 month ago

Makorokoto Simoti mahwina

Zvazvanga zvingori 1 month ago

Simboti matuvhira kupunguruza,kutonhora chaiko pashimanyika,ndaenda ine

Mafirakureva 1 month ago

could this be Doug's aha! moment?
chess boards politics amidst the Afrikan jungle!


Tsindi 1 month ago

Wazvionaka Mwonzora kuti paingoitwa ma by-election iwayo CCC yanga ichiatora wakatemba. Dai ma Councillor iwayo vakabuda muchi party chaMwonzora kuti paitwe by elections CCC iwedzere ma Councillors.

moto 1 month ago

mwonzora yatove ndege kkkkk

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