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Mwonzora Responds To Claims By UK MP That MDC Is A ZANU PF Project

Mwonzora Responds To Claims By UK MP That MDC Is A ZANU PF Project

Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) president, Senator Douglas Mwonzora, has said the opposition party is disturbed by accusations by British MP, Lord Jonathan Oates, that his political outfit was a ZANU PF project.

Addressing journalists at a Press conference on Friday Mwonzora said:

We are perturbed as the MDC by the statement that was given in the House of Lords by Lord Oates, as he uttered something to the effect that MDC-T is sponsored by ZANU PF. That statement is false and we condemn it because the lord did not do his research.

We are going to write a letter to the Liberal party to correct what they have done. The MDC is an independent party with a clear vision of its own. The fact that we have chosen the politics of not being unnecessarily confrontational does not mean we are an appendage of ZANU PF, we are an independent party.

Mwonzora said his party was financed by public funds that finance political parties.

He also confirmed that the party was going for congress at the end of June adding that only nominated candidates would contest.

The December congress which propelled him to the party’s presidency was characterised by violence and chaos following reports of rigging

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Simbaz 1 month ago

Next yr Dhagi will be nothing. He will receive zero councilors and zero MPs. We will find out how his party will be funded.

Eldon 6 days ago

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Evil Servant 1 month ago

Nyangwe zvidii I will never forget how Mwonzora betrayed me as a voter. I had sleepless nights & lost weight coz of this man as he raided Harvest House accompanied by the Army. I shivered as the captured Judiciary clandestinely declared Nelson as illegitimate leader of the MDC alliance. To make my life worse Ziyambi will-o-the-wisp took the funds meant for Chamisa and gave them to you Doug. It didn't end there you Doug went on to recall the MP and councilor I knowingly and freely voted for. Then to add salt to injury u Doug took our name and said it's yours. Doug Mwari kana variko and I believe He is there dayi vakasakutora izvezvi vambokuchengeta I want to see where,what,how you will be after May 2023

Cable Guy 1 month ago

Well said sir

The Champion Of Truth 1 month ago

#Yellow Nation


The Champion Of Truth 1 month ago

Mwonzora politics is not your field just stop embarrasing yoself and quit and try something else like farming

Da Truth 1 month ago

Khupe humbled himself and joined the group Yellow 💛 🤔 why is 🐕 Dog Las Nzondora so arrogant .Anei munhu uyu chirikumupa kudaro chiii ?

The Chamion Of Truth 1 month ago

kkk himself here kkkk apa khupe is female kkk ndazofara hanq

Good 1 month ago

It's wise kuti mwonzora uzvirereke KUMKOMANA CHAMISA wokumbira ruregerero uchitaura zvose zvawakafurirwa neZANU PF wobva wapfidza nezveZANU yako iyi😀😀😀😀😀😀

Asalif 1 month ago

this guy is insane nowhere to make his noise now he is in Britain how many thousands of miles away it was the embassy it was better , it was me I would have resigned when Chamisa formed another party because ndaizoita squabble nani . neZanu pf kuriko kwandodya Komichi uriko here uko DIRA HAKO RIZARE 🥃🍾

Gafa 1 month ago

Mwonzora chitofara kuti wabairirwa muZanu ivo veZanu vasingakudi mutengesi anodiwa nani.

Dzedzi 1 month ago

Dog-iraz bonyora

The Champion Of Truth 1 month ago

Kkkkkkkkk haaa kkkkk can't stop laughing

godobori 1 month ago

zvipiko uri chi puppet iwe

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Advocate Douglas Mwonzora should not blame Lord Oates on his utterances that MDC T is a ZANU PF project. He created that picture himself. Firstly, Advocate Douglas Mwonzora took over MDC ALLIANCE, now CCC Party, Tsvangirei House in the middle of the night with the assistance of Police and Army. Secondly, Advocate Douglas Mwonzora teamed up with ZANU PF in Parliament to amend setions of the constitution. Thirdly, he recalled MDC ALLIANCE members of parliament as if they were a nuisance. Fourthly, Advocate Douglas Mwonzora always lambasted CCC Party at his rallies instead of attacking ZANU PF which is in power. Fifthly, Advocate Douglas Mwonzora is the only opposition leader who was allowed to visit State House out of over 20 political parties in the country. Leave Lord Oates alone. You created the belief.


Dr Hercules 1 month ago

People should forget about Mwonzora and focus on real politicians,even amateur politicians like Masarira can do much better .The reason why Zimbabweans rejected Mwonzora is because they realised what he is.One who pretends to oppose in return for favours.Even Abel Mzorewa was much better than this oke.Mwonzora should ask for a job as an Ambassador for his effort in trying to destroy the biggest opposition party in Zimbabwe or join Obert Guru as a commissioner or something..He LL go down in history as the biggest moomish of all time.

Da Truth 1 month ago

Doggy Nzondora is a political dinosaur trying to fit in Zimbabwe present moment.His clouded mysterious ways of doing political affairs in modern day politics is barbaric.He must know when to hang the boots .He will go in history as the public enemy number 1.He talks a lot but nothing materialize from his so called supporters .Who are his supporters those who disappear during voting times only to appear during rallies kkkk.Rest in pieces 🐕 Nzondora.

Observer 1 month ago

Mwonzora has a good brain... one that has never been used. 😂😂😂😂😂

The King of Serpents 1 month ago


aaaa 1 month ago

Dira rizare hko 🥃🍾 Douglas haachaziwe paamire chaipo

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

PAMBERI NE ZANU PF zvenyu zvekuchemera nezva nzondora ndezvekwenyu izvo

Tang. Ku 1 month ago

Heheeeeeede huuuri mwonzora zvavharana izvi

Yebo yellow 1 month ago

Mwonzora a puppet of zanu pf, come 2023 he will be dead for good.

Yebo yellow 1 month ago

Mwonzora a puppet of zanu pf, come 2023 he will be dead for good.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Senator Douglas Mwonzora is politically illiterate.
1. Lord Oates is not an MP. In the UK only those in The House of Commons are MPs. Lord Oates is a member of The House of Lords, the equivalent of our Senate.
2. Unlike our Senate however, The British House of Lords is non-partisan. Lords are nominated (for life) by successive governments and civic organisations for services rendered to the nation, not for party political affiliations.
3. Mwonzora surprisingly talks of progressive independent agenda, which I find really laughable. He is on record as supporting deferment of elections, yet MDC-T has never won any constituency. The MPs he boasts of are an inheritance from MDC Alliance, courtesy of ZANU and captured Supreme Court.
4. He is a proponent of GNU, using borrowed robes so to speak, when he has no single MP voted for MDC-T. So a GNU with Mwonzora Mwonzora only and not any voters.
5. It is a tired joke that he says his party is financed by public donations. in reality everyone knows MDC-T doesn't qualify for Political Parties financing because it never was elected into parliament.

What more research is required of Lord Oates?

Nzvonyora vharazipi, your brain is showing.

VYBZ KARTEL 1 month ago

mwonzora once said even Lionel messy can miss a penalty was linking his dismally flwed 26March by election outcome
mr mwonzoro i think better for you to quit politics u dnt have a single representive in parliament recently your broth ED got 1/8 percent which means its 12% if it was Zimsec score ranking its a U
zvegwazh zvaramba handei tinochera mbeva,coz tikati handei tinorima takunyeberai kurima is a skill which needs schooling



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