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'Mwonzora MPs Were Doing ZANU PF's Bidding In Parliament'

'Mwonzora MPs Were Doing ZANU PF's Bidding In Parliament'

Binga North MP, Prince Dubeko Sibanda (CCC), says Parliament will now provide real oversight over Government departments following the election of nineteen (19) legislators from the opposition party.

Dubeko Sibanda claimed that Parliament had become a place of gentlemen’s agreement between ZANU PF and MDC-T after Douglas Mwonzora recalled dozens of MDC Alliance MPs.

Since the recalls started in 2020, the remaining MDC Alliance MPs have voted together with ZANU PF to approve Constitution Amendment Bill No.1 and Constitution Amendment Bill No.2.

Speaking in a recent interview with OpenParly, Dubeko Sibanda said CCC MPs will hold the Government to account and ensure that things are done the proper way. He said:

People were having challenges with oversight, over government departments in our communities. For example, if any government department was not doing things in a manner that they are supposed to be done people had nobody to resort to, but now with the MPs back it is easy to say to a government depart why are you not doing things in the proper way it is supposed to be done.

So, oversight is going to be seen again, representativeness is going to happen again. We know that Parliament had virtually become a circus immediately after the recalls to an extent that it had become a place of gentlemen’s agreement where ZANU PF and the other party were all agreeing and moving together without considering the will of the people.

So, we believe that now ZANU PF and its government are going to be made to be accountable because representatives of the people are back.

Sibanda garnered 10 130 votes, defeating Kudakwashe Mavula Munsaka of ZANU-PF who came second with 7 971 votes in the 26 March by-elections.

More: OpenParly

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Chawabvunza 1 month ago

The 19 CCC members of Parliament are going to jumpstart debate in parliament which had vanished. I do agree that 19 parliantarians can not bring complete change, they can influence those in the majority to change course. Complete change is on its way and is arriving at Harmonised Elections. Parliament has now Cdes Chinotimba, Nduna, Biti, Chikwimya and Duveko SIBANDA who are good at debating. These guys will keep parliament debates lively. Citizens want to listen and watch lively debates.

Moyondizvo 1 month ago

The sole reason Mwonzora and cabal are so much siding with ZANU PF is they want elections to be postponed so that they continue to benefit from crumbs that fall off the ZANU dining table.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

19 against VS 191 and one dreams of making real change kkkkk what a joke. What they need is majority in parliament. Councils that have opposition majority have failed dismally because the people that have been voted there have no clue what council business is.
We have MPs who are busy in road construction instead of focusing on legislation in parliament.

Maparamuro 1 month ago

We know these councillors we live with them in our communities, we drink in the same beer outlets. The excuse of central gvt interference is too cheap. Former Mayor's of Harare have all decried the callibre of the people voted as councillors, they can hardly read and write, same applies to the majority of parliamentarians. These people cannot participate meaningfully on technical issues there all they do is rubbers tamp what comes from the executives.

VanaChinotimba are there to add numbers not value of debate.
One former Harare mayor even said the councillors get paid to pass some council decisions ad we can't blame the local gvt minister for that.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Councils have failed because of meddling by successive ZANU Local Government Ministers, namely Chombo Kasukuwere and latterly July Moyo.


JARAVAZA 1 month ago

2/3 yemapenzi. Hapana zviripo. Horo dzega dzega idzo. Ukanzwa kuti pane zanu wotoziva kuti mbavha nemhondi mahwindi zvapindira. Starting from your leader

chahototo 1 month ago

oversight ipi isu tine 2/3 majority

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Your ⅔ majority is coming to an end soon. 2023 Yellow Brigade

putin 1 month ago


Phidza 1 month ago

Vasivanda ava vanyanya kukura musoro gore raichatsengwa tripple nhingi iyi kkkk vachazvisungirira

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