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Mwonzora-led MDC Alliance Won't Contest In Any By-election

Mwonzora-led MDC Alliance Won't Contest In Any By-election

The opposition MDC Alliance led by Senator Douglas Mwonzora has resolved not to contest any by-elections saying it would only contest the 2023 general elections.

MDC Alliance which failed to register a single win in the just ended by-elections has not fielded a candidate for the Masvingo West, ward 21, by-election set for June 25.

The seat fell vacant following the death of ZANU PF councillor Tinago Mupinga on March 24.

The three candidates nominated for the June 25 by-elections are ZANU PF’s Chenjerai Mumbire, Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)‘s Onias Mawarire and Sister Nhando, an independent candidate.

Zimbabwe Electoral Commission(ZEC) chief elections officer Utoile Silaigwana confirmed the by-election.

Political analysts told NewsDay that Mwonzora’s party was avoiding further embarrassment.

Political analyst Rejoice Ngwenya said:

If they are going by empirical evidence of past performance, their instinct is that they are not fielding until they get their numbers correct. But that is the wrong strategy because if you don’t contest then you are exposing your weaknesses.

Another political analyst Effie Ncube echoed Ngwenya’s sentiments saying MDC Alliance was no match to the Nelson Chamisa-led CCC party adding that people opposed to the ruling ZANU PF had moved from MDC to CCC.  

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Zvazvanga zvingori 1 month ago

Enda unobhadhara chikwereti chedoro kuMonte Cassino Bar Simboti

Anony 1 month ago

ndaizviita hangu ndaona vanhu varipa ground ndaisvika ndot nhasi handisi kuda bhora

Advocate 1 month ago

2023 yacho ukumbocontesterei hako...only to join POLAD as losing candidates

Jonah Muriko 1 month ago

Rest in silence 0 Mwonzora

Chibabababa 1 month ago

VaChenjerai Mumbire pfee

Mkanya 1 month ago

Douglas zero mwonzora


Mkanya 1 month ago

Kkkkk yu are afraid of getting more zero

Ginious 1 month ago

arikunzi Onias Mawararire uyu anoita nezvei?

Zuze 1 month ago

Mawarire is Your next Masvingo West MP

1 month ago

Dr Her 1 month ago

Good move indeed by Mwonzora to avoid getting zeros

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

Advocate Douglas Mwonzora should not continue embarrassing himself by continuing contesting in byelections where he has failed continuosly. He has decided to bury himself at the Harmonised Elections. At the Harmonised Elections MDC ALLIANCE/T will not win a single seat. Citizens shall wish him, "Rest In Peace".




ABSA 1 month ago

Zanupf inokuitisa,gara warega futi na 2023wacho

Gafa 1 month ago

kkkkkk Mwonzora do you exist anyway

Chimboti Pizza 1 month ago

Ngaapinde zvake Mawarire
vote CCC for change

Taps mugande 1 month ago

Kkkkkkkk Mwonzora akuita semunhu asina kudzidza kkkkkest ngachingosiya.

Me 1 month ago

it costs USD 1.50 from Glenview to Msasa
it cost a USD$1.00 from town to Msasa
$2.50 to work and $2.50 from work to home = $5.00.
$5 a day times 6 days a week = $30/per week
A month has 4 weeks = $120 for transport only
Salary is🥜 $100 USD + 🥜Rtgs 25000
Rtgs 25000 ÷ by rate 450 = USD55 so our salary is USD$ 155 altogether
$155 - $120 transport = USD $35😭😭😭
pa$35 ipapo ndipo pachabva $40 yerent, ndipo pachabva $$40 yemwana wechikoro, ndipo pachabva $40 yegrocery, ndipo pachabvazve yekuterera magetsi $10, yekanzuru yemvura $5 Saka tiri kurarama tiri paminus - or more. imagine. something must be done. if not so uuuuuimmmm😭😭😭😭😭😭


*Ngaapinde Hake Mukomana*

deroy 1 month ago

@me jus move and be a tenant in Mabvuku u will save 75usd asbtransport costs

dispenser 1 month ago

to contest or not is the same ,bcz yu don't win even a single constituency

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Admission of guilt.
Ingobuda pachena Nzvonyora kuti danga harina mombe. If you insist on parading your nudity in 2023, then rest assured you will be buried with ignominy. Only a few days ago did some high-ranking MDC-T office holder confide in me that they will be retiring from politics ahead of 2023.

Nzvonyora take heed and bow out gracefully

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 month ago

Onias Mawarire ngaapinde hake Masvingo lets clean up this mess we are now tired hungry angry stressed of the situation in this country...

Rekyi-maunze 1 month ago

Ngaapi nde-mukoma na

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