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Mwonzora Fired Himself From MDC-T - Khupe

Mwonzora Fired Himself From MDC-T - Khupe

MDC-T vice president Thokozani Khupe said Douglas Mwonzora is no longer party president and therefore has no authority to suspend anyone from the opposition party.

This comes after the MDC-T suspended Khupe together with her loyalist and former party spokesperson Khaliphani Phugeni for taking party matters to court.

In a statement on Thursday, MDC-T spokesperson Witness Dube, who previously served as Khupe’s spokesperson before defecting to a faction led by Mwonzora, announced her suspension.

But speaking through her spokesperson Ntando Ndlovu soon after her suspension was announced, Khupe declared it (her suspension), null and void.

Ndlovu said Mwonzora had fired himself from the opposition party after he stated that he will contest the upcoming by-elections using the MDC Alliance name. Said Ndlovu:

I must point out that as far as we are concerned Douglas Mwonzora does not have any authority to fire anyone from the party because as far as we are concerned, he is not the party’s president.

According to our party constitution, if a party member joins or supports another political party, he or she automatically fires himself or herself from the party.

Douglas Mwonzora wrote a letter to ZEC stating that MDC-T will contest the upcoming by-elections using the MDC Alliance name so he automatically fired himself from the party.

You will recall that we were recalling people from Parliament based on that particular section 5.10.(a) when they insisted that they are MDC Alliance.

So, when Douglas Mwonzora is saying he is MDC Alliance it means that he has fired himself from the party in terms of our party constitution.

Ndlovu said Khupe is now in charge of the MDC-T in terms of the party constitution and on Friday (today), she will address a media briefing outlining the party’s position to the country and members of the party. Ndlovu said:

Dr Khupe is firmly in charge of the party in terms of the constitution.

She is the remaining vice president of the party and she will exercise the functions of the president in the absence of Douglas Mwonzora who fired himself from the party.

The rank and file of the MDC-T are not confused; they are clear on what is going to happen going forward.

Suffice to say that the standing committee which took those irrational decisions are an illegitimate structure that are just a gang of friends who have no legal standing.

Therefore, the decisions that they take are rendered null and void.

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