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Mwonzora Dismisses Claims That MDC-T's Nomination Process Was Unprocedural

Mwonzora Dismisses Claims That MDC-T's Nomination Process Was Unprocedural

MDC-T President Douglas Mwonzora has dismissed claims that the party carried out a dubious nomination process ahead of the upcoming congress.  

Speaking during a press conference held at the party headquarters after the party secretary for programs and business Norest Marara raised alarm about the nomination, Mwonzora said the process was done in a transparent manner.

Marara declared his interest to run for the party’s top position challenging the incumbent Douglas Mwonzora.

However, Mwonzora claimed no one contested his position.

Marara insists that due process was not followed and therefore approached the court.

Speaking during the press conference Mwonzora said his party was leading by example as far as internal democracy is concerned. Open Parly quotes him as saying:

We have done our nominations in a transparent and robust way.

The MDC is an example of a thriving internal democracy, every position was up for grabs and everybody who wanted any position was free to contest it.

And people did canvas support for the position that they wanted.

Congress is preceded by the nomination process and the nomination process is preceded by setting of the rules governing the internal processes.

Before Congress, we develop rules for the elections these rules are developed by the elections directorate and then presented by the National Council.

Mwonzora said he was glad that Marara took the matter to the High Court where it was dismissed as being not urgent. He said:

We are very happy that Mr Marara took his case to court where people who are not us presided over it.

He added that no one was stopped from contesting the elections saying he was clear that his position was up for grabs and, “I am the only opposition leader who dares to do that.”

Marara is one of the MDC-T candidates who lost in the 26 March by-elections. He is said to have openly told the executive in one meeting that the party performed dismally because Mwonzora was not sellable to the people.

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Vesto 1 month ago

This is the works of malcontents like Mr Marara a.k.a rubbish want to damage the good name of the honorable senator Douglas Togarasei Mwonzora and tarnish the good name of the MDC at large. This is clear the works of the old people's home and that young man who is always on Twitter. No amount of lies Mr Marara will churn out will ever stop our supreme leader the people's champion from winning the next election. Vote MDC 🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️

1 month ago

Vote for MDC yaChamisa
paMazoe ipapo ☝️☝️☝️☝️

,,,, dott 1 month ago

Vote zanu PF 4 a real change, development & world class economy é

1 month ago

Change kuZANU?
World class economy- asi kunge Somalia isina chinhu?

madhôdhí chaiwo

1 month ago

I think some people need their heads t****ughly examined How can sane people fight for positions in a party like MDC? Kurwira nyama yakawora? Tipeiwo maserious guys

Crocodile 1 month ago

@,,,,dott Aah hawunyari here vote Zanu pf for real change and development ipi yacho yekushaya magetsi here asi vamwe vanhu so kusanyara

calisto 1 month ago

ndokwakee mwonzora , , ndookwaanohwinhaa chete

Gb 1 month ago

Vesto, Vesto Norest Marara wakazova murume zvarini, ndiye akarambidzwa negandanga Nzonyora kuti haundi contest Vasati votonga mbwai idzivhadzichatodi vanodzikwikwidza kuzoti vakawana mukanwa pakaipa
pasi naNzvonyora, pasi naChamisa mavakutorema musati moyonga imbwa dzavanhu

patriot 1 month ago

Mwonzora ndewe Zanu uyo ndokusaka asingaisvoropodze achinanga Chamisa everytime paanotaura.


Gb 1 month ago

Chamisa mwana waMwonzora musada kuti pomera shavi iro
Hatina ukama navo isu ve zanu pf

Vesto 1 month ago

I find it ridiculous that Nzvonyora Vharazipi crows about democracy when one of the founding fathers of the MDC. Engineer Elias Mudzuri has come out with guns blazing criticising the process which terminated in Nzvonyora Vharazipi being anointed as the MDC-T President.

He spoke about Marara's case being declared as not urgent by the court. But what he conveniently dribbles past is that the case is still pending, but not as an urgent matter.

Secondly Nzvonyora Vharazipi is mum about criticism from Engineer Mudzuri, who described the election as undemocratic. Nzvonyora Vharazipi may crow about democratic election but just like His Master in ZANU, it wasn't an election, but an anointing by a clique calling itself the NEC, which does not take away the membership responsibility for electing the leadership.

He wasn't elected. He was anointed. He was imposed on the membership by a clique of his subordinates. Why was Marara disqualified? Why was Mudzuri not considered when it was abundantly clear that he had expressed his desire for the presidency?

Nzvonyora, vharazipi. Your brain is showing

CCC4ED 1 month ago

Real Change is coming Vote Cde ED for President come 2023.

The only one 1 month ago

**** you mwonzora

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