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Mwonzora Demands Praise For Meeting Mnangagwa

Mwonzora Demands Praise For Meeting Mnangagwa

MDC-T president Douglas Mwonzora said Zimbabweans should praise him for meeting President Emmerson Mnangagwa at State House, claiming other opposition leaders mock him on social media platforms but are afraid of meeting him face to face.

Mwonzora has met Mnangagwa twice at State House since he was controversially elected leader of the MDC-T in December 2020.

He made the remarks on Saturday while addressing MDC-T supporters at Pelendaba Hall in Bulawayo. Said Mwonzora:

When I left the State House many accused me of being a sell-out, but I said no I didn’t.

But the problem is that you are scared of Mnangagwa, you only resort to insulting him on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp where he can’t see you.

But for myself, I went to see him face to face. I am never afraid, so I should be praised for that.

Mwonzora told his supporters that dialogue with ZANU PF was the only route towards solving the country’s chronic socio-economic crisis.

He also expressed regret over the party’s recent split, saying there was nothing that he could have done to prevent it. Said Mwonzora:

It’s never something that we wanted, we wanted a united party, but as the president what could I have done? So, I am sorry that this had to happen.

But what consoled me is that Bulawayo province wrote a letter saying they were not in agreement with what had happened.

They said they didn’t want a split, as did all other provinces.

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Z 💛 D💛 CK CHIKAP 💛 NYA 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 7 months ago

Unotozvishaya kuti ndiyani chaizvo ane brain 🧠 dzoshanda akaenda kwa Nzondora ikoko

7 months ago

Tkt 7 months ago

kkkk vaukuri vukari mucha nyarara zvenyu

Vybz Kartel 7 months ago

Hahaha uyu unorwara uyo

Jojola@07 7 months ago

Kkkk pana Douglas Nzvondora takatomira kut nziii chyko

John Chifamba 7 months ago

Nonsense. This is not newsworthy at all. How many people attended the town hall meeting?

yeyo 7 months ago

what's news for you if I may ask?


Jombo 7 months ago

But sure, Mwonzora has a point here.Chamisa,Sikhala,Chin'ono and many others just shout on twitter. Why do they refuse to meet Mnangagwa and tell him their grievances face to face......Surely vanotokwata

Coole 7 months ago

@Jombo ,It true tt our President Chamisa is afraid.Zanu pf is gud at poisoning and Chamisa is still young to die

Tsitsipasi 7 months ago

@Jombo, kwana mhani. Unengewo Mwonzora futi nxaaa

Tsitsipasi 7 months ago

@Jombo, kwada. Ungewo Mwonzora futi nxaaa

Tonde 7 months ago

Ko iwe wakambobuda Juno demonstrater here or unongohukura Uri PA fone

Mᴀʀᴀᴠᴀᴢᴀ 7 months ago

Mᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢ Mɴᴀɴɢᴀɢᴡᴀ ᴘʀᴀɪsᴇᴡᴏʀᴛʜ? Mᴡᴏɴᴢᴏʀᴀ ɪs ʀᴜɴɴɪɴɢ ᴍᴀᴅ, ʜɪs ʙᴏᴏᴛ ʟɪᴄᴋɪɴɢ ɪs ɴᴏᴡ ᴏɴ ᴏᴠᴇʀᴅʀɪᴠᴇ. Tʜᴇ ᴍᴀssᴇs ᴀʀᴇ ɪᴛᴄʜɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ sʜᴏᴡ ʜɪᴍ ʜɪs ᴀᴄᴛᴜᴀʟ ᴘᴏsɪᴛɪᴏɴ ɪɴ ᴘᴏᴋɪᴛɪᴄs...ᴄᴏᴍᴇ 2023

Live 7 months ago

Only a stupid fool crying to be praised for what he did!!!

Pasi nemhanduuuuuuuuuuwuuu 7 months ago

Hezvoko bwaaaaa

zuda 7 months ago

Ana Mwonzora mapenzi ewanhu aya

Lunga 7 months ago

Nonsense mnagagwe muself refused to meet Chamisa coz of afraid 😱 of pointes

Chisingaperi Chinosura 7 months ago

Takaona vana vadiki chaivo, mainnocent souls, achirohwa nebuka/kuvhunduka sevachatsemuka hana pamwe nekuzhamba mus**** mekunge vaedza kum****swa chete nemunhu wauri kuzvipembedza kuti hautyi.
You share the same spirit. Munenge munogeza nevhu rekumakuva imi nxaa

Sponono 7 months ago

Poor, guly Mwonzora at it again !This rascal is full of nonsense. He is telling us to praise him for bootlicking. Guys !? Shame, could somebody help Mwonzora by taking him for mental examinations. This guy needs help, ummmm ndachema zvangu. By the way, all roads lead to the Zimbabwe Grounds today for our Star Rally. Meet you there fellow CITIZENS #CCC, #NHM, #YELLOWBRIGADE, #YELLOWBUS

7 months ago

Kudzai Machaka 7 months ago

Mwonzora is a spy he is urging us to praise the Killer of Nation.

Addie Taruvinga 7 months ago

Kkkkk nZoNdOrA ma 1 chaiwo

Tipar 7 months ago

Askana shame salesman Gonzora

Boy 7 months ago

Ed haatyisi uyo ndaitonwa naye wisky Ari pa vacation aitonetsekawo kuti odini na chete chete uyu because aifunga kuti Dugie will help him destroy the Boy but the strategy flopped

Mᴀʀᴀᴠᴀᴢᴀ 7 months ago

Sᴏ ᴍᴇᴇᴛɪɴɢ Mɴᴀɴɢᴀɢᴡᴀ ɪs ᴀ ʙɪɢ ᴀᴄʜɪᴇᴠᴇᴍᴇɴᴛ ғᴏʀ Lɪᴛᴛʟᴇ Mᴡᴏɴᴢᴏʀᴀ. Cʜᴀᴍɪsᴀ ʀᴇғᴜsᴇᴅ ᴛʜᴇ ᴘᴏʟᴀᴅ ᴍᴀᴅɴᴇss ɴᴏᴛ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴏғ ғᴇᴀʀ ʙᴜᴛ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ʜᴇ ɪs ᴀ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇᴘʟᴇᴅ ʟᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ.

Nyaradzo 7 months ago

Famba Nero munhu wevanhu anorisa nevanhu nemari zvose

Wekunyanya 7 months ago

Mwonzora is jus throwing himself under the bus,history will judge him harshly.haadike sa ED .chero vari kuZanu ed havamude ..
If CCC is nonsense why do u harass them nekuisa those stupid conditions for their campaign rallies..regai vaite vari free if vasina basa

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 7 months ago

There is no substitute for quality leadership skills like those, Tsvangirai had to dialogue to save the people of Zimbabwe from inflation.
Fighting each other for leadership is failed leadership, when its election time some leaders take their family outside of the country for safety reasons while asking people to fight for change 😀 a real leader should bring his family to join others and fight.
thank you MWONZORA for the reason to dialogue

Dzvamu 7 months ago

What reason to dialogue? You are funny!! Mwonzora is always harping about constitutionalism. So why the fear of elections? He really does fear to face the people of zim. Well on 26 march he will be given a hard lesson. No amount of chicanery or bootlicking of ED will make you loved by people. Soon you shall be left with that building only. That money you stole under the political parties finance act will be your last coz you won't win a single seat at the by -elections and also your biggest embarassing defeat at the 2023 election. Tichange tongoti dougie tried to steal people's support. Supporters ain't fools!!! CCC till the end

Brain 7 months ago

Nzondora u crazy as f&ck.Ehe wamuona ED and then.Shame.

Brain 7 months ago

Cme 2023 Nzondora uchataura wega kuti uri Dako.

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