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'Mwonzora Being Driven By Anger, Jealousy And Demonic Ego'

'Mwonzora Being Driven By Anger, Jealousy And Demonic Ego'

Political analysts say MDC-T leader Douglas Mwonzora’s continued recalling of MDC Alliance MPs and Councillors is no longer justified.

Mwonzora recalled more than 20 MPs and scores of councillors which necessitated the 26 march by-elections to fill in over 100 local authority and 28 National Assembly seats.

The holding of the by-elections did not stop Mwonzora from recalling councillors. He has already recalled 16 councillors in eight of the country’s provinces on the pretext that they have ceased to be members of MDC-T.

Political analyst, Rejoice Ngwenya, said Mwonzora is being driven by his “demonic ego”. Said Ngwenya:

Recalls are a bout of anger, jealousy and sarcasm. They (recalls) benefit no one but his (Mwonzora) own demonic ego trip.

It’s a reflection of his ignorance of what representative democracy is. His arrogance would not allow him to step back.

He’s overwhelmed with shame, so he covers up by playing powerful. If he cared, he wouldn’t do it.

Another political analyst, Sipho Nyoni, said the recalls show that Mwonzora is working for the ruling ZANU PF. Nyoni said:

Why Mwonzora is continuing to recall councillors and what actual benefit he derives from that can be said to be one of the biggest questions of our time.

But in our understanding of this, we perhaps have to look at what is actually at play here and who is behind him.

The reality more or less for anyone who cares to know is that for all intents and purposes Mwonzora is not his own man, he is a political appendage of ZANU-PF.

Mwonzora or ZANU-PF won’t abandon that (recalls) anytime soon simply because anyone who really cares to look closely can see that in one way or the other next year’s elections won’t produce a clear undisputed outcome given there are no reforms which were carried out to address what is a very skewed electoral process.

Mwonzora obviously doesn’t care about the impact of these recalls on the country’s resources and doesn’t care about Zimbabweans who are also being made to vote time and time again. To him and ZANU-PF, this is all but a game and the end justifies the means.

They will do anything to get to achieve their aims of decimating the opposition and playing for time to lengthen the ZANU-PF rule which is being seriously threatened by economic mismanagement, corruption absolute lack of vision and just plain gross incompetence.

Mwonzora’s MDC Alliance failed to win a single Parliamentary seat or ward in the 26 March by-elections.

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Douglas Mwonzora 1 month ago

musandidero veduwee ndiri baba venyu ini

dhagirasi 1 month ago

musandidaro so miraiwo neni pazvinenge zvakaoma

Vaye vaye 1 month ago

Mr Monzora ndofunga vava kuziva chokwadi iko zvino, vadzikama manje

Jojo Zvenyika Chenjera 1 month ago

Looking at the bigger picture Dhagi is playing it smart. Whilst everyone is shouting at him he is busy squandering the money he got from gvt wth his daughter Bertha. Ndosaka aiti iwe unebango rako ini ndine bango rangu. Uchinoona babie rako.


S 1 month ago

Draghi Mwonzora pfungwa dzake dzava bhingirishi. Taurirai hama dzake dzimuendese ku Hlangeni kunogara ma Penzi. He needs rehabilitation.

doug 1 month ago

Everyone is looking at him while he wastes national resources. What does he gain by these recalls, as he and everyone knows that which ever constituency he recalls he will eventually lose? The only benefit he gets from these recalls is having fewer people to spend the money which was produced by CCC supporters' votes in the Alliance which he was assisted to hijack.

The Adjudicator 1 month ago

Those are the last kicks of a dying horse.Puppets when their use is no longer required,are thrown into dustbins.There is no more fo him to gain from Zanupf and thats what streses him to the marrow.In the end achadzinga munhu wese osara achidya mari yaakapiwa inopiwa mapolitical parties then he hangs himself.

h 1 month ago

ende fty ka😂😂😂😂😂

MuPfungwe Chaiye 1 month ago


Chisoro 1 month ago

Dhangi Nzondora ave mhengera mumusha zvirinani amboendeswa ku Ngomahuru or ku Engucheni ave be Brain Damage uyu

Collins 1 month ago

idziwo dzangova shungu dzegurwe

Mdc 1 month ago

As long mutemo iwoyo uripo ucharamba uchishanda. This political analyst is a ccc fanatic who chooses to ignore that.

Mdara Odza 1 month ago

Charamba exposed your leaders for working with Mnangagwa to destroy Chamisa, but I'm glad they failed. The people rejected you and those who gave you the benefit of the doubt will leave you soon. Come 2023,Mwonzora and your party will find themselves with less than 2% of the votes,no MPs nor Councillors. When that happens, the lid would have been placed on his political grave.

Machiavelli 1 month ago

Project ThokoZanu failed dismissally
Nzvonyora Project is dead and buried
ZANU's marriage to MDC will backfire in 2023

That's good because the death of the MDC brand will unify voters under The Yellow Brigade banner

**** 1 month ago

dhagi uri ****. you are abusing citizens. you are abusing mari yenyika
ukuda mamwe many elections here uwane zero futi. mbwa yemunhu

Ayatollah of Toxicity 1 month ago

vana Dhagi vanofanirwa kunofudza mombe kumusha.......havakodzeri kuva nepower zvachose.

Dhagi 1 month ago

Ndirinhata inosveta ropa

Maparamuro 1 month ago

Change the law that empowers the party bosses to do that

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