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Muzarabani School Established In 1984 Gets First Classroom Block

Muzarabani School Established In 1984 Gets First Classroom Block

The Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) has built a classroom block for Grade 7 pupils at Chiwenga Primary School in Muzarabani’s ward 24, which is on the Zimbabwe-Mozambique border.

This has saved Grade 7 pupils at the school from walking almost 40km to Chadereka Primary School to sit for their final examinations.

Chiwenga Primary School was established in 1984 but lessons have been conducted in the open and makeshift classrooms constructed by the community.

This has negatively impacted the students’ pass rate, according to school head Francis Chirunga.

Chirunga expressed gratitude to ZRCS for stepping in to help the school as this has brought convenience to both learners and teachers. He said:

Over the years, the school has not been conducting Grade 7 final examinations as it fell short of the Zimbabwe School Examinations Council requirements due to poor infrastructure as it did not have proper classroom structures.

As such, pupils used to go and write at Chadereka, several kilometres away, something that burdened both the learner and teacher.

We are fortunate that the Zimbabwe Red Cross Society (ZRCS) came to our rescue and built a classroom to house the Grade 7s.

ZRCS has also installed a solar-powered water system in the community that is providing tapped water to the school.

Before the installation of the water system, teachers would fetch water from the Mukumbura River, where they competed with animals and villagers.

Chiwenga Primary School has an enrolment of 703 pupils and 10 teachers.

This year, 75 pupils have registered for Grade 7 examinations.

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shango 1 month ago

thank you God bless you,,1984 ,zvakaoma



Asalif 1 month ago

kumusha kwaGeneral kkkk no NGOs are are allowed that is why the area is underdeveloped, I once told some guy here akatsamwa hanzi ukubuka hood rangu even network yefon hakuna

Dhuterere 1 month ago

kkkkkkkk watsamwa handit @Asalif anobhowa kudarika@Blue especially kana achitaura chokwadi about Zanu pf failures 😅😅

Reading Culture 1 month ago

Try to read more to improve your general knowledge. VP Chiwenga comes from Wedza, down Mt St Mary's Hospital road.

Dhuterere 1 month ago

I was there recently for a funeral hama dzangu kune vanhu vakasara in this country called Zimbabwe but you hear someone achiwanzira Gokwe or Masvingo that are 🙌🙌 even if you offer me free land there I won't stay in such an area children should find where to stay near schools just imagine but they vote For Zanu pf 1984 kkkkk kumwe kusakwana chaiko

》》》 1 month ago

Our government failed to build the school due to illegal sanctions levied against us by the west. If you give us 5 more years, I promise you the Zanu government will clear the 3000 schools backlog before the next elections.
We will provide
Employment for all
Quality health care
Kujekesa nyika yese nemagetsi
Zero tolerance to corruption
Independent judiciary

Cable Guy 1 month ago


Tk 1 month ago

Kkkkk even if yu give them 20 more years ama sanctions wirri be 😆😂😂😂avhayirebho

Kanda 1 month ago

😅😅😅😅 since 1984 under sanctions here guys

Sca 1 month ago

Dai pasina kudhakwa kwenyika zvikoro zvose zvakabudirira


Advocate 1 month ago

votera Chamisa iweee

inizvangu 1 month ago

Ndarwadziwa ini. Imagine a child walking 40 kilometers, like from Harare main post office to Norton, to write an exam. Pane chinobuda here ipapo. Tingati tiri Independent here pakadayi. Pasiiiii ne ******

Asalif 1 month ago

Hako mface wangu imagine I have been to places guys around this country because I'm a driver by profession kune dzimwe nzvimbo dziri underdeveloped in this country

Bright 1 month ago

Anosvika aneta ka ndopaunonzwa rimwe richitoti pamberi ne zanu

Sca 1 month ago

Taura zvako Advocate

Tateguru 1 month ago

Established in 1984?
Zvakangooma hazvo.

CCC 1 month ago

Vote CCC

😁 1 month ago

this is so sad since 1984🤔this gvt is failing shuwa

Baba Sean Musoja 1 month ago

Vene vayo varipi vachitadza kuivaka vega... Hypocrites is their name!

Bibi 1 month ago

It's a big school in terms of enrollment

chamisa 1 month ago

vote for me for change

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