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"Muvevi Was Feared In The Police Service Sector"

Jaison Muvevi, a retired Criminal Investigations Department (CID) officer who gunned down three people in Hwedza on Friday, 13 January was a feared man in the police service sector, former colleagues reportedly told a Rusape villager.

Muvevi (42), was said to be well-trained and not an easy person to attack during operations.

He has been likened to another former detective Joseph Nemaisa who single-handedly confronted five armed robbers who were holding his family hostage at his Chadcombe home in December 2021 and killed three of them while the other two ran away.

CID officers who were pursuing Muvevi from Hwedza where he shot dead three people and seriously injured another caught up with him in the Chiduku area of Rusape.

Narrating the events leading to Muvevi’s disappearance from Chiduku on Saturday, 14 January, a villager who is a nephew of the late Prophet Sirage (Crispen Kanerusine) who had been shot dead the previous day, said he gave the killer drinking water unaware that he killed his uncle.

Madzibaba Sirage’s nephew, only identified as (Rob) said he was shocked when he later learned that Muvevi had gunned down his uncle in Hwedza. He said:

I do not regret giving him water. It was my uncle who was fighting his killer in death and I think he also wanted Muvevi to be exposed as he tried to run away from the crime scene in Wedza.

Mukomana (Muvevi) was fleeing from police towards Chiduku driving his white sedan vehicle, Muvevi fired three shots at the officers who were in pursuit at Maruwani Bridge.

He then fired another shot which hit the police vehicle and immediately reversed his vehicle before driving for about 500m, turning into a small footpath leading to my homestead.

Rob said Muvevi then entered his homestead and entertained him unaware of what had happened. He said:

After greetings, Muvevi asked for some drinking water which I gave him.

He then inquired about gold mining areas and I showed him the area by just pointing at the mountains nearby.

He also asked for matches and I called my son who brought a box and gave him.

As Muvevi was explaining to the nephew that he can identify gold when he sees it, his phone vibrated. Said Madzibaba Sirage’s nephew:

As he tried to get his phone from his jeans’ back pocket, I saw two pistols from his jean’s back pockets.

I did not panic though I asked myself silently why he was carrying the pistols.

I then noticed some blood stains on his other shoe. I then called my son and quickly excused myself but he was not bothered about it.

I left him there walking towards the area I had pointed out to him as a potential gold mining place.

When the nephew got home a few meters away from Muvevi, police arrived and asked him about Muvevi’s whereabouts. He said:

I did not know his name then and I told the police the person they wanted had just left my homestead showing them the direction he took.

As we ran towards the direction he took… we then spotted him coming out of the gorge.

According to the slain prophet’s nephew, he heard one of the police officers saying:

Let us retreat. We have known this guy for a long time.

We know his records in the security sector so we cannot just confront him.

This is when I heard that my uncle had been shot dead by the man whom I had entertained a few minutes earlier. I was shocked.

Muvevi disappeared abandoning his car and escaped on foot.

Muvevi appeared in court on Friday charged with four murder charges and two attempted murder counts. He is expected in court on 6 February 2023. |

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PainFul 2 weeks ago

Chinyaya ichi chichazongonyararwa m uchaona kkkkkk

Tintin 2 weeks ago

ZRP hapana hapana...kuzoti mukaita materrorists...vanototiza munyika zve

Progressive Citizen 2 weeks ago

Ahahaha,, hoyo

sarudzo 2 weeks ago

ma terrorists nga attakwe ne police ndeve masoja wangu 😜😜

Tintin 1 week ago

@ sarudzo everyone in the security sector plays a role... though the greater role is taken by the military sector... simple question... isn't the FBI and CIA involved in US terrorist deterrence measures?

bond notes for E.D 1 week ago

@ tin tin👏👏👏

Putin 2 weeks ago

Nyaya iyi inoda Putin

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Ndiitei hang man ndimuuraye hangu

Chamisa 's Advisor 2 weeks ago

i always tell that young man mr chamisa to allow us to revolt against the government of mnangagwa because no ballot can remove ZANU from power except blood.Ngapinde hake mukomana

The Adjudicator 2 weeks ago

"Let us retreat. We have known this guy for a long time.
We know his records in the security sector so we cannot just confront him."

Tintin 2 weeks ago

joke of a police force...masecurity guards ekuFawcett akatove nani...


CID 2 weeks ago

"Let us retreat. We have known this guy for a long time.
We know his records in the security sector so we cannot just confront him" THAT'S WISDOM

2 weeks ago


fizzier 2 weeks ago

they are the ones who trained them y was he fired..dai vakangodambura munhu tsinga dzemumaoko vosiya akadaro vanhu dai vari safe

None 2 weeks ago

None is invincible under the sun. Hitler, Musolin, Nero, Ian Smith, Botha, RGM all went down. Some are in line to join the queue.

Billboard Of Public Opinions 2 weeks ago

Me and you too we are in line to join the queue.

Lone ranger 2 weeks ago

Are they just going to recruit jaison to be the next hangman in the chikurubi maximum prison. He can execute whoever he likes because he has proved that it runs in his veins. He should be kept in isolation cells where he can not see the sun and let a drop of water hit his head every 10 seconds for 20 hours a day 6 days a week.

bigboy 2 weeks ago

anokurumidza kufa

Dect 2 weeks ago

nyaya yakutobhowaa iyiiii

Putin 2 weeks ago

Our police mostly are not well trained on the use of rifles, how can a trained person run away leaving a rifle behind , what I know when you have a rifle , you have to die carrying your rifle.

cid 2 weeks ago

seems like Muvhevhi is the one who was shooting and they where just following and vaimuona considering that they saw him going out of the gorge and they decided to retreat,,,no need to call them detectives

wizzie fizzier 2 weeks ago

team rakakwataa iroo roda kumiswaa basa

. 2 weeks ago

if they had attacked him at the gorge, the casualties would be including all those pursuing guys including e nephew

nela 2 weeks ago

at the same time if those policeman at the border didn't have the guts to catch him fearing for more deaths then he would have never been caught

Mambo 2 weeks ago

And then?
Akazosungwa netambo dzebhutsu nemapurisa anga asina kana njema kuMosken.

Jatwero 2 weeks ago

Let us retreat. We have known this guy for a long time.
We know his records in the security sector so we cannot just confront him."

*Vanofirei havo nemabond avanopihwa iwawa*

ehe 1 week ago

Tiza neupenyu hwakoZRP🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

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