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Mutsvangwa Criticises NewsDay, Mliswa Over Corruption Article

Mutsvangwa Criticises NewsDay, Mliswa Over Corruption Article

ZANU PF spokesperson, Ambassador Christopher Mutsvangwa, has said he was misquoted by NewsDay Zimbabwe after the publication published an article purporting that Mutsvangwa had claimed that corruption was rampant in the government.

NewsDay quotes Mutsvangwa as saying there is serious corruption in government saying the foreign currency was mysteriously disappearing from the national purse. Mutsvangwa reportedly made the remarks during a press conference in the capital. He is quoted as saying:

We’ve doubled our export earnings in US dollars, yet our currency is weak, where has that ever happened? To fill up a house with kids, but you can’t account for any of them…

It’s a financial and economic anomaly that we are earning US dollars, yet we can’t find them in our purse. The more you put money in your purse, the more your purse gets empty of US dollars, something is wrong!

The publication also quoted the Chairperson of the African Parliamentarians Against Corruption Zimbabwe chapter, Temba Mliswa as saying President Emmerson Mnangagwa must be summoned before Parliament over the corruption allegations involving ministers and other top government officials. Mliswa is quoted as saying:

Parliament has power, and going through these reports you then ask why we pass the budget because there is bad governance and lack of implementation of recommendations by the AG. Basically, the President is presiding over a corrupt government.

NewsDay Zimbabwe says Mliswa was contributing to a discussion held in the capital on the 2020 AG (Auditor-General) reports facilitated by the Southern African Parliamentary Support Trust.

Meanwhile, Mutsvangwa said the private publication under the Alpha Media Holdings stable had misquoted him and sought to drag President Mnangagwa’s name into the mud. Mutsvangwa said:

Temba Mliswa and Newsday are cobbling together a fictitious reportage in Newsday that is nothing but a gross debasement of journalistic ethics. Two unrelated occasions are mischievously linked simply to cast slurs on our esteemed head of state.

Furthermore they egregiously drag in the name of President Mnangagwa into groundless accusations of corruption about the abuse of national foreign currency.

Mutsvangwa said the derivative market of the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange is the main culprit sponging forex hard earnings out of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe weekly auction.

More: The Herald

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Mutsvangwa 3 weeks ago

Guyz in ndinorova dombo chete kwete zvidoro

Asalif 3 weeks ago

this guy called Mutsvangwa is something else yesterday he blasted British gvt not to interfere with Zimbabwe politics a day after that same Zimbabwe is begging to be reinstated in the gold selling association of Britain were was this guy during Mugabe days Mugabe didn't make appointments of such kind of people in his cabinet or party leadership positions like these

factos 3 weeks ago

😂😂😂 am not laughing 🤣😂🤣 zvangu

Mkanya 3 weeks ago

You said the truth pa kutanga . Don't be a coward

Jonso's Nemesis 3 weeks ago

Chris u have a penchant for jawbreakers. U go maniac with the Queen's language & as if possessed by demons u spew vitriolic language against the British empire and it's kin and kith. After dousing a bottle of whiskey from the proceeds of your son's change money u realize u and your Zanu thugs are corrupt. When you have a hangover and eventually sober up you realize your boss is a killer and decide to rescind your inner truth. What a craven. + ndiri mupositori haufi wakatonga Nyika ino. If u argue with me huya tibheje. In the 2023 election stand for the St.Marys constituency vs Job Sikhala. Unosvasvangwa iwe.

Maparamuro 3 weeks ago

It's public knowledge that this gvt is corrupt. ZACC has the records and has said it publicly

cute 3 weeks ago



g 3 weeks ago

Chris unonyanya kutaura wakatsva nechibhod****. kana munhu akadhakwa anotaura chokwadi chaari kufunga. wave sobber wakuda kuramba dira rizare sahwira utiudze zvimwe😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

asalif 3 weeks ago

is it not the second time your game of reversing your statement vakatozvinzwa period

Kanda 3 weeks ago

and you said the truth why want to reverse your statement

Kanda 3 weeks ago

how can you blame a publication kana yataura chokwadi editorials and analysis most of the time zvinenge zvabva from experts in the field if they are money matters economists comment in politics political scientists and those who studied governance comment VaMutsvangwa muriDoctor or Professor of chii let alone National Diploma hayo keep quiet period

💩💩💩 3 weeks ago

Wapfekedzwa ApoloJersy nekutaura chokwani ka Chris?

Harry Potter 3 weeks ago

Dira rizare

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