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Musasa One Stop Centre Assists 500 GBV Survivors

Musasa One Stop Centre Assists 500 GBV Survivors

The Hopley One Stop Centre being run by Musasa Project says it has served a total of 500 women and girls who experienced gender-based violence (GBV) and other forms of violence over the past 10 months.

Hopley is supported by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and the Ministry of Women Affairs, Community Development.

Speaking during a visit to the centre by the UNFPA East and Southern Africa Director, Lydia Zigomo, Musasa Project Program Manager, Sharon Matingwina said:

We usually implement once a week in a month, and we rotate stations but this is the most common one and strategically so because it attracts a lot of women.

The entry point can be coming in for clinical services that can be coming in youth empowerment services so it’s very strategic, we get to meet a lot of women and adolescents girls and young women.

We work closely with the Victim Friendly Unit (VFU), the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) and the Ministry of Women Affairs so that we give a comprehensive package of services.

We have our Information hub in case someone just wasn’t to get a flier or just basic information about what we are offering here in Hopley and all the other centres that we are implementing.

She said a large number of young women come through to get services and most of them are young mothers or pregnant teenagers.

The young girls and women are given dignity kits to ensure they have access to sanitary wear, toiletries and other hygiene kits.

Matingwina said the One Stop Centre was now receiving GBV clients from farming areas around Harare. She said:

We have also realized that in the past weeks, some survivors are coming from farming sites such as retreat and Stoneridge.

We have tried to make sure that our mobile centre is not only stationed here but we go inside Hopley with our One Stop Center just to make sure women from all works of life get comprehensive packages of care.

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Zuze 4 months ago

Ndibatsireiwo veduwee.
Ini ndiri murume ndogara ndichikwaturwa. Ndoendepiko? Vese ve GBV , domestic vhayorenzi vese vanobatsira vakadzi chete.
Ndibatsireiwo hama

Felix Chambati 4 months ago

it's bad

derion 4 months ago

@zuze unoenda kuVictim Friendly Unit kupolice they hand male victims of GBV i wish you th best and peaceful within your companioniship

Mai Zuze 4 months ago

Ndosvikepi ndichiwacha ma blankets everyday.
Munhu ngaarohwe.

Steven Chidhumo 4 months ago

Makambonzwawo here, va Mary Chiwenga imi ve Musasa?

musasa girl child network 4 months ago

@steven chidhumo unfortunately we cant taint our name and bring our servuce into dispute by inferering into politically motivated actrotes ,we sincerely apolgise thank you marry christmass

Registered Voter Voting for CCC 4 months ago

Ku Hopley kwaEd uko. Rega varowane.I don't feel pity for them. Shame me all you want.

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