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Murwira Explains Why Zimbabwe Abstained From UN Vote

Murwira Explains Why Zimbabwe Abstained From UN Vote

Zimbabwe has explained the rationale behind its decision to abstain from voting against Russia when the United Nations General Assembly put the Ukraine crisis for a vote on Wednesday.

The vote was 141 to 5, with 35 abstentions. It came after the 193-member assembly convened its first emergency session since 1997.

In a statement, the Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Amon Murirwa, said Zimbabwe prefers dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, instead of sanctions as they will only worsen human suffering. The statement read:

As you are aware, there was a vote in the UN General Assembly yesterday 2 March 2022, on a resolution on Ukraine. Zimbabwe abstained in that vote.

We wish to assure you that Zimbabwe is a strong believer in the United Nations Charter and all its principles and purposes including the peaceful settlement of disputes.

The situation in Ukraine is a very complex one and is deeply rooted in the history and geopolitics of that region.

Zimbabwe believes that it is the duty of the international community not to make that situation more complex than it already is.

The International Community must tirelessly work towards the facilitation of dialogue aimed at finding a durable solution to the situation.

Zimbabwe is not convinced that the resolution adopted yesterday points in the direction of dialogue. On the contrary, it poured more fuel into the fire thus further complicating the situation.

As you know, Zimbabwe does not support the imposition of unilateral coercive measures or unilateral sanctions of any kind on any member state for that matter, as this is contrary to the United Nations Charter. Unilateral sanctions have never worked to resolve any situation.

On the contrary, sanctions unleash untold humanitarian crises and the human suffering of ordinary people.

Zimbabweans, have been victims of unilateral sanctions for over 20 years and would not wish this on anyone. Dialogue is the way forward.

Zimbabwe, therefore, commends the Russian Federation and Ukraine for initiating dialogue and urge them to intensify their efforts towards finding a durable solution to the conflict taking into account the security interests of both parties.

It is for these reasons that Zimbabwe abstained from the vote on the resolution on Ukraine in the UN General Assembly on 2 March 2022.

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Terminator 2 months ago

Machiavelli and Senior citizen mutibatsire we think USA is the same as Chivi growth point kwa Killer Zivhu.Zimbos many of us are brainwashed by ,,,,,, but help us more with yo experience and naked truth which is hard to withstand and digest.

Machiavelli 2 months ago

@Senior Citizen thank U for your expose.

What should have been a quick, incisive, conclusive incursion has turned out to be a shambolic skirmish that has shown weaknesses in the Russian putsch.

Economically Russia is crippled. Putin is not the strongman he thought he was. Extricating himself from the Ukrainian misadventure is going to be more difficult than getting in.All without foreign troops supporting Ukraine.

Putin and Russia are going to have to make more concessions than they ever thought they would ever make. NATO's forces are munitions along the eastern front are going to be a permanent feature going forward.

As I said late last week, Ukraine is going to be Putin's Waterloo. I can see Putin in the Hague facing The War Crimes Tribunal.

Nobody 2 months ago

Senior citizen matsvaira ma sports thank u keep up the good work .Well explained ,cream politics not from a hatred point of view but realistically what is on ground .🤛

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Yeah,keep it up @Senior citizen that's very true.

Senior Citizen 2 months ago

Ukranian situation: As i Always tell people that the United States ,United Kingdom and the rest of the western world control's world geopolitics,world economy & media .As witnessed by the current trends on how the West United together and reacted swiftly against Russian aggression towards Ukraine ,now Russia has been isolated from the rest of the world in just one week🥺 the Results are there for everyone to see Russia's economy has been badly hurt in just one week with more than 60 % rise in inflation , Russia's foreign reserves frozen ,Russian Companies banned in trading in EU and in North America, Russian Aircrafts banned on EU n North American airspace , Russia's Central bank cut off on the swift international banking system .The Russian Federation is now alone being choked to death economically by the US and it's allies , yesterday's events at the United Nations General Assembly emergency meeting since 1997 saw the rest of the world rebuking Russia's actions in Ukraine with the 193 UN member states only 5 less Influencially countries voted in favour of Russia's actions ,while 35 countries including China their main powerful Ally and also our country Zimbabwe were neutral and the rest of the world voted against Russia's actions in a bid to introduce newer UN imposed sanctions against Russia including those countries that usually opposes the US like Venezuela .NATO has shown a united Strong front against Russia by giving support to Ukraine in terms of Military support in giving Ukraine state of the art weaponry like US supplied Stinger missiles and Patriot Air Defence Systems which are responsible for the downing of Russian war planes ,land systems for Artillery and anti tank systems which has resulted to Russian advances setbacks ,the Russian defence ministry released a press statement saying over 500 Russian serviceman have been killed in Action and over 1500 injured with the world Military analysts saying the Russian government is lying about the numbers to try keep the moral of Russian troops and citizens ,the numbers are higher than those who were killed in Action in the US Vietnam war , Soviet Afgan war ,the US Iraq war in the first initial week, these setbacks have fractuated Putin and his Generals as this was confirmed by the Russian Foreign affairs minister who admitted in today's (03 March) world press conference that the Russian defence miscalculated Ukraine's defences ,but the fact is that Ukraine defence is being supplied by the west in munitions that have caused tremendous costs for the Russian armed forces and the US and NATO have reinforced the European NATO boundary eastern flank , with more lethal US made weaponry being deployed over there, Major NATO members like Germany and France have increased their defence budgets for Germany they have increased their defence budget from 86 Billion to 100 Billion Euros more than 2.5% of their GDP more than the current Russia's defence budget with the sanctions taking place it's gonna be more difficult for Russia, with China's defence budget sets about 300 Billion while the US defence budget is way above every nation in the world with about 738 billion dollars .The situation in Ukraine has given the world a clear picture on who controls what and how !? That's why China has been reluctant to make a move on Taiwan ,the situation has made the Chinese to go back to the drawing board because they have seen how the West has done to Russia's economy without any Military action ,the consequences have been felt even here in Southern Africa Zimbabwe with the latest move was the removing of RT on DSTV , Russian Olympics team has been banned from the scheduled winter Olympics games,Fifa has made a move against Russia,even EA Games has made a move on Russia on its mostly loved FIFA soccer video game 😂 crazy but reality ,,,, those who say the west and the US has lost in geopolitics as a superpower must rethink their crazy thinking 😂 the US and EU have their fingers pocked on everything in the world ,Even thou Russia has genuine concerns about its national security,,,,that is reality we cannot ran away from it the US is still the world's prefect🇿🇼🇺🇸

Paul Piki 2 months ago

I don't support sanctions. Pawakapinda muIraq, libya wakapihwa masanctions naani? To hell navo.


Citizens of zim 2 months ago

Mheni l salute you

Mheni 2 months ago

Saka mainderei kana manga musinganovhote. Hamunzwewo tsitsi here nemari dzenyika dzamurikudya nyika ichisakara

Vk 2 months ago

Sometimes kungofambirana ne majority kwakanaka hautomboita need yekutsanangura, ana Brazil voted yes asi vaimbenge vachitsigira, vakaona kuti mhepo ikuendepi, this is the end of putin

2 months ago

Wiseone 2 months ago

Why waste state resources travelling for that meeting for 'No' vote. The level of incompetence in public spending is calamitous

Jenarari 2 months ago

Vakafambira T&S allowance.
Nzungu dzavanotambira hadzikwane

Vabvunzei kuti vakaenda vari vangani unzwe mhinduro yacho


Machiavelli 2 months ago

Whoever advises GoZ on foreign policy is an imbecile. Abstention is as good as voting against.

Those 141 nations that voted for sanctions are watching you. They are the majority. The day you need their support, they will look at your voting record, and you will be found wanting.

Sitting on the fence antagonises both sides.

Aggramatoi ****ti (untutored ****s)

Kakistocracy🤣Muchakaka 2 months ago

Machiavelli-Well said, l concur with you.

Cable Guy 2 months ago

Well said

2 months ago

jay 2 months ago

Zimbabwe will never advocate or support sanctions coz as it is we are under sanctions so if we support UN Led sanctions it will look like we as zimbabweans are saying that santions are good for any authotarian regime to prosper in a free world .Zanu pf will never support sanctions never

Tmp 2 months ago

You're right. Authoritarian regimes hate sanctions. They love to brutalise innocent civilians without consequences

Jenarari 2 months ago

@Jay uri palist here iwe?

Kungowawata kwemunhu asingazivi maSanctions aripo

Ini zvangu 2 months ago

You were afraid to vote againist Russia because you are guilty of the same killing and oppressive crimes as the Russians. Also munotya kutorerwa mabhazi amunopihwa ne Belarus. Zvino vakangovhota weee

Mbuya Chisamba 2 months ago

@ Ini zvangu.

Hareruya Hemeni!!!

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

....they will suffer pains alongside Russia

Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Yes it was tricky for Zimbabwe,but still it will further cause problems for those on the Sanctions list as the US will take them as Russian sympathisers and of which they are,therefore they will pains along with Russia.

Watsomba 2 months ago

Daialogue haishande nekuti Polad yakatadza kufambisa anything. bkana wabira munhu dzosa

Watsomba 2 months ago

unoda kuti chii wakanyengedzwa netwuma donation twemavaccine

factos 2 months ago

kupenga kwako

liyenza ubulema lithembe ukuthi u ll blame ama sanctions and call for ****ed up dialogue.

maZanu mastupid

Wamambo90 2 months ago

Zvimwe zvacho zvinoda kunyarara pane kutsanangura zvisina tsarukano cmde

Doug 2 months ago

No need to explain or be apologetic. You took no side, which was the same as your being not there, that is, being there but absent.

wayne 2 months ago

ummmm ma1

Maroko Buns 2 months ago

Well spoken Prof, dialogue iyaqeda ama spots

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