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Murdered Moreblessing Ali’s Family Living In Hiding

Murdered Moreblessing Ali’s Family Living In Hiding

The family of murdered CCC activist Moreblessing Ali (pictured) is living in hiding as suspected state security agents and ZANU PF activists have been visiting the home periodically.

Moreblessing’s son Silence and brother Wellington are in hiding since being harassed out of their home, reported The NewsHawks.

Police said Moreblessing was kidnapped by Pius Mukandi, alias Jamba, at Chibhanguza Shopping Centre in Nyatsime on 24 May and her dismembered body was found in a disused well on 11 June. Jamba is believed to be a ZANU PF member.

The suspect was arrested in Hurungwe five days after the body was discovered at his mother’s plot.

Moreblessing’s body has still not been buried, two months after her murder as the family is demanding their lawyer, Job Sikhala, to be released first.

Sikhala, who was at the forefront in demanding justice for Moreblessing, was arrested alongside Chitungwiza North member of Parliament Godfrey Sithole and charged with inciting public violence.

Speaking to The NewsHawks from his hideout, Silence said burial arrangements for his mother will only begin after Sikhala’s release. He said:

There is nothing we can do while Job Sikhala is still in prison. We cannot proceed with burial arrangements for my mother while Mr Sikhala is still in custody.

We want to know the truth about her death and guidance from our family lawyer, Job Sikhala.

The Ali family has also demanded the arrest of Nyatsime councillor Masimbi Masimbi and Nyatsime ZANU PF branch chairperson Simba Chisango who is reported to be Jamba’s half-brother, whom they are implicating in Moreblessing’s murder. Added Silence:

We maintain the family position that everyone involved in the murder of my mother should be arrested before we bury her. That means Pius Jamba is not the only person in this murder.

Simba Chisango told me in front of a ZANU PF crowd that if we fail to locate my mother, he would direct me to his brother, meaning he knew what had happened.

Silence also implicated Masimbi in the murder of her mother. He said:

He came to the house questioning me and pushing me to encourage my family to proceed with burial, and not politicise the death.

He even stopped me from distributing fliers that would assist us in finding my mother.

At one time, he said police were calling him to retrieve a body in some dam, but he was not very open with me.

Wellington Ali, brother to the deceased, said he is also in hiding after he was attacked by ZANU PF activists at the Ali home after the prayer meeting.

Meanwhile, Jamba was remanded in custody and is awaiting indictment in the High Court for the murder.

He is scheduled to appear in court on 28 July.

More: TheNewsHawks

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Ma1 3 weeks ago

It's painful to lose a family member like that

ED 3 weeks ago

wats a cruel doing of zanu pf activists to muder ali

m.b.o.r.o 3 weeks ago

inhema dzavo avo

Valour 🇿🇦🤫 3 weeks ago

Chokwadi ndechipi iwe unorizivo rwakakura tuudze chokwadi unoziva zvakaitika tiudze tamirira.

CCC supporter 3 weeks ago

We have a satanic government

muwonesi 3 weeks ago

Kana musati mamboona zvinoita ngozi, just watch this space. Mweya wa Ali waane 2 months usati waita Rest In Peace 1 chaiwo

Majority Rule 3 weeks ago

Hide evil people will kill you

MuSabatha(SDA) 3 weeks ago

Musavhundutsirwe imi vekwa Ali. Never be cowed into silence. Mhondi mukati first. Ngavatange vatongwa first. They want to silence you and hide their evil deeds. Mhosva kuipedza kubvuma kutadza kwako first then mokumbirana ruregerero kwete kuoma mitsipa sezviri kuda kuitwa nezvimhondi zve zanu izvo.....


Valour 🇿🇦🤫 3 weeks ago

Ini ndowona sekuti panenyaya hombe iye akaurairwa chiii first ????They must say the truth chete .Kuregererwa hakuiti how many people have been killed varume .

Nyatsime Resident 3 weeks ago

mhondi mukati ,taimuona Jambo kumahumbwe kuti chinenge chimhondi ichi zvimeso toyi toyi nxaaaa

Job Sikhala 3 weeks ago

mupfanha uchakuririra mumwena sembeva mirauone hako toda kukukava kava

Captain Jack Sparrow 3 weeks ago

Weaponising a dead body doesn't carry much weight kkkkkkk The family is thinking they will spin some dollars from donors ndakutoona kuty mweya waAli wechiH U R E wabata munhu wese

CCC 3 weeks ago

Dako rako cde ****

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