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Murder, Robbery Suspect Dies Hours After Eating Food Brought By His Wife

Murder, Robbery Suspect Dies Hours After Eating Food Brought By His Wife

A 44-year-old murder and robbery suspect died of suspected food poisoning while in police custody hours after his wife had reportedly brought him some food.

The suspect, Gift Sabata, was linked to the violent crimes which occurred in Bulawayo between December last year and November this year.

He was arrested in the early hours of 19 November 2022 while hiding at his girlfriend’s house in Cowdray Park. He died on the same day while in police custody. Read a police statement on the case:

On 19th November 2022 at around 1000 hours the suspect died whilst admitted at United Bulawayo Hospitals after experiencing some convulsions with froth coming out of the mouth. The suspect had consumed food and diabetes medication brought by his wife, Mavis Matupe (27).

Sabata was linked to two cases of murder and 13 cases of armed robbery in which the total value stolen is US$58 639 between December 2021 and November 2022 in Bulawayo.

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Mdara Odza 4 days ago

Cases of woman-on-man violence are taken lightly by the police, chances are this wife will walk scotfree or she will get a light sentence. Sad

🤭 1 day ago

Mukadzi anenge akasiiwa ne bag remari uyu

4 days ago

Zvavharana all the stolen wealth will not be confiscated by state..... With our doctors the cause of death will never be detected......

advocate 3 days ago

u can't take th property registered in sm1s name and make t yours, cid hamulume apo even kana akaaiya Misha,mombe mafarms all will b under th stewardship of th surviving spouse, u only take t f th state confiscate th properties but t goes under government management then th state may convert it into offices ie kuyiita gvnmnt ministry offices etc

Sorojena 4 days ago

It's likely that the investigating team might have poisoned him maybe after finding out that the accused had significant ill-gotten wealth stashed out somewhere. I know the police detectives can do that as a cover-up to convert that wealth to theirs.

Lord Castlereagh 4 days ago

Nhai imi vanhu ve Pindula asi mogara ku Bulawayo kani nekuti nyaya dzenyu dzakawandira ikoko

Peace maker 4 days ago

Blues inokonzeresa wangu tarisa kana case yeka under 10kukuitiswa mwana kaye

Sorojena 4 days ago

Long back it had been a norm that suspects on detention should not be served with food from outside as accomplices to the crime in a bid to destroy the course of justice would take the opportunity to eliminate the accused suspect to avoid being implicated.

Bee 4 days ago

Ndiko kwakasanda mhondi byo

Tee1 4 days ago

Vaudzewo dzekwenyu isu hatisi vebhuruwayo

Registered Voter 4 days ago

Pindula has stories all over zim snd international

under curatorship 4 days ago

create your own pindura

4 days ago

Asi Bulawayo haisi muZim here. Toda kutonzwa nyaya dzeko bcoz hatisi ikoko

hard Mashona type🐂 4 days ago

buruwayo iripa ntwakazi state pama Ndehereee


Learner 4 days ago

looking for someone who can teach me ndebele for freely drop yr tag so that I can inbox you

Anonymous 3 days ago

For free kkkk, if you want to learn freely, use youtube

Makalamba 4 days ago

Ko akapinda nacho sei ipo pachinzi auya nefood must eat chikafu ichocho first

Sorojena 4 days ago

Some poisons have antidotes, I can eat first that poisoned food then quickly take my antidote... Ndapedza newe wosara uchitila zvako

Tee1 4 days ago

Ipapa muchaona that lady achiita walk free in our streets waiting to poison sm1 again, if it was a man unofira mujeri GBV agnst man from women never been tekn srs

BM 4 days ago

Aiwaka handity munhu auya nechikafu anodya chishoma chisaty chaenda kumusungwa hr

4 days ago

Justice ⚖ has been done.
Our courts cannot be trusted.

Shooter 4 days ago

Marobbers, murderers and rapists ngavapihwe malife sentences . Or marapists eunder 15 years kudimburwa sikarudzi zvivharane.

Jah 🇿🇼 Tsvarie-07 4 days ago

Abo clever banjalo it's PANSULA 4 LIFE...

4 days ago

He succumbed to injuries sustained from the extraction of information by the long arm of law.

Sabhuku 4 days ago

Panoti medication apo...suspect chaiyo bcos chikafu unotodyawo mbichana. Mari ne joki zvaendwa

juru 4 days ago

I'm sorry olive my wife

vava 4 days ago

munhurume kuba Mari Shoma iyoyo dai aiba kuzvi 100000k

Vuzu 3 days ago

Aaah guys mukadzi uyo ane 27 years married to a 44 years old man zviri safe here hapana kuitwa early child marriage here ipapa

JB 3 days ago

Guyz ndukumbirao link or # nditaure nemunhu akushandisa name rakanzi ADVOCATE

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