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Murder, Kidnapping, Assault, Damage To Property Theft Cases - Guyu

Murder, Kidnapping, Assault, Damage To Property Theft Cases - Guyu

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is urging members of the public to desist from taking the law into their hands when they are aggrieved and report to the police instead. This comes amid a rise in the number of kidnappings, murder, torture and malicious damage to property but people who would be seeking to execute “instant” or “mob justice”. In a statement, seen by Pindula News, national police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi also issued an update on some robbery cases. We present the statement below.


The Zimbabwe Republic Police urges the public to report all criminal cases to the Police and avoid taking the law into their own hands if wronged by another person.

Police are investigating cases of Murder, Kidnapping, Malicious damage to property, Assault, Stocktheft and Unlawful Entry into Premises and Theft which occurred in Guyu and Tuli areas on 1st April 2022, after 34 villagers from Guyu, including 11 Botswana nationals who were tracking their stolen donkeys teamed up and undertook a door to door operation on stock theft suspects.

The gang, who were using two unidentified vehicles, went to John West Village, Tuli, where they effected a citizen arrest on Godwill Ndlovu and Justice Ncube on allegations of stock theft, after they had recovered 11 donkeys penned at the complainants’ homestead. They handcuffed the two and took them to five other complainants’ residences where they broke window panes and doors on several homesteads, before demolishing ZAR 25 400 worth of property which include refrigerators, sofas, cupboards, beds and a kitchen unit. In the process cash amounting to ZAR9 900 and a Mobicell cellphone were reportedly stolen from the complainants.

A clash with John West Villagers, who repossessed the recovered donkeys, ensued and the team retreated. However, they took with them Godwill Ndlovu and Justice Ncube, whom they assaulted with sjamboks and wooden sticks at Mashaba Business Centre, Guyu which resulted in the death of Justice Ncube.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police is now conducting comprehensive investigations into the incident.

(N ATHI. P) Assistant Commissioner

Senior Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations)

to the Commissioner-General of Police

Police General Headquarters

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Povoo 1 month ago

imi mukabata mbavha imamisei chete totangira ipapo musarove musoro nemache...

Ben 1 month ago

mapurisa it's now a worst of time to report any case. iwe watemwa ne bhemba you should pay them kuti vasunge munhu atema. they need money from both sides atema newatema then the issue would be dissolved haina kwaichaenda. ukada kuita follow up unopedza nguva yako vachiti tichirikumutswaka . unovadii

S 1 month ago

Yes Mude you are right. Mapurisa run to innocent citizens leaving mbavha chaidzo. Vanotoda mari kuma innocent citizens vachisiya mbavha mufunge. Shame

Mude 1 month ago

The police number 1 culprits for Malicious Injury to Property each time they use their spikes and button sticks when they deflate public service vehicles and smash windscreens for both private and public vehicles

Black Jack 1 month ago

It's a place of drugs and mutoriro nzvimbo iyoyo yamataura.After drugs, they go and steal. Tinoiziva.Some of them come from Dzivaresekwa and Epworth

Shampoo 1 month ago

Yes I know the place you are talking about. A place of thieves and mutoriro. Its between Malbelreign,Sentosa,Avondale and Strathaven (pama Tangwena). Tanzwa nekubirwa nevanhu ivavo. Toita sei nevanhu ivavo please. Police is doing nothing to them.


Tanu Mark Finnity 1 month ago

Very true indeed police are not seriously doing their job whilst thieves are roaming the streets freely instead of being behind bar's

Chamatams 1 month ago

Reporting to the police now is just a routine. The police do nothing. Recently my my clothes and property were stolen thru the window. I don't know how they opened my window and damaged the buglar bars. I reported the matter to the Police and they deed nothing. I was so hurt because I knew the suspects. So recently I was thinking of war. Yes I mean war. Please help me on what to do good people. Police? oh please, this days it's just a name. POLICE are even scared to do their Job. I heard someone say(a Police person), l quote, "if you go to investigate there alone, they will assault you". So citizens who is going to protect us if the police are scared. Pasi pano????

😁😁😁😁 1 month ago

Sorry Chamtams
It's only Bruce Willis is not well
he was good in this but look for
Detective D Mwonzora can do🤪

Internet... 1 month ago

Some of these issues you rush to police station and the police do nothing about it. While we know very as Zim citizens that such and such a crime carries such a penal judgement, in the evening you see that person is already free. "Taking the law in our hands" comes from frustration due to poor performance of our underpayed police officers.

Even if someone assault you real, an undeniable Assault GBH, Police tell you: ENDA UNDOMUTORA UUYE NAYE PANO. How can I drag someone to the police station yet he overpowers me?

Internet... 1 month ago

Mamwe mapurisa dzatova shamwari dzemvavha and you wonder who then will police the police

Totito 1 month ago

Akafira madhonki iwo madhonki achingokuma.

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