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Murder And Rape-accused Man Kills Zhombe Businesswoman After Being Released From Prison On Bail

Murder And Rape-accused Man Kills Zhombe Businesswoman After Being Released From Prison On Bail

A murder and rape-accused man was arrested last week for killing a Zhombe woman just after being released from prison on bail pending an appeal on other counts of murder and rape. was told that Leonard Muwinga (32) of Zhombe had previously been arrested for three counts of murder and rape.

Zibagwe Rural District Council gender committee chairperson, Idirashe Dongo, who is Ward 30 councillor, said the now deceased, Primrose Siziba (32), died a painful death.

Dongo said the justice system was letting Gender-Based Violence (GBV) perpetrators off the hook. She said:

He had just been released on bail on three counts of raping and robbing three other women. On the fateful day, he followed her (the deceased) on her way home from her business and robbed her of her hard-earned money, tried to rape her and at last killed her with a knife.

As a gender representative, I urge that perpetrators of such heinous crimes be taken away from our communities permanently,” said Dongo.

We feel let down by the judiciary system as women. I also encourage that we participate fully on amendments of Bills that deal with such issues, so that the law fully protects us, and our voices as women be heard.

We have suffered enough violence from these perpetrators.

Siziba was running a business at Zhombe Shopping Centre. She was laid to rest Sunday in Zhombe.

What happened:

It is alleged that Siziba closed her tuckshop at Mushange and decided to go home.

She was with one Sekai Musekiwa (29) of Mapiye village, who only accompanied her for about 100 metres and returned to the business centre while Siziba proceeded on her own along Zhombe East-Sidhakeni road.

That was the last time Siziba was seen alive.

Her body was discovered the following morning by one Emildar Moyo lying about four metres from a side road in a bush at Mlotshwa village, Chief Samambwa area.

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1 month ago

So painful kupa vanhu vanemhosva dzakadai bail but vamwe vachirambirwa vasina mhosva ummm Mwari huyai mutonge nyika ino yezimbabwe

Uncle Timber 1 month ago

Girl child akazvarirwa nhamo nematambudziko chete, ngatinatanidzei maoko musociety tisasiye vanasikana vedu vachibatwa sezvikorobho

Judges4ED 1 month ago

Our judges and magistrates are a disgrace just like the police have become.

real,,,,dott 1 month ago

kuronga kwevene vayo so painful

Tintin 1 month ago

the real criminals are out committing other crimes whilst fake criminals are in crimes being committed against them.the true characteristics of a failed state.

Ntaba 1 month ago

3 counts of muder and rape 🙊,so uphiwa njani I bail umuntu onje??

Iweweeee 1 month ago

Mmmm sad


1 month ago


It is unfortunate that the accused in this case committed this heinous crime while on bail for a similar crime.

This puts pressure on magistrate and judges while at the same they are blamed by the general public.

Zimbabwe laws allow magistrate's and judges to grant bail to all criminals as long as conditions permit irrespect of the seriousness of the cases. The law does not say accused persons of serious crimes must not considered for bail.

Our law does not give specifics of rules when an accused may be granted bail and when he should not be granted bail. It only gives general parameters like whether the accused has known address, whether the accused is likely to commit further crimes, whether the accused is likely to abscond court and whether the accused shall interfer with witnesses. Lastly, they also consider the the seriousness of the crime, especially when determining the amount of the bail.

Therefore in this case, courts must not be blamed for having given the accused bail in the first case.


Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Dhara Racho 1 month ago

At times mob justice is the way to go

36 1 month ago

Our own judges and our own magistrates let us down.God is for us all,every dog has its day.

Gwedu 1 month ago

Justice Justice justice, in as much as Capital puniay is not human right, sometime it calls for. need.

Mukanyapazvese 1 month ago

Do these judges undergo the same programmes? Why does it seem their judgements are incoherent

ZEC 1 month ago

@ william sonboy chinembiri
zvimwe zvinongodawo common sense..judges/magistrates should deny bail to criminals who pose a danger to society..our justice system is ****ed up and disgraceful

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