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Mum Of Two Boys Killed By Snake Heartbroken

Mum Of Two Boys Killed By Snake Heartbroken

The two brothers from Buhera who died after they were bitten by a snake about two weeks ago were reportedly fighting for a bird when the venomous reptile attacked them.

Tawananyasha (9) and Tinotenda Newman Mujeyi (14) of Gandidze Village under Chief Makumbe, died on their way to Murambinda Mission Hospital.

The Mujeyi brothers were bitten by a black mamba (rovambira) while hunting in Gukuranenzara Mountain in Buhera District, Manicaland Province.

Tinotenda was bitten on his thigh and Tawananyasha on his foot as they were fighting to be the first to pick a bird killed in a bush near Guranenzara mountain.

The boys’ mother Winnie Gwavava (41), told H-Metro that she is yet to come to terms with the tragedy. Said Gwavava:

I was really affected by the death of my children.

Vakabuda vari 5 kuenda kunopfura shiri saka pakapfurwa shiri yakasvikodonhera paiva nenyoka. (They were five of them when they went to the bush on a hunting expedition, so after striking a bird, it fell close to a snake).

Vana vangu voga ndivo vakamhanyira kunonhonga shiri iyoyo. (Only my boys ran to pick up the bird).

One of them was a twin and I am yet to accept how I lost them in such an incident.

The two were laid to rest at Mujeyi homestead in Mombeyarara village.

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NeMuziq 6 months ago


L 6 months ago

As a mother I'm devasted too.mumwe wedu akarwadziwa loosing 2 children at a time MTSRIEP

Sir dejavu kudera 6 months ago

May their souls rest in peace

Membatafadzwa4031@gmail 6 months ago

Ummm sad story shame umm it hate mommy. Tadzimbwa panyamanhete ummm iii zvakaoma

E Gushu 6 months ago

May their dearest souls rest in peace

Davis Phiri 6 months ago

Sorry Mama. Chennai munetariro kuita kwaTenzi

Jena° 6 months ago

My condolences... only God knows...


Rejoice 6 months ago

Painful story.mwari ndivo vanopa ,ndivo vanotora

Rejoice 6 months ago

Painful storry

Nomsa Dongo 6 months ago

Very sorry zvnorwadza asi chemai netariro nguva ndeyamwari

Esse Quam videri 6 months ago

My condolences am so sorry..

Jacqueline nare 6 months ago

Thats fair

General 6 months ago


Tinotenda David 6 months ago


NHM 6 months ago

So painful, only God knows.I can’t imagine what you must be going through. I’m so sorry for your loss. MTSRIP

Benyu mundiro 6 months ago

Painfull zvinodzimba

Alec Khanye 6 months ago

Shame sad story I'm really sorry

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 6 months ago


Legend 6 months ago

Shame tine urombo so painful to loose children at such a tender age may their souls rest in eternal peace

Assassin 6 months ago

...Ummm shame sad story um really sorry for that mummy

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