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Mukumba Bus Crash Claims 2 Lives, 18 Injured

Mukumba Bus Crash Claims 2 Lives, 18 Injured

Two (2) people died while eighteen (18) others were injured when a Mukumba bus (Inter-Africa) was involved in an accident along the Mutare-Masvingo Road on Wednesday, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has said.

In a post on Twitter, ZRP said the Mukumba bus which had 56 passengers on board crashed at the 267 km peg along the Mutare-Masvingo Road. ZRP said:

The ZRP confirms the death of two people and injury of 18 others in a road traffic accident which occurred at the 267 km peg along Mutare-Masvingo Road on 22/06/22 when a Mukumba bus which had 56 passengers crashed.

On 9 April this year, forty-nine (49) people were injured when an Inter-Africa bus was involved in an accident along the Harare-Bulawayo Road near National Sports Stadium.

Police said the driver of the bus lost control of the vehicle before it veered off the road and overturned.

The accident occurred barely five days after one person was killed while 22 others were injured when another Inter-Africa bus overturned at Karina in Norton.

The bus was travelling from Murombedzi to Harare with 58 passengers on board.

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what do u think 5 days ago

ndiko kuti vanhu vaite shungu dzekutenga mota

Duduzani 5 days ago

Those who know that road from Masvingo to Mutare will tell you that it's now a death trap. The way bus drivers are speeding on the road to reach a bus stop with many passengers before other buses its not safe at all. Driving during the day along that road it's more dangerous with stray domestic animals, vendors along the road

parasite 5 days ago

Miteuro yaMwazha ya expire. Chechi yoita zveheresi kkkkk the company must fire its transport and logistics manager . Akurara pabasa

Dumebi the dirty girl 5 days ago

dzingori mhepo dzinongofamba we are towards elections kuti vanhu vawane zvekutaura

bvanyangu 5 days ago

its high time this company was investigated.

@king tofee 4 days ago

Enda kubasa

king tofee 5 days ago

taurai shona


Gokwe citizen 5 days ago

accident inongoitika you cannot escape the day it wil happen .it's either ndiwe passenger uriku tsomewa nemhepo dzekwenyu or driver kana fault ye bhazi racho kana masatanist,pamwe muridzi kuchekeresa futi kuriko hapana anokwira bhazi richaita accident if you know.

Thallium 5 days ago

Chikwambo chiya choda ropa zvino...

Df 5 days ago

Accident its a disaster not a hazard. Majority of them are mitigated by good driving while some goes out of hand like this. Even of they go yesterday to reach today if accident is meant to happen can still happen. MTDSRIP and we commend the Company to improves it's work place disaster reduction.

Asalif 5 days ago

This is probability Mukumba has many busses now outnumbering even Zupco by far so the number of vehicle you have equals to the number of accidents recorded if you have 5 vehicles how do you expect an accident even in a year just be punctual it's statistics

sugar boy 5 days ago

kwava kuchekeresaa uko manji zvanyanya izvi

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