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Mugabe's Son To Contest For A ZANU PF Youth League Post | Report

Mugabe's Son To Contest For A ZANU PF Youth League Post | Report

The late former President Robert Mugabe’s son, Robert Mugabe Jnr, is reportedly set to contest for a leadership position in the ZANU PF youth league at its national conference. The youth league’s 7th national conference runs between 4 and 8 May.

New Zimbabwe reported ZANU PF sources as saying Mugabe (30) is considering contesting at the conference though the position he is eyeing could not be established. Said a source:

Robert Jnr will be contesting for a post within the Youth League, which holds its elective conference beginning of May.

He is laying the foundation for a fully-fledged political career in a bid to fill his father’s shoes.

Commenting on the report, ZANU PF acting deputy secretary for youth Tendai Chirau said:

We will only know people who are interested after the submission of CVs (curriculum vitae) which is done at the DCC (district coordinating committee) and provincial levels.

We haven’t yet received them. I wouldn’t know if he (Robert Jnr) is interested because it’s just like you have just finished ‘A’ Levels and you say you want to go to university when results are not yet out.

It is not clear if Mugabe is eligible. A leaked ZANU PF memo states that candidates have to be below 35 years old, registered voters, fully paid-up members who have served at least five years at district level, and without criminal records.

Mugabe is also reported to be in line to run for the Zvimba West National Assembly seat in the 2023 elections. The seat is currently held by Justice Minister Ziyambi Ziyambi.

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shelly 2 months ago

mwana wegudo igudo, hapana hapana

Anonymous 2 months ago

Our generation and the next cant be tormented by the same name.
Robert Mugabe is a name of the past 2 months ago

kkkkk ahh these guys vakutoona kunge monarch country kaino

factos 2 months ago

the man is here to revenge
soon he will be contesting for presidential post
mark my words
and people who will suffer is chiwenga and munangagwa

pfachaa 2 months ago

The Mugabes, the Mnangagwas all the same. we will never support you

Chen 2 months ago

Who cares , our future and children future doesn't lie upon chitunha. Kubviswa kana kusabviswa it doesn't add an inch to our economy.


Aiwa ka 2 months ago

Musapuse 😂😂he's eyeing for that position so that his father havabviswe kuiswa kuNational Heroes acre. It's quite clear. Once he gets a position, zvayendwa. Havacha repatriate baba vake

Binga man 2 months ago

Us Tongas are not part of your mthwakazi. U occupy our land. U should instead leave

Ndlovini 2 months ago

Tonga and dogs are living thanks to our mercy...

corekiting 2 months ago

please pindula kindly delete akl post which are racist,discrimation,victimisation,bully from Mthwakazi repunlic president

what sort of president who spew such hatrage on these platiform

is it a crime to be on pindula
why taking us as your ride
this platiform is for news why bringing Gukurahundi issuies here who do you want to settle scores with

i want to drive your balls up to your occipital

Chapwititi Kestombela 2 months ago

This gibberish that you are spewing here is of no value to any upright thinking person. How old are you mr sleeping giant? Do you know what happened during Mfecane? Get your facts right before spreading childish lies to the public.

I'm a proud mkwenyana of the Khumalo lineage, happily married to my Ndebele queen!!!

mzukuru 2 months ago

ziyambi Ziyambi is eyeing for a senator while Robert will take on that position as an MP,Ko Chatunga aripiwo arikuita zvekudya mari nekurara nemvana kuSandton uko,chatunga must b home buying drugs in mbare ,we used to go kuzvi roadside canteen for sadza nemabhonzo whiledoing our errands,Robert is very much reserved we want Chatunga ,Chris Mutsvangwa please make a plan to take Chatunga on board for a political arrena.

proudly zimbabwean 2 months ago

cde keep on will never happen

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