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Mugabe's Gushungo Dairy Closes As Grace Sells 700 Dairy Cows

Mugabe's Gushungo Dairy Closes As Grace Sells 700 Dairy Cows

Gushungo Dairy Estates has closed shop after former first lady Grace Mugabe sold about 700 dairy cows worth about US$1.4 million to a prominent butcher.

The Independent reports that the development has rendered about 120 workers jobless.

The publication further reports that the company had a US$20 million debt, which forced the entity to auction some of its equipment to pay creditors.

The estate, formerly known as Foyle Farm before the property was parcelled to the Agricultural and Rural Development Authority (ARDA) by the then Agriculture ministry, measures 1 200 hectares.

It was later taken by the late former president Robert Mugabe who set up a state-of-the-art dairy plant in Mazowe — about 40km north of Harare. Over 80 newly resettled farmers in Mazowe were forcibly removed to pave way for Mugabe’s business venture.

Gushungo Dairy equipment was imported from South Africa for about US$15 million at a time when Mugabe was ruling Zimbabwe. The company Alpha Omega Dairy (Pvt) Ltd under the Gushungo Estates produced milk, yoghurt, cheese and ice cream.

Sources told the Zimbabwe Independent this week that Grace Mugabe failed to run the business resulting in the sale of 700 dairy cows to a local butcher.

At market value, each dairy cow costs around US$$2 000, but the butcher could have bought them at a lesser price as the cattle were meant for beef. Said the anonymous source:

Gushungo Dairy is closed. Workers have been sent home; about 120 of them. Just a few were left doing menial jobs.

The Independent reports that the dairy equipment is lying idle as a millionaire businessman who is renting the farm has not yet started producing.

Apart from the collapsed Gushungo Dairy, a 1 000 pig and 6 000 chicken project at Mugabe’s rural Kutamba village home, suffered a natural death as Grace neglected the projects.

Mugabe left a huge business portfolio mainly in farming with 21 farms which were acquired when his government touted the one-man-one-farm land policy.

Signs of financial problems started showing in May 2019 after Gushungo Dairy Farm auctioned five combine harvesters, five Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks and other farm equipment. Mugabe later died on September 6, 2019.

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Povo 1 week ago

Izikirimu iya

Povo 1 week ago

Izikirimu iya

ARDA 1 week ago

Gushungo Dairies was never run as a proper company so we are not surprised that it collapsed.

Swagger 1 week ago

Next auction all mansions on sell

Jah🇿🇼Tsvarie-07 1 week ago

Ndoopaunonzwa zvichinzi titi hatidi nenyika yedu isu tisina kana tuck shop nxxh we need change that benefit every citizen...

BABA VA BLUE💙 1 week ago

Ndopaunoona kuti ZANU PF haina tsitsi munhu 1 anoita 21 ma farms umwe haana kana 1 hectare chaiyo dirty mofos yall going to die

domingos rui 1 week ago

Those are millions of stolen tax payer funds lost down the drain. benefitted nobody. vana va Mugabe nekuku running around flashing stolen wealth in flash cars. mnangagwa atangawo nekuku nevana vake... Zimbabweans, can't we wake up and stop this rot of corruption and thieving...


Dirigsme 1 week ago

2023 we going for a referendum. Vote Yes or No. Yes for change or No to maintain the status quo. This vote is a replica of 1980. Then we did not have cells, branches or districts. There was no constitution. No congress. We were simply voting for black majority. Likewise come 2023 we don't even need to know who we voting for all we need is CHANGE.

1 week ago

Observer 1 week ago

It's sad how our politicians amass wealth while the people suffer and continue to suffer.

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

Gushungo Dairy folded because it was run on political grounds. Secondly, former President, the late Robert Mugabe and the former first lady, Grace Mugabe, did not introduce their children, Bona, Robert and Chatunga to their business. Grace is always out in Malaysia. She had very little time for that business. Workers were left to do as they pleased..




Secretary 1 week ago

haaa kwakuuya dendairy tikuda kuisa Lucerne pa Chilonga in Chiredzi, ushe madzoro.

: 1 week ago

handina kumbobvira ndadya mkaka wavo ndaisema . ngavavhare zvavo

Chimboti Pizza 1 week ago

Murume wako Grace anga ari mboko. Ehe chitobroker handiti haunamate😂

zuze 1 week ago

Nyika inovakwa ne mbavha dzayo. Grace Goreraza unonyadzisa kkk.

Chawabvunza 1 week ago

It happens in business.


doc wekwa zvimba 1 week ago


Ghetto Yut 1 week ago

Zvakaoma shuwa farming is not for the lazy bones

Tio4 1 week ago

This is what happens when a business is run on political grounds, once one is out of power it folds. The workers have been rendered jobless. The business was not supposed to close as everything was in place from state of the art dairy equipment it was to challenge dairiboard and dendairy market share all it needed was proper management, sadly its all gone down the drain.

XXX 1 week ago

Illicit gains will always dwindle away, ipai vashandi pension, dzawo. Small house yakazombogona kurunner business when , twumagold digger utwu kumora chete. Pamafarms 21 ngavasare ne1 motipawo zvee isusu maYouths.

SC 1 week ago

Regardless of how it was found, this company wasn't worth closing. The second republic did a wicked thing. It provided competition to other dairy companies which led to quality production of products. Its pricing was also fair and now dairiboard is relaxing

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