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Mudzuri, 6 Other MDC Officials Say Their Suspension Was Unlawful

Mudzuri, 6 Other MDC Officials Say Their Suspension Was Unlawful

Elias Mudzuri, a former MDC vice president, and six other party members who were suspended lately over a number of alleged offences have argued that their removal was unlawful, raising more doubts about Douglas Mwonzora‘s authority as the party’s leader.

The opposition suspended Mudzuri, Norest Marara, Gift Konjana, John Nyika, Den Moyo, Edwin Dzambara, and Edwin Kakora on Monday for allegedly breaking party rules, having illegal meetings, and undermining the democratic procedures of the organisation.

The seven argued in an internal memo submitted to the party’s national chairperson Solomon Chikohwero that the Mwonzora camp’s suspension of them was unlawful. They also vowed to continue carrying out their party obligations.

They cited sections of the MDC constitution that state that the president and national chairperson are elected in a congress, therefore, since there was no congress, the party’s presidency, national chairperson, and standing committee positions were all vacant. Read the memo seen by ZimLive:

As per of the MDC Constitution, The President and National Chairman of the party together with the rest of the Standing Committee office bearers shall be elected at Congress.

Since no congress has been held according to the tenets of the party constitution, the offices stipulated in are deemed to remain vacant.

Any individual seeking to usurp powers vested in is acting ultra-vires the party constitution and any actions, announcements, or representations from such individuals are null and void.

The seven officials, according to MDC spokesperson Witness Dube, were accused of leaking the information to the media in an effort to get unwarranted attention.

Dube claimed that the suspended officials were merely seeking public sympathy because they even considered writing to Chikohwero, who they claim was improperly using his position as party chair. Dube said:

We will not be drawn to argue on our constitution in the media because this is what these attention seekers will derive satisfaction from.

The fact that they recognise a chairperson they consider to have been elected illegally shows that they are only playing to the gallery, and may be afraid of appearing before the disciplinary hearing.

The party will comment after their case has been properly considered in accordance with our constitutional provisions.

Insiders claim that the seven suspended party leaders were unofficially dismissed for criticising Mwonzora’s leadership, and the opposition used the impending disciplinary process as a public relations gimmick.

According to reports, the suspended leaders are currently developing a plan to contest their expulsion and Mwonzora’s authority.

They attribute the party’s unpopularity and dismal performance in last year’s by-elections to Mwonzora’s strategies.

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Tateguru 2 weeks ago

Unlawfulness doesn't start with these suspensions, – the whole MDC-T outfit is unlawful. How could they expect lawfulness in an unlawful outfit?

2 weeks ago

Mwonzora haana shungu nevanhu he is just on a mission to split the opposition votes

2 weeks ago

Benz yaakapiwa iya ukuti ndeyemahara here iya

pachipamwe 2 weeks ago

kutungana kwembudzi nechinodzingirwa vanhu chii pachinhu chakaora

kritique 2 weeks ago

chaora chinhu ichi...

2 weeks ago

Unlawful or not, zero is zero 2 weeks ago

2023 elections MDC T 0

Anonymous 2 weeks ago

NdakachiMaster chiGame ichi. Makapinda zvisiri pamutemo so what do u xpect from your party... I might be wrong to say party... Sorry


Mwonzora 2 weeks ago

We expect to win the 2023 general erection resoundly vote mwonzora

2 weeks ago

It's 2023, the guys know that they is no chance to get back to parliament.... So trying to find a way to join CCC, manje not now coz we know you better

bozslady 2 weeks ago

politics dirty game handiteedzeri izvo

Patriot 2 weeks ago

That's a briefcase party that one, full of opportunists.

mutsa 2 weeks ago

muchapera henyu kuti tsvai. kwasara mamwe ma... achateera futi famba dougie

cc 2 weeks ago

cheuka cheuka singing

Zuze 2 weeks ago

Paul Madzore akaramba neMusic yake kuti iimbwe kwaNzondora.

Zvaramba 5 days ago

Budayi MDCT sa Khupe to ccc mwana wedu ponds mukomana

chinja 5 days ago

66,%munoiwana muchida nyara mwonzora pasi need enda ku CCC DM

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