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Mthwakazi Separatists Unmoved By Mnangagwa Threats

Mthwakazi Separatists Unmoved By Mnangagwa Threats

The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) has dismissed threats made by President Emmerson Mnangagwa against secessionist movements that are pushing for the creation of a Mthwakazi Republic in Zimbabwe.

Addressing ZANU PF supporters at a campaign rally in Chitungwiza on Wednesday, Mnangagwa warned those pushing for the creation of a breakaway state in southwestern Zimbabwe that their lives will be shortened.

He singled out the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP), one of several other pressure groups in the region which share the secessionist agenda of the movement.

Responding to the threats, MRP described Mnangagwa as a criminal who should be hauled before the International Court of Justice, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations (UN). The party said on its Twitter page:

The threat to Mthwakazi people’s restoration Movements by Emmerson Mnangagwa in his rally today at Chitungwiza is a travesty of Justice!

He, Mnangagwa is a criminal, not our people. Mthwakazi will be free at last.

The cries of the victims of Gukurahundi for Justice are confusing this president of Zimbabwe. His portion is at The Hague.

People in southwestern Zimbabwe complain of alleged marginalisation which they say include deliberate exclusion from the economic system and lack of equal opportunity in various areas as well unresolved issues around the Gukurahundi killings.

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THULANI 1 month ago


ADVOCATE 2 months ago


thrasher 2 months ago

that y we got soldiers it a good exercise for the boy

chibaba 2 months ago

anopfekerei mask kana asingatye


Nick Mangwana 2 months ago

*Mnangagwa threatens to ‘shorten’ the lives of Mthwakazi separatists*

HARARE – President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday threatened to “shorten” the lives of individuals advocating for a separate state in south western Zimbabwe.

Mnangagwa maintained that Zimbabwe would remain a unitary state.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Chitungwiza, the Zanu PF leader singled out the small Mthwakazi Republic Party which campaigns on a platform of a breakaway state covering parts of the Midlands and all of the Matabeleland provinces.

“There’re some who, after eating beans, they overestimate their influence, groups like Mthwakazi. They want Zimbabwe to be divided in the middle, and the other part becomes Mthwakazi Republic,” Mnangagwa said.

“They will talk and talk until they’re old and dead and Zimbabwe will be here still as a unitary state. No-one will divide this country.”

Mnangagwa’s address took a dark turn, however, when he appeared to threaten the activists with death.

He thundered: “They must be quiet and work with the government of the day and thrive because if they keep doing what they’re doing, there’s no country in this world that will support secession. The United Nations recognises us as we are, no-one will divide us into small states.

“You’ll be looking to shorten your life. You must walk a path that prolongs your life.”

Parallels will be drawn in the tone of Mnangagwa’s comments with his threats in the 1980s against “dissidents” in south western Zimbabwe and the Midlands.

Then the intelligence minister, Mnangagwa described the dissidents – a small group of soldiers that refused to demobilise after the 1970s bush war of independence – as “cockroaches.” The 5th Brigade army unit deployed to hunt them down was “DDT”, he said, referring to a deadly pesticide used to exterminate vermin.

He said at one rally in 1983: “Blessed are they who will follow the path of the government laws, for their days on Earth will be increased. But woe unto those who will choose the path of collaboration with dissidents for we will certainly shorten their stay on earth.”

By the end of its campaign from 1983 to 1987, the 5th Brigade had killed over 20,000 minority ****, mostly in rural Matabeleland. Mnangagwa has never been able to shake off accusations by rights groups that he incited the genocide.

The Mthwakazi Republic Party is a fringe organisation operating largely in Bulawayo and the two Matabeleland provinces where it has participated in elections and won a very small share of votes.

It traces its demands to the drawing of boundaries of present day Zimbabwe by colonialists who found various competing kingdoms controlling different parts of the land before lumping them together and naming the new country Southern Rhodesia.

The Ndebele kingdom of Mthwakazi – founded by King Mzilikazi’s people who migrated from KwaZulu Natal in South Africa – was found in south-western Zimbabwe.

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Porina 2 months ago

Nhy zvinorevei kuti 'Mthwakazi'?

Seh Calaz @mabhanditi 2 months ago

Tinoku Ukranai *******

Pumura Ordhi Pumura 2 months ago

Vakomana veMthwakazi vaa kupisika nerazor

Freeman 2 months ago

The fact that he singled out MRP is a sign of the fear he has & the work you have done....Viva mthwakazi...kayihlome...noma nini

Fancton 2 months ago


Zimbo 2 months ago

Please don't separate from us....tingamame zve**** tikasara toga nembava idzi dzinongoziva kuroya nekuba chete

Baba Wee 2 months ago

Its all about "threats " zvekuti uri kutaura zvine musoro here kana kuti rubbish ndeimwe nyaya. Kutyisidzirana ndekwei muZimbabwe yakasununguka?

THE FIEND 2 months ago


murozvi 2 months ago

this one is a treasonous terrorist and deserves to be brought to a befitting fate

Khumalo 2 months ago

Moyos are the OWNERS of Mthhwakazi... Mzilikazi ruled in an Alliance with Mambo...uMoyo e Kalangas...

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

*M a s h o n a land*

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

icho ndochokwadi chinonetsa vanu ve****land

Mafia 2 months ago

ummm iwe ndiwe muthwakazi wacho usaite muyembe nevanhuka waita mudiki chaizvo pakuvhiringidza vanhu rega timbofambira nyaya dziriko idzi dzine basa wozoita zvako izvozvi 2024 zvarongeka.imi vekumahumbwe mochitamba zvenyu nyika yanaka

Mthwakazi republic president 2 months ago

so pindula censored the word ndebele
but not the word shona??????

pindula is tribalist

Limbikani (Admin) 2 months ago

We do not censor the word Ndebele. If it were so, your comment would not have the word and this comment I am making here would also not have it

Gahazu 2 months ago

Yes Tindo

Rebe 7 2 months ago

No to separatists in our country. Its a pity when someone hears a warning and calls it a threat. Moyo urikumhanya bani.Dzikama unyatsodzikama hako iwe Moyo wekwa Nyamweda.
By th way ukumboitei kumhiri kwemakungwa. Src politicians are here on th ground. Mira kuitisa vamwe.
'Mene mene tekel'

Rebe 7 2 months ago

If i recall correctly real **** are of th Khumalo Clan from SA who ran away from Tshaka and are still branded as thieves by th Zulu.
Nw this mthwakazi, who is he. Ana Moyo muri**** weee. Usada kuzviita muNdebele iwe wakatoita zvekupambwa nana Khumalo. Go back into history and search dzinza rako iwe ****. Usatiunzira confusion yemunhu anonwa tumbwa. Dzikama or yo days are numbered zvesure. The true **** know their place not iwe mubvandiripo Moyo wakabva Nyamweda. **** rako.

Gaffer 2 months ago

There's nothing called real Ndebele or fake Ndebele... Ndebele is a state of different tribes. ..why do Shoonas always claim that there is real and fake ndeebele???so you being a ndeebele is something special to extentt of feeling inferior???

Tindo 2 months ago

Moyo a pure Shona wants to separate from his kith and kin. Real **** are very good people they're just being mislead by that Shona guy mqondisi moyo

Murozvi Mukuru 2 months ago

Iwe kana usingazive nezve vaera Moyo nyarara unotisvoresa

Moyo 2 months ago

Moyo is not Shona but Kalanga..& Kalanga is the largest tribal group in mthwakazi state

Black Jack 2 months ago

Mtwakazi just vote for CCC tibvise madhars aya e ZANU. Kwete zvawavs kutaura. Wsti unoda kuita President wechii zviya.mmmmm pakaipa.

Not sure what 2 months ago

Haunzwe manje

Generari SHAPOSHNIKOV 2 months ago


learn 2 months ago

akuda kuitawo nyika yake muzimbabwe kkkkk

😴 2 months ago

Just go and reclaim your land back from where you fled Tshaka Zulu. Weaklings nxaaaaa. We do not want confusion in Zimbabwe.Go claim your territory in SaSafrika.



Gaffer 2 months ago

MTHWAKAZI has no president at the moment
.. Chief Ndiweni was arrested for 1)openly supporting Chamisa 2)for expelling a man from his place who had COMMITTED a crime+++Zanu took e opportunity to arrest him.,.... I know you got loads of experience buh this time you derailed.

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Executive nhai 😂😂 Wakagadzwa nani ipapo.

Pindula Executive. Im going to cyber bully you until you scream Zvimbazi stop it.

The Adjudicator 2 months ago

Muthwakazi dreaming is for free.We say no to dividing our motherland.If Yu want a share of Africa consult Lobengula or go bck to Zululand.

Jinx 2 months ago

Ndooka blaz kacho aka 🤣
Was expecting a more menacing, perhaps more scary figure.
Keep on dreaming Mthwakazi

Trumpet 2 months ago

Does the President have advisors. You can't be a State President who always threaten your fellow country citizens. I am a ZANU PF to the core bt some elements within the gvt are sabotaging the party

Zvimbazi 2 months ago

Mthwakhazi is Zlenski
Ed is Putin

nkalakatha 2 months ago

we must fight with this president whom manage this country like his farm

Mujumba 2 months ago

Don't divide us pliz Mthwakhazi we are one pple lets fight Zanu Pf with one voice Vote for CCC together make it pasi netribalism Zimbabwe is for us all

Vax 2 months ago

Uyo🖕🖕🖕🖕 ndiye leader wacho weMTWAKAZi here? Kkkkk ngaazive zvekutamba nazvo Chero tikati anoda shamhu ine munyu inorovawo papi? Zvaanenge mfudzi wemombe zve

Gaffer 2 months ago

He is not president of MTHWAKAZI buh MRP,political party.. Mqondisi Moyo..very tough and extremely intelligent

Anonymous 2 months ago

hasiye kkk but iye mudhafu anopfekawo chi head band che skin

🚩 2 months ago

Zambia separated, Malawi separated now its time for Mthwakazi to separate from the tribal supremacist country called Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a binary country .

chinhu chedu 1 month ago

**** rako

thrasher 2 months ago

u need a beating

bvanyangu 2 months ago

shut up

Joe 2 months ago

Apa makurasika tsvagai dzimwe nzira dzekuti muzivikanwe kana Chamisa haaterere zvakadhakwa taurai dzimwe nyaya pamwe tinganzwe

DaCool 2 months ago

Phambili ngeMthwakazi in Future bt for now We want CCC

zimboy 2 months ago

whatsoever the reasons might be...these guys needs to be disciplined

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