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Mthuli Ncube Explains Civil Servants' Bonuses

Mthuli Ncube Explains Civil Servants' Bonuses

Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube has confirmed that civil servants, civil service pensioners and war veterans will receive their bonuses later this month through bank deposits into their Nostro accounts.

In an interview with State media, Ncube said all bonus recipients will be allowed to withdraw their money in cash at their respective banks. He said:

It (bonus) is going to be paid into Nostro accounts of civil servants.

They will be able to withdraw it as cash or transfer it to their cards and use it for purchases or even keep it in their savings accounts.

For pensioners, naturally, their benefits will also be paid in US dollars, even for war veterans, everyone who is on the civil service payroll will receive their bonuses in foreign currency this year.

He explained that the Government decided to pay this year’s bonuses in foreign currency owing to high inflation rates. Said Ncube:

We realised as Government that there was pressure from inflation being pushed by the parallel market and inflation was beginning to go up.

Also, there was a call from the civil servants’ leadership that there should be payment of the bonuses in US dollars, so we responded to these two calls.

The President had also said let us do it and pay the civil servants in US dollars and we are going to do that for this year’s bonuses.

Last week Finance and Economic Development secretary George Guvamatanga said bonuses will be paid out up to a maximum of US$700 for civil servants while civil service pensioners are set to receive US$100 as bonus payments and an extra US$80 for their spouses and US$60 for their children.

He said civil servants earning more than US$700 will be paid their balances in local currency.

It is projected that the Government will fork out US$90 million to pay the bonuses.

More: The Sunday Mail

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Chapwititi 6 months ago

The difference is the same.USD into Nostro Account is equivalent to RTGS at Auction rate;ummm VaMuntuli musadaro vanhu shuwa;musi wazvopera hatidi vanozotiza.

Ngomo Josiah 6 months ago

Some pensioners who worked in public offices and and are now paid their pension in private, how are they going to benefit?

ED 6 months ago

Good day

Mthulious but why Mthulious


Yours truly


Mdara Odza 6 months ago

What Mthuli is saying is they will deposit US$ bonuses into accounts however they'll only get half their value in rtgs$ as there won't be any US$ withdrawals and it will be converted at the non-existent RBZ auction rate which is half of the real rate (black market rate). The interview was exclusively with the captured State media journalists had there been Independent or freelance media journalists then they would have asked him why government is not doing the same the monthly salaries.

JJ 6 months ago

A big thank you to our listening President ,but some of the people you have are pulling you done with the way they are experimenting with the people of Zimbabwe ,we should have trustworthy people in positions dealing with matters to do with the welfare of the people of Zimbabwe


Kitsiyatota 6 months ago

Mabharanzi as long as mari iyoyo irimuAccount chibvai maziva kuti haasi maUS.

Mdara Odza 6 months ago

There won't be enough cash for withdrawals majority will have to do with converting it to rtgs$ at the non-existent RBZ's auction rate.

Chogu fire03°^∆ 6 months ago

Keep it up Zanu pf job well done.

Chikomborero 6 months ago

Taura hako.hakuna US dhora rinobuda nemunostro.zvakamboitika pacovid allowance ndezvenhema izvoooo kubata vanhu kumeso ukoo

Tiguh 6 months ago

Good work

Patati Patata 6 months ago

ED Mnangagwa number 1,

B&C 6 months ago

Church yamanikidzwa nasatan.

Doroguru 6 months ago

Kkk lol makomenta kusiriko

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