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Mthuli Gave Us A Basket To Carry Water - Civil Servants

Mthuli Gave Us A Basket To Carry Water - Civil Servants

Civil servants have accused Finance and Economic Development Minister, Mthuli Ncube, of taking them for fools after he allegedly reneged on his promise to increase their salaries in September.

Ncube promised to increase government workers’ salaries this month but this has not materialised.

Zimbabwe Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (ZCPSTU) secretary general, David Dzatsunga told Business Times on Wednesday that civil servants are failing to make ends meet. Dzatsunga said:

We had hoped that the finance minister would honour his promise to review our salaries this September.

But, with no increment, it’s now very difficult for us to make ends meet.

We are just wondering how on earth we are supposed to manage fees, and day-to-day life and be able to go to work.

Now that the majority of the civil servants have received their salaries and there is no increment it shows that we were given a basket to carry water.

This is an utter lack of respect for all the government workers as we were planning in line with the increment.

Civil service union leaders were expected to meet on Friday to discuss their plight and map the way forward.

A police officer who declined to have his identity revealed told Business Times that his net salary for September after pension and medical aid deductions was ZWL$42 250. Said the police officer:

It’s a nightmare for me as I expected to surpass the ZWL$80 000 mark this month.

I don’t know what I am going to do with this ZWL$42 000 and how I will pull through next month.

In a meeting with civil servants on 1 August this year, Ncube revealed there was a possibility of a salary adjustment. He said:

The government will, however, review the situation in September to see if there is a scope to increase the US$ as well as the ZWL components premised on revenue inflows.

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Captain Jack Sparrow 2 months ago

Both parties were just having speculative thoughts, no increment was ever promised kkkkkkk Trying to make a dollar out of 15 cents kkkk

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

Civil servant idya mavheji, ndozviripo😂😂😂

dispenser 2 months ago

I feel sorry for e rest of civil servants except police. The Zanu police have to languish in poverty

Ehe Ndikoko 2 months ago

Ini better handisi mu civil servant, kuita mu civil servant mu Zimbabwe kuroiwa chaiko, apa ma civil servants vacho mawandire avakaita ndivozve vanovhotera ZanuPf. Ehe rwadziwayi chaizvo especially police ne army ngavamame

Sir African 2 months ago

I m glady I left,I have no regrets.

Pensioner 2 months ago

lucky them.....isu tirikuwana 23000rtgs
nassa 7000rtgs

Security Guard 2 months ago

Lucky them.Vamwe tichiri pa USD50

OG 2 months ago

Guyz those civil sevance are geting 200 us its enough isusu we are getting less than 100us

biz 2 months ago

Unomboita basa rei OG?Kasi URI house girl?Saka Mari yangu ini teacher ane Masters ndichi ticha mwana wako Chemistry paKutama ifanane neyako???

the_analyser 2 months ago

If it doesn't concern you it's better to keep quiet than to comment saying civil servants are getting enough....who asked you how much you are earning? engage your employer into talks as civil servants are doing,,,why do you want to compare your salary with that of civil servants

Asalif 2 months ago

Maipemberera n'anga inobata Mai maiti zvoinda nepi you will earn that USD 580 in your dreams. Now you are talking kuti Mugabe was better

**** 2 months ago

nhengo ya baba vako


tagk 2 months ago

mari yana muthuli inenge ye zvigumwe hayibudi zvekumhanya


Muzvinafundo wemari Mthuli Ncube behaved like a school captain at a primary school.

One would not accept that that such horrible behaviour came from economic Professor. If civil servants accept this deplorable act by the poor professor, they will have nailed themselves. They must show this ZANU PF government that they are made of stainless steel.

Peaceful demonstrations are lawful in terms of our 2013 constitution. The leadership of Zimbabwe Federation of Public Sector Trade Unions [ ZCPSTU ] is also to blame. They should have made some follow ups early September when SSB compiles pay slips.




Yours faithfully
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

Sir African 2 months ago

Let the suffer ,they have no guts.

bvananguy 2 months ago

the only civil servants worth talking about in ZIMBABWE are teachers, nurses & doctors.
the rest are actually part and parcel of the system.

james bond 2 months ago

what about those in the agric ministry
Musadhibhe madhumeni enyi guys

ZimCitizen 2 months ago

Civil Servants should stop assisting Zanu peeyefu to rig electionsn. Ukayita chakashata wazviitira & vice vesa

Job Sikhala 2 months ago

chamofanira kuziva mu office hamupindiwi nepen mopindwa nepfuti nekudeuka kweropa ndizvo zvatakatomirira izvozvo Chamisa next ahapedzi marally ose aanoita achirimupenyu tinenge tamupfuudza wenyu Joby Joby ndiri paWhawha prison apo

ME 2 months ago

You not finish ABC Chitepo was assassinated byZanu Pf because he was head strong as he did not wish to negotiate with Smith .Kaunda had agreed that Smith would cede to majority within 5 years but Chitepo wanted the war to continue. They had to make way for Mugabe.

abc 2 months ago

So what if you kill chamisa? Stupid thinking. Chitepo was assassinated in 1975 but did that stop the liberation war

Strategic Direction 2 months ago

Ma civil servants musaite kunge anhu asina kudzidza. If the government gave you a basket to carry water just apply for loans, totenga Trinipon, movhara maburi, motakura mvura yenyu zvakanaka. Simpuru

Crocodile 2 months ago

@iwe unozviti Job Sikhala asi iwe hawuchafi ko sei muchida kuuraya vanhu zvausinganyari mashoko anotaurwa nemunhu ane pfungwa dziri ku**** sedzako zvinogadzira economy yenyika here mukauraya Chamisa zibenzi remunhu

Crocodile 2 months ago

@iwe unozviti Job Sikhala asi iwe hawuchafi ko sei muchida kuuraya vanhu zvausinganyari mashoko anotaurwa nemunhu ane pfungwa dziri ku**** sedzako zvinogadzira economy yenyika here mukauraya Chamisa zibenzi remunhu

,,,, dott 2 months ago

@ iwe kabush lawyer usafadza nekukwidza munhu ndege yemashanga

teacher 2 months ago

for we are real fools in whole Zimbabwe if not Africa

Muthuli 2 months ago

Inga ndatryer guys give me time

Kana vakuru vachichemera salary hike 2 months ago

Koo vano votera vakuru ivavo vachawanei, kuvhotera munhu arikuchemera salary yake ega kusefa mvura inesipo uchida kunwa


Anonymous 2 months ago

civil servants are earning more than a whole lot of us in the private sector, US$75 covid allowance + US$100 cushion allowance + ma rtgs iwayo kkkk but varikungotaura zvema rtgs chete, nyika yese tikutambura ma civil servants mutori nani apa. You are not the only pple in Zimbabwe lets win together and lose together

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