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Mtetwa Writes To ZRP Over Abton 'Bhito' Mashayanyika's "Chamisa Must Be Killed" Remarks

Mtetwa Writes To ZRP Over Abton 'Bhito' Mashayanyika's

Human Rights lawyer, Beatrice Mtetwa has written to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) over a ZANU PF, ABTON MASHAYANYIKA, who was recorded on camera recently inciting party supporters to kill Nelson Chamisa and opposition Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) supporters. Mashayanyika, popularly known as Bhito in Mabika, Gaururo and Mudavanhu areas, said Chamisa was a sellout who deserved to die. In a letter seen by Pindula News, Mtetwa wants ZRP, the Human Rights Commission, National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, National Prosecuting Authority, and the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to investigate the alleged incitement. Reads the letter:

I write to all your organizations concerning a video that has been circulating on various social media platforms where the person addressing the meeting called for the violent murder of NELSON CHAMISA, other supporters of his political party and his children. Should you require the video which incites the murder and violence against members of a lawful political party, same is readily available.

Like other citizens, I have been waiting with bated breath for the arrest of the inciter and for the law to take its course. As it does not appear that the law enforcement agencies have taken any action on these inciteful calls, I shall assume that the country’s ever-alert law enforcement agents missed this video in their usual scouring of social media sites in search of offensive and possibly criminal material.

Investigations have determined that the incitement to Murder and violence was issued by one ABTON MASHAYANYIKA, with the nickname BHITO who is said to be a Bishop of a religious organisation known as HABBAKUK APOSTOLIC FAITH MISSION. The inciter was addressing a ruling parry rally at RAMPOPO HILLS under CHIEF MAPIRAVANA in MBERENGWA NORTH and that he is from the DLEHARI AREA under SABHUKU KURAICHA.

To the Commissioner General of Police, I request that in line with your Constitutional mandate to detect, investigate, and prevent crime, in addition to protecting and securing the lives and property of Zimbabweans, you investigate these utterances with a view to prosecuting what is clearly a criminal offence which has the potential of affecting the country’s internal security and the various rights that citizens are entitled to enjoy as provided for in the Constitution.

To the Zimbabwean Human Rights Commission, I bring this matter to your attention so that you can, as part of your Constitutional mandate, investigate the conduct of the maker of the inciteful words with a view to directing the Commissioner General to fully investigate the matter as there can be no doubt that the call for the killing of Zimbabweans in a clear criminal act which violates Zimbabweans’ rights to freedom of association and the right to join and to participate in the activities of political parties of their choice has no place in a country which has full respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms. To the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, I request that, in terms of your Constitutional mandate, you intervene in this matter with a view to preventing the carrying out of the call to murder MR CHAMISA and his children and that you seek to conciliate and mediate any perceived conflict amongst the country’s political parties so that potential conflict, particularly as we approach the 2023 elections, is eliminated. It is my belief that your Commission, which is fully aware of the bloody nature of previous elections, is obliged to proactively advocate for tolerance and respect of different political beliefs and to promote peaceful co-existence amongst political parties. To this end, your Commission ought to be proactive in the discharge of its mandate where blatant calls for violence are made.

And to the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission, this is a complaint which would, if handled as is envisaged by the law, help political parties understand that every Zimbabwean has the right to participate in the country’s political processes without fear of being killed, maimed, intimidated and ultimately excluded in the determination of who governs the country. I, therefore, request that you take all necessary steps to ensure that all political parties are allowed the space required to campaign unhindered as the country approaches the 2023 elections and that where there are clear breaches of the law which will affect the fairness and freeness of electoral processes, you deal with such breaches in terms of the powers given to you under the Electoral Act.

And to the National Prosecuting Authority, the request is that you look into this matter and exercise your prosecutorial powers independently, impartially and without fear or favour so that the perception that you only pursue and vigorously prosecute opposition political party members can be dispelled.

I look forward to receiving acknowledgements from all of you and being appraised of your proposed courses of action.

Yours faithfully 


Pindula News

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Observer 3 weeks ago

One very respectable lawyer.
Pity our judges are a disgrace.


Ngaasungwe nemutemo aitoganza achiti he is too ZANU to be arrested.

job Sikhala 3 weeks ago

kusungwa naniko iwe imbwa iwe ahana anomusunga Chamisa ngaafe

totito 3 weeks ago

Iwe unorwara nepfungwa, asi uri product ye small house ya IyiDhiyi. Why dont you call yourself Dambudzo instead of abusing zita ra Job. Its because deep down in you heart you are ashamed of you father.

uplex 3 weeks ago

unoti vmwe imbwa iwe urichiii
soro muhombe

Cde 3 weeks ago

Sungai munhu uyu.

Mkanya 3 weeks ago

The law must not be selective

c 3 weeks ago

munhu ngaasungwe

Fari 3 weeks ago

Dai ari Sikhala akazvitaura angadai akasungwa kaaaare


Crocodile 3 weeks ago

@job Sikhala iwe woda kurayirei munhu kutaridza kuti unorwadziwa naChamisa kusvika pamoyo chaipo asi ziva kuti hapana asingafi newe uchafawo mashoko awunotaura kutaridza kuti unenge wakagarira njere dzako ndozvinoita vanhu vasingafunge vasingawone kuti nyika yagwadama pasi economy yenyika kufa kudaro

Machiavelli 3 weeks ago

Beatrice Mtetwa has upped the stakes now.
I await with baited breath for action/response from the quarters concerned.

My only misgiving is that she may have overlooked copying the correspondence to the President of ZANU to gauge his response as the said person purported to be speaking for and on behalf of ZANU. Maybe it's not too late to make an addendum to that effect.


I would like to congratulate Advocate Beatrice Mtetwa for courageously reporting Brito Mashayanyika for inciting ZANU PF supporters to kill Advocate Nelson Chamisa, his beloved children and CCC supporters.

The 5 organisations to which she reported are all Constitutionally charged with the mandate of maintenance of peace in one way or the other in ZImbabwe.

I fail to understand why these five organisations remained docile instead of being proactive by Investigating, arresting and prosecuting Brito Nyikayaramba. Why did they wait for Advocate Nelson Chamisa to report threats of violence to them instead of arresting the accused once they saw the video ?

Apostolic Faith Churches must not take advantage of the fact that His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa attends their churches and then commit crimes hoping that nothing is going to be done to them.

May I also submissively draw His Excellency Advocate President ED Mnangagwa's attention to the fact that some apostolic faith churches are now committing crimes foolishly and wrongfully drawing inspiration from him who attends their Apostolic Faith Church services.

With due respect to His Excellency, security issues are getting out hand and very soon they may become uncontrollable.





Yours sincerely
William Sonboy CHINEMBIRI

luv 3 weeks ago

statements from a political view point are always like that,all politicians do the same at their political rallies

rEezy 3 weeks ago


XXX 3 weeks ago

Rotten state , all state ministries are zanupolised, same offence that Sikhala is being arrested ,evidence ikutoita zvekubatanidzwa nekutsvagiridzwa kuti ivepoo iyoo isipoo.
There comes a person who is inciting people to engage in violence and killings , ZRP does nothing it folds hands. Zvayakangoita panaRushwaya, Java etc This government is stinking it must go for good. Chinonzi Zanu should not exist at all

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