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MRP Dismisses Claims Of Coalition Talks With CCC

MRP Dismisses Claims Of Coalition Talks With CCC

The Mthwakazi Republic Party (MPR) has dismissed claims that it is engaged in coalition talks with the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

During his recent rallies in Bulilima West and Gwanda Central, Chamisa reportedly told his supporters that CCC was negotiating with MRP.

However, the MRP secretary for information and publicity for Matabeleland South province, Khethani Nxebalendoda Ndlovu, said CCC is no different from ZANU PF, hence, they will not negotiate with either of the parties. Said Ndlovu:

The party’s Matabeleland south leadership had a successful visit to Madlambuzi. It emerged that the CCC led by Chamisa had just swarmed the area propagating blue lies that they had struck a unity deal with MRP.

They claimed that the MRP was working with CCC, hence people must attend CCC meetings. Even their party leader Chamisa was quoted as claiming to be working with Mqondisi Moyo (MRP leader).

Let it be known that, under no circumstances will we, as MRP coalesce with CCC. Working with CCC is exactly the same as working with ZANU PF.

We can’t cooperate with ZANU PF, a party that led to the genocide of our people in the 1980s, and continues to lead the marginalisation of Mthwakazi, CCC is no different from ZANU PF.


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citizen 1 month ago

ndiye mkomana wekuenda America akanoita meeting naTrump

#flash back

Ghetto Yut 1 month ago

cry babies bloody ****s

ngulungundu 1 month ago

wena chamisa ****, when did you have a meeting with our leadership,uzosinyanyisa wena

ngulungundu 1 month ago

wena chamisa ****, when did you have a meeting with our leadership,uzosinyanyisa wena

Gwanda 1 month ago

To hell with MRP,useless party

Toyani 1 month ago

MRP is just pressure group

Gafa 1 month ago

Kunzi uya padhuze ne CCC ndokuti cremora ka.Ngavabvunze Khupe kunze ukoopisa Zanu chaiyo irikuti dai tajoina CCC mberi kwaita rima


Bakhithi Nxumalo 1 month ago

How many represantatives does MRP have at council, parliament & Senate levels?
Have they ever contested in any by election?
How wide & deep is their membership?
Where do they deribe their mandate, if they have any ?

zhwane 1 month ago

wena Nxebalendoda what is MRP we don support such a team in matland talking or not talking with chamisa you are nothing mthwakazi people
our concern is upon zimbabwe and our children
VOTE CCC for a better Mthwakazi😶😶😶

Chawabvunza 1 month ago

People should not lose sleep believing that Mtwakhazi is a political party. Mtwakhazi is a tribal party formed around Ntabazinduna area. There is no need of even mentioning it.


phidza 1 month ago

kkk mthwakazi inoda kurapiswa malaria team yese zvayo

Cde Citizen 1 month ago

Zve MRP ipolitics yeECD they behave sema2000 they have an entitlement syndrome a childish and far fetched political philosophy that yields no results save for unwarranted and baseless confrontational activities

Da truth 1 month ago

thank you

Da Truth 1 month ago

MRP chii ichocho chinonzi MRP ndoziva MRI yekuchipatara Mangetic resolution imaging ndo latest machine here yekuchipatara inonzi MRP kana kuti pane aresva spelling achida kuti ZRP yellow power 😜 CCC chete zvimwe mishonga wema konzo kkkkkk who needs alians vanhu varipo sifuna I CCC khuphela fakhi I candidate mrp vs CCC kkkkkk u doggy style Nzvonyora wazama samu khipa I khanda asabonakhali ungaphi u Doggy mrp CCC always watch nextyear kkkkk

Gabarinocheka 1 month ago

I'm yet to be enlightened on the MRP's ideology,their domestic & foreign policy.

Da truth 1 month ago

They are foools dead on

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