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MRP Calls For UN Intervention In Zimbabwe Over 'Persecution'

MRP Calls For UN Intervention In Zimbabwe Over 'Persecution'

Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP) youths on Wednesday begged the United Nations (UN) to intervene in Zimbabwe to protect them from alleged persecution by the government.

MRP accuses President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government of persecuting its members.

In March this year, Mnangagwa threatened to “shorten” the lives of MRP activists while addressing a ZANU PF rally in Chitungwiza.

Later in Gweru, the President described MRP as a “bunch of people possessed by Biblical demon Legion”.

Addressing journalists during a Press conference in Bulawayo, MRP youth league member Mudenda Chilumbo, said:

We demand the prosecution of living perpetrators of the Gukurahundi genocide by the intervention of the Criminal Court of Justice.

This will avert the barbaric systematic torture of people, especially Mthwakazi activists.

The perpetrators include Mnangagwa, Vice-President Constantino Chiwenga and Sydney Sekeramai, among others.

As MRP we believe that organisations like the UN have a possible provision in their charter to deal with the gross human rights abuses.

It should be known that our Mthwakazi people are ill-treated and justice should be done to avert future injustices.

Chilumbo cited several incidences where Mnangagwa made threats against the Mthwakazi Republic Party. Chilumbo said:

We are disgruntled against the laws that are put in place to suppress our party. This follows the utterances that were made by Mnangagwa on March 23, when he was addressing a rally in Chitungwiza and he said he will shorten the lives of Mthwakazi activists.

Again on 23 June, when he was addressing locals at Bata Company in Gweru, he referred to Mthwakazi activists as possessed by a demon.

In Marondera, he repeated his threats through the prosecution of our members leading to the sentencing of MRP members to three years each.

He also demanded the release of the MRP9, that is, Welcome Moyo, Mongameli Xukuthwayo, Sibongile Mlotshwa, Latifa Banda, Busi Moyo, Livson Ncube, Nkosilathi Ncube, Maxwell Nkosi, Tinnos Nkomo and Ackim Ndebele who were jailed a combined 25 years.

Chilumbo alleged Bulawayo magistrate Tavengwa Sangster was under instruction from President Mnangagwa when he convicted the MRP activists.

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Sage 2 months ago

Patients for redemption is inevitable.

Phidza 2 months ago

Attention seekers

Ghost protocol 2 months ago

vangani Vakasungwa ,vangani vakapisirwa Misha ,vangani vakaurawa ,vangani vakambo kidnapped,vangani vaka repiwa ,vangani vakadzingwa basa vachidzingirwa politics ,vangani vaka nyimwa

Chimboti Pizza 2 months ago

Musakumbire rubatsiro from the international community for this problem, solution yavo will only make life harder coz solution yavo masanctions

i 2 months ago

Mthwakazi nhaimi mapindwa nei makatengwa here isu toda nyika intake imi muri busy nezvemahumbwe pliz pliz ngatinyaranei zvakuzoti bhowa manje saka zvirikuitwa Ukraine zvirikukunakidzai


voice of the voiceless 2 months ago

leave Mthwakazi people alone let them fight for their freedom because whatever is happening in Harare has never benefited them and it's 42 years now viva Mthwakazi viva let them determine their own destiny let their resources benefit them not what is happening now

QTIP 2 months ago

Mthwakazi just want to devide shonas and ndebeles.How many rhodies were arrested for killing Ndebele people and shona people.There was forgiveness in 1980.There was also a unity agreement between zanu and zapu represented by Mugabe and Nkomo in 1987 that saw the end of the tribal war.Zimbabwe belongs to shonas ndebeles,tongas manyikas etc who live in it.Unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expect ED to die.Unforgiveness kills the one not able to forgive

Rifle 2 months ago

Zimbabwe is for all of us no matter your ethnicity. We're all Africans at the end of the day
This MRP project is being run by power hungry, Senseless Secessionist

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