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MPs Protest Over Fuel Coupons

MPs Protest Over Fuel Coupons

Members of Parliament on Friday threatened to block Finance and Economic Development Minister Mthuli Ncube’s mid-term budget in protest over fuel allocations.

On Friday, disgruntled MPs held a meeting with Ncube’s deputy Clemence Chiduwa at the government caucus room in Parliament where they demanded fuel and money for their upkeep.

The meeting came after some MP’s failed to refuel their cars at the Central Mechanical Equipment Department (CMED) because there was no fuel.

Chiduwa reportedly later despatched officials from the ministry to disburse cash to the MPs so that they could return home after Parliament adjourned.

An unnamed ZANU PF MP told The Standard that MPs were left stranded after they couldn’t find fuel at CMED. Said the MP:

We were given CMED coupons, but there is no fuel at CMED and some MPs were now stranded.

Some were given Petrotrade coupons, but some MP’s said there were no Petrotrade garages where they stay.

Other MPs have resorted to selling coupons to board ZUPCO buses when coming to parliament.

Kambuzuma MP Willias Madzimure (CCC) confirmed the meeting on Saturday evening. He said:

I can confirm the meeting, which was held on Friday. It was not only about the welfare of MPs but the welfare of government workers as well.

ZANU PF chief whip Pupurai Togarepi said the meeting was only organised for MPs to be given an update on their fuel coupons. He said:

The fuel issue was resolved, and the new supplier has promised to avail fuel at numerous filling stations throughout the country.

The concern by MPs was the distribution of fuel points offered by the new supplier.

This was clarified and members were satisfied.

Government has always provided enough resources for parliament and I am sure the Parliament administration will ensure hotels are booked in time to avoid confusion.

Last week some legislators were allegedly locked out of hotels in Harare after Parliament failed to pay for their stay.

More: The Standard

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pm pm 1 month ago

chokwadi chichabuda hacho

Tateguru 1 month ago

Yes MPs should be catered for sparingly

kjkhhjj 1 month ago

kana zvikanzy mateacher haasi kuhora zvotora gore kuty meeting iitwe asi ava zvavo zvotora 2seconds #eite enjoy #

Apolitically 1 month ago

let the police arrest them for protesting and arrest the ring leader as they usually do.
and besides we don't back their s. t. u. p. i.d claims until they really stand out for the people.
this noise they are making about accommodation at hotels fuels bla bla they don't deserve them.

The roads are not in good conditions they should protest for that not fuel.
was in Byo along Luveve road just after noczim garage the main road has pot holes turned into a dust road.
also in town the road between 3rd & 4rd street popular know as kwa Necky it's a pot hole street and these Mps they only know to come together join forces when they want things that benefit them only and not what benefits the majority.

I wish the government just throws away their petitions for some months khona bezavuka

ecoz . 1 month ago

We are going no where very fast.

AK47 1 month ago

MPs are allowed to protest for fuel and hotel accommodation which means they were protesting for allowance while teachers and nurses were touched , beaten up , suspended and put in jail for saying their salaries is too low for them . Is this far

cas 1 month ago

Bt dzimwe nhema dzinozonyanya zvanzi vamwe vakatengesa ma coupon kuti vakwire zupco even muchinyepera vanhu varikumusha vanokuudzai kuti musatijairira


Convict 1 month ago

Problem yedu ndeyekuti these mp guys politics itori profession yavo so hatina kwatosvika navo

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