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MPs Can't Force Mnangagwa To Appoint Mohadi Replacement - Charamba

MPs Can't Force Mnangagwa To Appoint Mohadi Replacement - Charamba

Presidential spokesperson George Charamba has said Members of Parliament who are trying to push President Emmerson Mnangagwa to appoint a Vice-President are “ignorant”.

Speaking to NewsDay on Monday, Charamba said Mnangagwa will make the appointment in his own time. Said Charamba:

It is a prerogative of the President to decide when to appoint a minister or a Vice-President.

Do you think you can force us to do something we don’t want to do? At what point does Parliament make decisions for the Executive?

How does the Legislature force the hand of the Executive? On what basis?

Parliament is out of order; they have no reason compelling appointments which are a prerogative of the President.

It is not their duty and they must keep off and know their terms. It’s straightforward, they are ignorant.

Last month, Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele (MDC Alliance) raised a matter of privilege in the National Assembly, requesting to know when a second Vice President would be appointed in the spirit of the 1987 Unity Accord.

The Unity Accord created two Vice President posts one from the former PF ZAPU party which was led by the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo and the other from ZANU PF.

Former ZANU PF Mashonaland West provincial chairman, Temba Mliswa, who is Norton MP (Independent) has also called for the appointment of a second VP, saying the people of Matabeleland were being deprived of representation.

The post has been vacant since February last year when Kembo Mohadi resigned amid revelations that he was involved in a love affair with a married female staffer in his office.

Meanwhile, journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has advised opposition MPs to desist from entanglement in ZANU PF factional fights by calling for Mohadi’s replacement, saying instead, they should be holding Mnangagwa’s government to account. He said:

I wouldn’t use the word ignorant, but misplaced! Any opposition MP agitating for the appointment of Mohadi’s replacement is getting involved in ZANU PF factionalism!

There are so many issues to take to parliament like Corruption, Clean Drinking Water, Plunder of natural resources and more.

Opposition MPs should use their parliamentary time to hold Mnangagwa’s Government to account for its failures and not get involved in ZANU PF factionalism fighting for another freeloader to come on board!

The appointment of another Vice President will not make the life of Zimbabweans, it will make things worse because it means another fat cat looting public funds. Why would the opposition be pushing for that?

The only VP who served alone since 1987 was Joice Mujuru (2009 to 2014) following the death of Joseph Msika who was from the former PF ZAPU party.

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To ng we 3 weeks ago

kusweronetsana nemukadzi wevamwe var u me chingomusiyai akadaro uyo

Asalif 4 weeks ago

Valerio Sibanda for Vice president

Machiavelli 4 weeks ago

George Charamba is quoted as saying "....force US to do what WE don't want to do..." (emphasis is mine)

Charamba is a Spokesperson. When he says US & WE, hasn't he exceeded his mandate? In other words he is now usurping the powers of the Presidency and making himself part of the Executive instead of being a lowly civil servant that he is.

Of course he may be using the Royal "We", but only The Queen is the only person allowed to use the Royal "We"

George, you are getting too big for your little booties. Stop I George!!!!

Jinn 4 weeks ago

Kuyafana either kuloVice president or not as long as engoweZanu Pf akulanto entshintshayo.That won't stop looters from looting.We need new leaders from top to bottom simple.Vote CCC for CHANGE

Dirigsme 4 weeks ago

George Charamba a dictator in the making. He says U don't force us to do what we don't want to do. Who is us? U are only a constitutional appointee. And best before. U should retire now and go to your farm and compile your own dictionary.

Observer 1 month ago

We don't need a second VP just one.
What we need is a better spokesperson, this one is abnoxious.


Blue💙 1 month ago

Very correct, shunng the people from Matebeleland help boost support for CCC.



Mind boggling 1 month ago

You see now ccc is just clueless on what they are supposed to do. They have mastered the art of pointing zanu pf s weaknesses without having any better way of doing better. These are worse than zanu pf, vote them into power. Muchakungura the day you marched to the state house. You will wish Dai bob achirimpenyu.

PVC 4 weeks ago

read first before you comment unomhanyira kucommenter zvausina kunzwisisa, Uri dusvura

Mmmm 1 month ago

It was MDC_A that enquired not CCC you fool.

Blue 💙 1 month ago



Wise guy 1 month ago

just fix the economy this VP issue doesn't put food on the table

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