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MPs Appeal For The Reduction Of ZIMSEC Exam Fees

MPs Appeal For The Reduction Of ZIMSEC Exam Fees

Legislators on Tuesday implored the Government to reduce the 2022 Zimbabwe Schools Examination Council (ZIMSEC) examination fees announced last week, arguing that they were unaffordable to some parents and guardians.

The issue was raised as a matter of national interest in the National Assembly by Chiwundura MP Livingstone Chimina (ZANU PF). He said:

The examination fees announced by ZIMSEC are against the students from poor backgrounds because they will not be able to afford the fees due to economic hardships. The Constitution provides for basic education.

The fees were pegged in foreign currency while the citizens’ earnings are not pegged in foreign currency, but in local currency.

It is my view that examination fees must be charged in local currency and must be reviewed downwards.

In response, Speaker of the National Assembly Jacob Mudenda said, “The issue has been overtaken by the petition we have received and the committee is looking into the matter.”

According to the ZIMSEC 2022 examinations fees structure, Grade 6 pupils would pay an examination fee of US$11 per term.

Grade pupils will pay US$22 per term while Ordinary and Advanced Level students would pay US$24 and US$48 per subject, respectively.

ZIMSEC said parents and guardians will pay the fees at the prevailing interbank rate, as of 22 July 2022.

Meanwhile, the Government said it would contribute a 55% subsidy for government, local authority and non-profit mission school students.

However, learners at private schools would pay the full fees.

When the government subsidy is factored in, parents and guardians will pay US$5 for Grade 6 per term, US$10 for Grade 7 per term, US$11 per O’ Level subject and US$22 per A’ Level subject.

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Moyoz 3 weeks ago

It's too much for some parents .Please may you try to understand some people's background

Tateguru 3 weeks ago

Yes please. MPs keep on good representations.

bishu 3 weeks ago

this rise comes after the hhighest ornamental "promised" free education. u wud think kuti first move would be to stop raising fees.

Rubbish-Gvt 3 weeks ago

Grade 6 paying examination fee for CALA that we will be marked next year. Another POMONA-ZIMSEC

Da Truth 3 weeks ago

Vavo vanodzidza China ,America ,Russia, Canada, Britain and South Africa.Kkkkkkkkk havanyori zimsec kkkkk ndeyevarombo .☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️🇿🇼😔😔😔😔🤐🤐🤷🤔🤔

Adamsky 3 weeks ago



student 3 weeks ago

good morning once again , but as ZANU PF youths we were comfortable paying in US though. .

pamberi neZANU PF

605.... 3 weeks ago

are you serious about saying this ... only looking for your self not others thus being selfish

gukuku 3 weeks ago

asi vavo vana vachidzidza kunze nemari yegovernment ndokut naivo vanhu vadzidze kut hazvichararamike izvi

sabhuku 3 weeks ago

mari itori zhinhi iyo vana vachapera kuita marovha

lazarus 3 weeks ago

haaa this is still beyind reach by poor us,ngavaonewo zvoitwa kusouth africa free education for all kwete kuuraya vanhu so,where do these pipol think we get the money tisina mabasa,are these pipol right right in their brains

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